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A Life Lost ...
A Love Found








DISCLAIMER: These characters do not belong to me. They belong to Mr. Reilly, NBC, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm just borrowing them to do with them as I wish. But I will not hurt them and I will clean them up before I return them. :-)

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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


A Life Lost ... A Love Found
by Abby


Theresa walked into the house still beaming. Her mother walked out of the kitchen.

"Hello sweetheart," Pilar said. "Did the interview go well?"

"Oh yes, Mama," Theresa said. "It went really well. And, I have some more news too."

"What is it, Theresa?" Pilar asked.

"I saw Ethan, Mama!" Theresa just glowed with happiness. "He took me out to lunch and he asked me out for Friday night. Why didn't you tell me he worked at the State Attorney's office?"

"I thought that you would be nervous if you knew that," Pilar told her.

"I would have been," Theresa agreed. "I saw him on my way out from the interview. Oh Mama, he's as wonderful and gorgeous as ever. And he seems to be doing so well after everything that has happened to him."

"Ethan is a very strong man," Pilar said. She has always thought of Ethan as one of her own. "But Theresa, please remember if you get this job you may be working with him. You shouldn't mix business and relationships."

"Oh Mama," Theresa responded. "I have three other interviews this week. You're acting like I don't have opportunities elsewhere. Besides, this is something I've waited for all of my life."

"But sweetheart, he isn't Ethan Crane anymore," Pilar said.

"No," she agreed. "But he is STILL Ethan."

"I just don't want to see you get hurt," her mother told her.

"Mama," Theresa said. "I never told you this, but the summer I got the job working for Ivy Crane, I went and saw the fortune teller at the Fourth of July carnival. She told me I would marry Ethan. I have always held on to the hope, no matter how small the possibility, that she was right."

"Oh Theresa, those things aren't real," her mother told her.

"I know that now. And I know I did a lot of crazy things back then when it came to Ethan. But when I left for college, I really tried to forget about him and go out with other boys, but they just didn't do anything for me," she said. "I am not the same girl who was obsessed with Ethan Crane. I'm a grown woman now, but I am still attracted to Ethan. Now that there is nothing keeping us from at least exploring the possibility, I'm not going to let this chance slip by."

Pilar looked at her daughter with concern in her eyes. But she also knew that Theresa was a grown woman now and had to make her own decisions. She also knew that Theresa was right in that there really wasn't anything that could keep a relationship between Ethan and Theresa from progressing.

"Theresa, the only thing I will say is to listen to your heart."

"Thank you Mama." Theresa hugged her mother tightly. "Let me get out of this suit. Whitney should be over soon."





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