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Unjust Suspicions





























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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Unjust Suspicions


Chapter One

Sheridan stared out the window of her cottage at the rain as it fell from the sky and dripped from the eaves. The weather fit her mood perfectly and she let out a huge sigh. She just couldn't understand it. She had everything a woman could want... a top-notch education, gorgeous wardrobe, she was said to be beautiful, and she had enough money to buy anything she desired. Everything but what she wanted most. Why was the one thing she wanted most in the world proving so elusive? She wanted someone to love her... something that most women found long before they reached her age of 27. She'd thought for a while that Luis could be that special someone, but she'd just been deluding herself. They'd been through so much together... Santa Fe... the imposter that her family had hired... and the drug dealers that had been trying to kill her. After the truth about the imposter had come out Luis had been incredibly forgiving about how she'd treated him and her hopes had risen once again that they might have a future together. He'd seemed to want the same thing and she allowed herself to imagine the life they could build together. All those plans and hopes were dashed to pieces yesterday. Although she tried to forbid her herself to think about it, the ugly memories of yesterday slammed into her mind....

Sheridan's flashback

Sheridan walked toward the Book Cafe, nearly bursting with happiness. The sun was shining, birds were singing and all was right with her little world... she had a date with Luis! "Ok, get a grip on yourself Sheridan," she told herself. "You don't want to seem too desperate." She paused outside the window of the Book Cafe, where she was due to meet Luis in half an hour. She intended to check her hair in the reflection of the glass, but her mouth gaped open at the sight she saw through the window. "Oh my..." Luis was walking across the cafe... snuggled in his arms was Beth! Sheridan watched as he carried her to the couch and slowly lay her down on it. The back of the couch was facing the window and she saw Luis kneel down out of sight... Sheridan could picture it though, Luis pressing himself to Beth as they made out.

Sheridan's eyes burned with tears and she felt the bile rise in the back of her throat as she turned away from the window. A pain filled sob escaped her and she ran to her car, where she sat, trying to get a hold of her emotions. She managed to drive herself home without incident and she spent the next half hour crying as her heart was breaking again. Each time she was burnt by men the pain was worse and this time she was sure she'd never survive. "Why? Why do I always find myself attracted to the wrong men? Attracted..." she laughed harshly "...I wish I was merely attracted... why did I have to go and fall in love with him?" She gritted her teeth and snatched a vase of flowers from the coffee table. "Damn him!!" she screamed, flinging the vase across the room, where is smashed against the wall, shattering into a million pieces. Just like her heart was doing now...

A knock on the door startled her and she scowled. It had to be Luis. She'd never shown up for their date and now he was looking for her. Well, he could damn well go back to Beth for all she cared. She didn't want to see him ever again if she could help it. He continued to knock, and the knocks were escalating into pounds. "Sheridan? Sheridan, are you alright? Sheridan!" his voice was escalating in volume too. She cursed and went to the door. If she didn't open it up he would probably break it down...

end of Sheridan's flashback

chapter 2




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