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Unexpected Kiss

Disclaimer: I do not own Jessica Bennett, or Reese Durkee, or any of the characters mentioned in this story. They belong to JER, NBC, and Passions. I’m just borrowing them for awhile! *

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


An Unexpected Kiss ~ A Ressica fanfic
by alabamagirl

"Reese, what are you doing here?" Jessica Bennett asked in surprise.

Reese Durkee stood in her front doorway, a big goofy grin on his face and his arms full of wildflowers and weeds. Dressed in shorts and a plaid shirt, he looked so cute that he made Jessica’s pulse quicken. She had never felt this way about anyone before, and it both scared and excited her.

"Oh, hi, Jessica," he stammered nervously, pushing his black glasses further up on his nose. She looked so pretty, standing there in a cute little sundress—she tied his tongue in knots, and he didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, the bouquet of flowers he had picked for her seemed pretty pathetic, so he reverted back to the old tried-and-true excuse. "I was just looking for Kay."

"Oh," Jessica replied, glancing away in disappointment. Why was it always her sister who captured his attention? When would he notice her? "Kay’s not here. In fact, nobody else is, either."

"You’re here by yourself?" Reese asked, wrinkling his brow as he tightened his grip on the flowers.

Jessica nodded.

"Do you want some company?"

Immediately, Jessica graced him with a sunny smile that made his heart flutter, and he felt himself relax a little. This was Jessica, he reminded himself. She was still the same great person she’d always been…only his feelings toward her had changed.

He wasn’t sure exactly when it happened, only that it had. He guessed it happened around the time of the prom—one minute she was Kay’s little sister and the next she literally stole his breath. Maybe it was the prom dress that did it, he decided. She looked so pretty that night, in her romantic white dress...

"Sure!" she exclaimed, trying to keep herself from sounding too excited by his offer. Still smiling brightly, she moved aside to let him in. As he passed her, he brushed up against her bare arm, and Jessica sucked in a breath. She darted her eyes toward him, trying to see if he had felt the same spark she had, but his face was unreadable.

Reese stepped into the Bennetts’ front hall, still reeling from the accidental contact. Her skin was so soft, and she smelled wonderful. He wondered briefly what perfume she wore, but then told himself to forget it. He would never stand a chance with her—she was too pretty, too sweet…a girl like that would never date a guy like him…

"Where is everyone?" he asked, trying to get his mind off the depressing thoughts.

Leading him through the living room, Jessica replied, "Mom and Dad are at work, Charity is with Miguel, and Kay’s off with Simone. So it’s just me…"

Reese nodded silently, his brain working over-time to come up with another topic of conversation. Before, when he only thought of Jess as a friend, it was easy to talk to her. But now that he had begun to see her in a different light, he had trouble thinking of things to say.

Realizing he still held the rapidly-wilting bouquet in his hand, he hastily offered them to her, somewhat embarrassed. "Take these flowers," he said, his cheeks reddening a bit. "I’m sorry they’re not in better condition."

Jessica felt her heart melt and she smiled sweetly. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she reached out to take them from him. When she did, her fingers accidentally brushed his—and for the second time in five minutes, she felt her breath catch in her throat.

When did her feelings change for him? Jessica wondered to herself. Was it prom—when he draped his already sopping-wet jacket over her shoulders as the boat was sinking? Or had it happened before?

No matter when they changed, Jessica was certain there wasn’t a sweeter guy on the face of the planet. She clutched the flowers to her chest, knowing she would cherish this memory forever. Even if they were meant for Kay…

"Thanks, Reese," she said softly. "I love them."

Reese relaxed and smiled. "I’m glad."

"Let’s go to the kitchen and find a vase to put them in," Jessica suggested.

"All right," Reese agreed, then followed her as she left the room, admiring the way her shiny dark hair brushed her shoulders when she walked.

Jessica rummaged around in the various drawers in the kitchen, hoping to find a vase…but found nothing. "I know Mom keeps a vase in here," she murmured to herself.

"What’s wrong, Jess?" Reese asked, coming up behind her.

Not realizing how close he was, Jessica straightened up and backed straight up into him. She lost her balance for a moment, and Reese automatically reached out to keep her from falling. One arm wrapped around her waist to steady her, and the other rested on her hip.

Jessica’s heart was racing at feeling Reese behind her, his arms around her and his breath fanning her cheek. She had never felt anything like it in all her life, and she wasn’t in any particular hurry to move.

"Are you okay, Jessica?"

His voice sent shivers skipping down her spine, but somehow Jessica managed to nod. "Yes, I’m okay," she responded.

But Reese wasn’t sure he was. He had only dreamed of holding Jessica this way—never had he imagined he would ever get the chance. He loved the feel of her pressed against him, and being able to smell the scent of her shampoo was enough to send his senses into overdrive.

Slowly Jessica turned around to face him. Her eyes, wide with nervousness and excitement, immediately locked into his. She never said a word, just waited for Reese to make the next move. Her heart thudded erratically in her chest at the thought of him kissing her, and she swallowed nervously, watching as his blonde head slowly descended. She had dreamed about this moment every night since prom, and she couldn’t believe that it had finally arrived.

Reese leaned down slowly and brushed his lips against hers very lightly. Jessica sighed as she placed her hands on his shoulders, sliding one of them up to the back of his neck. Reese gathered her closer, taking extra care to be gentle—he didn’t want to frighten her. He lifted his lips for a moment and stared at her, waiting to see her reaction…to see if she would reject him. When he saw nothing but happiness in her shining eyes, he leaned down and kissed her again.

It completely chaste—nothing more than lips pressed against lips—but both of them knew their lives would never be the same after this. This most unexpected kiss had changed everything between them…





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