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A Life Lost ...
A Love Found








DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Mr. Reilly, NBC, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm just borrowing them to do with them as I wish. But I will not hurt them and I will clean them up before I return them. :-)

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Life Lost ... A Love Found
by Abby


Ethan arrived at precisely six o'clock. He rang the doorbell and ran his fingers through his hair as he waited for an answer.

Pilar opened the door and smiled at Ethan. "Hello Ethan," she said to him. "Theresa will be right down."

"Thank you Pilar," he said as he followed Theresa's mother to the living room. "How are you doing? I haven't seen you for awhile."

"I'm doing well Ethan," Pilar replied. "It's nice to see you going out instead of staying home like you usually do."

"Yeah," he said. "I've been looking forward to tonight."

She smiled at him, "Theresa has been looking forward to this as well. I'm sure your two will have a good time tonight."

Theresa walked into the living room, "Hi Ethan," she said softly as the butterflies fluttered in her belly.

Ethan stood and walked to her, "Hi Theresa, you look beautiful." He kissed her cheek lightly.

"Thank you. You look great too." She said shyly.

At that point, Pilar excused herself and left the couple alone.

"Ready to go?" he asked her.

"Yes," she said.

"I thought you'd like to go to the old Lobster Shack. They have made a lot of changes to it over the years," he said not able to keep his eyes off of Theresa.

"I'd love to go there," she replied.

"Well then, let's go," he said extending his arm for her.

The Lobster Shack had changed over the years; it was actually an upscale restaurant now. Dinner was wonderful and they talked non-stop, finding that they had more in common now. After dinner, Theresa looked around still surprised at the changes. "It looks so different."

"Yeah, it's not the same place that was here four years ago," he said to her. "It's a place for new beginnings."

She looked at him nervously, "New beginnings?"

He smiled, "Yes, Theresa, I hope you don't find this too forward, but I hope that this date is just the beginning of something wonderful for us."

"Oh Ethan," she said happily. "I would like nothing more."

Ethan grinned, "I'm glad."

After dinner, Ethan took her for a walk on the beach so they could talk. As they walked, he put his arm around her shoulders. She moved a little closer to him, not believing that this was actually happening.

"Theresa, thank you for going out with me tonight," he said to her.

"Thank you for inviting me Ethan, it has been a lovely evening."

He stopped and turned her to him. She looked up at him with a smile. He bent down and kissed her softly on the lips. She returned the kiss a little tentatively at first but soon their kiss deepened.

Ethan's kissing me! Theresa's mind whirled. She put all her feelings into the kiss. The five years of unrequited love she had for this man came pouring out.

Ethan broke the kiss and looked at her and smiled, "New beginnings?"

"New beginnings," she agreed.





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