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Unjust Suspicions





























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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Unjust Suspicions

Chapter Eight

Sheridan was washing her face after her crying jag. She stared into the mirror at her puffy eyes and tearstained cheeks and sighed. She'd vowed once before that she'd never again cry over a man who did her wrong. "Well, you blew that vow right out of the water," she said to her reflection. "You can't do this Sheridan... you can't let him break you. You have to stop thinking about him and get on with your life." She let out a harsh laugh. "What life? You have nothing... no job, no children, no real home... and nobody to love you." She heard the self-pity in her voice and was disgusted with herself. "So... I'll get a job... I did okay at the Youth Center..." her voice trailed off as thoughts of Luis permeated her brain. Luis, naked, when she'd walked in on him in the locker room... Luis staring into her eyes as they danced the Tango for the second time... "Enough!!" She chastised herself. "The point was I was useful there... there is a job for me somewhere. Something that will give me a reason to get up in the morning!" She smiled slightly at her mirror image. "Yeah, a job is just the thing I need." The phone rang and she flew from the bathroom to the living room and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Sheridan?" it was Theresa and she sounded hysterical. "Theresa? What is it?" "Is Mama there Sheridan? I need to talk to her right away! I can't find her anywhere..." "No, she's not...Theresa, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" "Not me... it's Luis."

Sheridan's heart froze and a chill ran through her veins. "What about Luis? What happened to him?" "He's been shot Sheridan... oh God, I think he's going to die." Now Sheridan sounded frantic, borderline hysterical, as she asked "Are you at the hospital Theresa?" "Yes... I'm here all alone... I can't find Mama or Miguel. Sheridan, will you come down here? Please?" Sheridan was already slipping her shoes on as she replied, "Of course... I'm on my way Theresa. Hang in there Sweetie."

She flew out the door to her car and headed to the hospital. Luis was shot... panic threaded through her at the thought. What if he was dying? What if he was already dead? Sheridan had never been so scared in her life... not even the times her own life was in danger. No matter what he had done to her she still loved him, and that was the bottom line.

She couldn't simply turn her emotions off and stop caring just because he'd done her wrong... the heart just didn't work that way. She prayed as she maneuvered the car through the heavy evening traffic. How she managed to make it to the hospital in one piece she didn't know. She sped the whole way and she was pretty sure she ran a couple of red lights. She knew she annoyed a lot of the other drivers... they were pretty vocal about it with their horns. At the hospital she parked and ran into the building. The emergency waiting room was full of people, but she saw Theresa instantly. The girl was beside herself with worry, tears streaming down her face as she stood by the window with her arms wrapped around herself. "Theresa?" " Oh, Sheridan!" Theresa flew to Sheridan, who enfolded her in her arms. "I'm so scared... I'm so glad you're here." Theresa sobbed as she clutched Sheridan in a death grip. Sheridan was trying her best not to cry, but Theresa's emotions played on hers and tears began to seep out. "It's okay Theresa... what happened to Luis? How is he?" "There was a robbery at the coffee shop... they shot him somehow. It's real bad Sheridan... Dr. Russell says it's real bad. Sheridan... what if he doesn't make it? What if he dies?"

Theresa looked up at Sheridan with her tear-filled eyes and waited for Sheridan to reassure her... to promise that Luis would be alright. Sheridan knew that's what Theresa wanted and realized that's what the girl needed to hear, but she couldn't get the words out. She feared the same thing... she needed someone to tell her that everything would be alright too. "Sheridan... he can't die...right?"

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