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The Price of Love













































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Price of Love
by AshleyTara

(One month later)

"Okay," said Ivyís obstetrician Dr. Suthers, "are you ready to see the little angel?"

"I canít wait," replied Sam taking Ivyís hand.

"Letís get going then," she said preparing the instruments in front of her for Ivyís ultrasound.

"Will we get to hear the babyís heartbeat, too," Ivy asked with excitement.

"Of course, but Iíll warn you, the screen picture of the baby wonít be much. Youíre only two months along, so the little angel wonít look like a baby yet," Dr. Suthers answered as she finished rubbing a cool, clear jelly on Ivyís stomach. She began wiping off her hands and flipped a switch on the screen in front of them. "How have you been feeling lately, Ivy? Any morning sickness?"

"Just a little."

"Just a little," Sam laughed. "Iíve been holding your hair back between seven and nine am everyday this week."

Ivy feigned a pout, "And here I thought I was being so generous letting you stay in my room."

Sam laughed again, "I was just kidding, honey. Iíll hold your hair back anytime."

Dr. Suthers interrupted. "Okay, weíre ready to take some pictures."

Ivy was laughing and smiling happily until she looked at the screen. Something was not right. She knew that the fetus shouldnít look anything like a baby yet, but this wasnít how she remembered her two-month ultrasound looking with her last baby. She noticed Dr. Suthers staring strangely at the screen as well. "Whatís wrong," Ivy looked to her for help.

"I wonder," Dr. Suthers ignored her question and began flipping some switches.

Sam looked at Ivy, "What do you mean Ďwhatís wrong?í It shouldnít look like a baby yet."

"But Sam, something isnít right. None of my other ultrasounds have ever looked like this."

"Letís not get excited folks," Dr. Suthers interjected. "We donít know anything yet. Weíre ready to listen to the heartbeat now," she said running the hand piece over Ivyís belly.

They remained silent for a few moments and listened. Ivy became panicky, "I knew it. Thereís something wrong. Listen to that. I know thatís not normal. Please tell me whatís going on right now. I need to know the truth," she wailed.

"Actually, thereís absolutely nothing wrong. The heartbeat just confirmed that for me."

"Dr. Suthers, what are you talking about? That isnít a normal heartbeat," Sam was also starting to look worried.

Dr. Suthers began to explain, "Thatís because it isnít ONE heartbeat, it's TWO heartbeats. Congratulations Ivy, youíre having twins."

"WHAT? Twins? Are you sure?"

"Positive, thatís why the picture looked so strange to you. There are two babies on the picture, not one."

"I wonder how Iíll be able to keep up with TWO babies."

"Hey, I for one am ecstatic. There will be more little people like you running around that we can raise together. Besides, youíll have plenty of help," Sam laughed as he kissed her cheek.

"I guess youíre right," Ivy smiled. "Well, we can tell everyone tonight at the Lobster Shack. Wonít they be positively surprised?"

"To say the least," Sam declared.

Lobster Shack
(Later that evening)

Ivy looked around the table and was thankful for the happy family she had found. Her girls still wouldnít talk to her, so she had written them each a letter, telling them about her pregnancy and her Justice of the Peace marriage to Sam in October. Everyone else that she loved though was there. Sam, Jessica, Ethan and Theresa, Kay and her now boyfriend Miguel, Pilar, and the newly engaged Luis and Sheridan. Noah still refused to accept his new family, but Sam said the girls were trying to change his mind.

Ivy nudged Sam, "I think itís time for our announcement."

"I think maybe youíre right," Sam said standing up. "Since we have most of our family gathered here, thereís something weíd like to tell you. Ivy, would you like to make the announcement?"

Ivy stood next to Sam, "Iíd love nothing better. Sam and I found out today that this baby is going to be twice as much work as we originally thought...because Iím having twins!"

The entire table exploded in excitement. "Are you serious," Kay squealed.

"I wouldnít joke about having to go through labor twice in one day," Ivy replied half seriously and half jokingly.

Everyone just laughed, but Ivy saw Ethan looking a little serious and putting his arm around Theresa who was smiling but had a tear rolling down her cheek. "Ethan, Theresa," Ivy asked with concern, "whatís wrong?"

"Well," Ethan began looking at Theresa who gave him a solemn nod, "we have a couple announcements of our own. First, Theresa and I found a house not to far from Luis and Sheridan and we plan to move in in a couple of weeks."

"Thatís great news," Sheridan exclaimed.

"I think so, too. But I will miss having you two around the house," Ivy smiled.

Theresa spoke this time, "Thatís not all of if though. The reason we bought the house was because we want to start a family of our own." Theresaís tears started to flow heavily, "Weíve been trying to get a start on that family for a month now, so I went to the doctor yesterday and...and...I can't have any children." Theresa started sobbing heavily as Ethan held her tightly and Pilar went around the table to comfort her daughter.

Ivyís heart nearly broke in two. Here she was, rejoicing and practically boasting about the fact that she had so many grown children, four of which she gave birth to, and now she was on the verge of having two more. Poor Theresa was devastated because she couldnít even have one. "Theresa dear, Iím so sorry. Is there nothing they can do to help you?"

"Iím afraid not," Ethan replied sadly, then he brightened and turned to his wife, "but we can always adopt." Theresa tried to smile and nodded.

"Well, Iíve got something to take your mind off this for awhile," Ivy had a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "Sam and I had a Justice of the Peace wedding, but I had always dreamed that our wedding would be so much more. I was wondering Theresa, since I know you do such a wonderful job at it," Ivy laughed, "if you would help me plan a wedding for Sam and I to renew our vows on our one year anniversary?"

"Hey, donít I get a say in this," Sam pouted.

"Oh, be quiet and let us girls have some fun," Ivy lightly smacked his arm. "What do you say Dear, can I count on your help?"

Theresa smiled at Ivy, "Of course you can, Mother."

"Good! And how about you girls," Ivy looked at Kay and Jessica.

"Yes," they cried in unison.

"Well," Sam laughed, "looks like Iím getting married again, whether I like it or not."





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