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Unjust Suspicions





























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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Unjust Suspicions

Chapter Nineteen

Sheridan looked out the window every few minutes, hoping that he would be gone, but Luis was very persistent. This time, as she watched, he emerged from the car and went across the street. He knocked on Carly Wilkins door and she saw the young mother open it and speak to Luis. He reached into his pocket and pulled out something to show Carly. His badge, Sheridan assumed. Carly tossed her hair back and laughed at something Luis was saying. Sheridan watched with her mouth hanging open as Luis was admitted into the house and he disappeared. Moments later he emerged, still smiling and joking with Carly. He left her on the porch and returned to the car.

Sheridan was amazed. He had conned that woman into letting a stranger into her house, no doubt to use the bathroom. She scowled and dropped the curtain in disgust, going to make herself something to eat.

Luis sat in his car, grinning a little. He saw Sheridan in the window from time to time and he knew she'd been watching when he'd went to the neighbours. He'd explained to Carly, who had a huge romantic streak, what he was doing and the woman had been eager to help. She'd let him use her bathroom and her phone and told him he was welcome to them both as long as he needed.

He hoped Sheridan would realize that he wasn't going to give up and give him a chance to explain things. She'd looked furious when he'd returned to his car and he had no doubt that she would phone Carly Wilkins and try and dissuade her from helping him again.

He glanced up, seeing the pizza delivery truck pull up near his car. He jumped out and approached the boy, explaining that he'd been the one to order the pizza, not the resident of the house. The boy didn't care as long as somebody paid for it and Luis took the pizzas and went to sit on Sheridan's porch.

He felt her eyes on him and turned to look at her peering through the window in the door. He indicated the pizza he'd ordered just the way she liked it. She moved back and the door started to open, causing Luis' heart to flutter hopefully.

"If you don't get off my porch in ten seconds I will call the police!" She said firmly, and closed and locked the door again. Luis sighed. She wasn't ready yet. He gathered up his pizza and went to sit on the hood of his car to eat.

Sheridan watched through the window, wondering what the neighbours must think about this strange man eating pizza in front of her house. They already thought Angela Baker was secretive, now they would think she was odd too. Sheridan's heart ached to see Luis out there...so close and yet untouchable. Oh, she could touch him if she wanted to... she had no doubt he'd love it if she ran out there and threw herself at him. But to do that would be resigning herself to another six months of pain when he eventually left or betrayed her again.

She wondered where Beth and their baby was... surely it was born, or soon would be. What was Luis doing here, instead of being with his family? She sighed and took a bite of her sandwich. That pizza had smelled good when she'd opened the door to yell at him. She thought about ordering some herself, but she wouldn't give Luis the satisfaction of knowing that she wanted some.

Luis sighed and tried to get comfortable in the seat of his car. He'd put the seat back and was trying to get a bit of sleep. He wondered if she would try and escape. He knew he would wake if she tried to start her jeep, but what if she snuck out and disappeared on foot. He couldn't sleep... he was too worried. If she got away this time she would be gone forever, because she would make sure she was never found again.

He flung open the door of the car and went up to the house and pounded on the door as hard as he could. He was going to make her talk to him, even if he got himself arrested again in the process.

Sheridan was laying in her bed, Snowy snuggled contentedly at her side. Sheridan was anything but content, her mind full of Luis and Beth and babies and the past, all of it jumbling together in a mess. She knew Luis would never be out of her head, but she had to find a way to lose him again. She could live with him in her head, but not in her life. She couldn't deal with him being around, reminding her of what could never be.

A pounding from the front hall startled Sheridan and sent Snowy flying under the bed. Sheridan had no doubt as to who it was and she considered calling the police. Her hand hovered over the phone and then she sighed. She couldn't do it. She slipped on her robe and went to the door, flipping on the porch light, revealing Luis. He looked tired and rumpled from being in the car so long. For the first time she noticed how thin he looked, and generally worn. She wondered if he'd been sick.

"Sheridan, please let me in... we need to talk." "Go away Luis... I told you, there's nothing to talk about." "Sheridan, if you just let me in and hear me out I promise, I'll leave after if you want me to."

Sheridan thought about it for a moment, wondering if she could believe him. "No, just leave Luis." She said wearily, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. "I know you think I betrayed you, but I didn't. The baby isn't mine Sheridan..."

Sheridan thought she heard him deny the baby, but she wasn't sure. Slowly she swung the door open and faced Luis. "What did you say?" "I said the baby isn't mine." "Well, that doesn't really make a difference to me... you still slept with Beth." Sheridan said sadly.

"I haven't been with Beth in over three years... almost four." Sheridan snapped, tears dripping silently down her face as she screamed, "Stop it! Just stop lying Luis! I know you are still together... I saw you with her!" "No, you saw me helping her. I talked to Gwen Sheridan... she told me everything."

Sheridan silently cursed Gwen for breaking confidence. "She had no right to tell you anything." "I know, but I'm glad she did. Now I can explain. Beth was sick Sheridan, she almost passed out in the Book Cafe that day. I carried her to the couch and that was it. She told me about the baby... it's Hanks baby Sheridan, not mine. I haven't been with Beth since long before I met you... I haven't been with anybody. I haven't wanted to be with anybody else..." Luis watched Sheridan, unable to gauge her expression.

Would she believe him? And even if she did, did she care enough about him for it to matter? Would she want to have a life with him, or would she stay here and continue to live as Angela Baker? Luis was terrified that he'd made the trip in vain, that he'd been searching for her all this time, only to discover that she hadn't left because she thought he'd hurt her... rather she'd left because there was nothing in Harmony to keep her there. He was holding his breath as she stood there, her face like a mask, unreadable. Sheridan tried to take in the information he gave her, wanting desperately to believe him... she just didn't know what to do...

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