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The Price of Love













































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Price of Love
by AshleyTara

Crane Mansion

The lady of the house looked out of her bedroom window onto the beautiful rose garden below. Leaning her head against the window frame and pulled a locket on a long chain out from under her suit jacket. Never before had she felt so completely alone. Ivy held the locket tightly and sighed.

Pilar quietly entered her employer’s room and took a good look at her. Mrs. Crane was staring out the window as if focused on something. Her expression was not sad, in fact, her face revealed nothing about what she was thinking. It eerily looked as if Ivy were in some sort of trance, or stranger yet sleepwalking. Just then, it hit Pilar. She broke the silence, "I know what you’re thinking about, Mrs. Crane, or rather who."

Ivy looked up, "Am I really that transparent, Pilar," she asked with concern.

"No Mrs. Crane, just to my knowing eyes," Pilar responded. "Are you going to be alright? You looked rather distracted earlier when Gwen was here looking for Ethan."

"It’s the past, Pilar. I’ve been thinking about my past and what it might bring to the near future. I’m getting more nervous about everything by the minute with Ethan’s wedding so close. I feel guilty keeping things from him…and Sam. I don’t know what to do. If I were to tell Ethan, now would be the time, right? I just feel so guilty! How could I have done something like this?"

"It was not your fault, Mrs. Crane. You and Sam had a great love and then it was taken from you. It was out of your hands. You know your parents would have disposed of your son if you had tried to go to Sam. You had no choice."

"I know Pilar, I just wish Sam knew what you know."

"You can’t tell him. You should have told Sam about Ethan. Now you must keep this secret. For the sake of everyone involved. Everyone’s future would surely crumble."

"I know, Pilar, but you know I had no choice. You just told me so yourself. We were both there and know the truth. Besides, it’s not my future I’m worried about. I just want Ethan and Sam to be happy. Even if means I never will be."

Pilar looked a little uneasy. Ivy had done a complete turn around over the past few weeks. Ivy had admitted that though she still loved Sam, she would not selfishly ruin Ethan’s future for herself. Pilar knew what Ivy had just reiterated to her was true, but she also knew that it was too late for the truth to come out. There was no telling what Julian and Alistair would do if they knew what had happened all those years ago. And on Julian and Ivy’s wedding night no less. They would take their humiliation out on Sam, Ivy, and Ethan. That she knew for sure. Pilar realized that she had been silent a little too long and Ivy was staring at her. "And Ethan will be happy. He’s marrying the woman he loves," Pilar reminded Ivy.

"Yes, I know. It just seems though that the last couple of days the wedding has been the last thing on Ethan’s mind. I know he loves Gwen and wants to marry her, but he’s just so distracted right now. I hope everything goes as planned. This marriage means a lot to his future."

"Mrs. Crane I – " Pilar was cut off by the doorbell. "I’ll be back, Mrs. Crane."

Ivy nodded as Pilar left the room. She just wanted the men she loved most in her life to be happy, even at the risk of being miserable herself. Right now Sam and Ethan’s happiness were both dangling in the air. Ivy just wished that they could all have that happiness together….

Pilar opened the door and was somewhat shocked to find Sam Bennet standing there after her conversation with Ivy.

Pilar quickly recovered though, "Who can I find for you, Sam?"

"Actually I came to talk to you, Pilar," Sam replied.

"I hope there’s nothing wrong…are Theresa and Miguel alright? Please don’t – "

"No, Pilar they’re fine. It’s Luis I’m worried about."

"Why Sam? Luis is out of town. What could he possibly have gotten himself into?"

"Well, nothing – yet. I’m worried about him getting too close to Sheridan."

"I know, Sam. But Sheridan is not like Julian or Alistair. She would never intentionally hurt my family. She and Ethan are both like children to me."

"I understand and I agree with you. But you know about the agreement Luis made with Julian and Alistair. If he doesn’t stay away from Sheridan, they’ll take drastic measures to keep them apart."

"Sam, Luis is a grown man and I cannot make his decisions for him. I try to give him advice but he doesn’t always heed my warnings – "

Pilar stopped when she heard high-heels click across the marble floor. Ivy had gotten curious waiting upstairs for Pilar to return. She heard voices in the foyer after a few minutes and decided to investigate.

When Ivy saw who was there, her heart nearly stopped with excitement and then, just as quickly, dropped to the pit of her stomach when she realized that Sam was certainly not there to see her. She proceeded forward anyway, determined to find out what was going on and, if nothing else, to be a proper hostess.

"Well, Sam it’s so nice to see you! I haven’t seen you around much lately. Why don’t you come in and sit down while you’re here and take a break. I’m sure we could find you something to drink and –"

"No, Ivy," Sam said as he began to tense up. "I have more important things to do today than talk to you. I just came to see Pilar. I’ll be going now. Thanks, Pilar and think about what I said." With that Sam gave the door a little slam as he left.

"Mrs. Crane, I’m sure you’re hurt, but you should have just –"

"Oh never mind, Pilar, it doesn’t matter," Ivy brushed the sting Sam had left away. "I don’t know why you assumed you had to come today with Theresa in the hospital. Why don’t you go visit her and maybe I’ll see you there later. She needs her mother now more then ever after that terrible accident." She became thoughtful, "I wonder what ever possessed her to get on a motorcycle in the first place?"

‘I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if you knew,’ Pilar thought to herself. "Thank you Mrs. Crane, I think I will do just that. Is there anything you need before I leave?"

"No, no you go ahead. I have some shopping I want to do for Sheridan and then maybe I’ll see you later at the hospital."





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