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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

Chapter Nine: Blessed

When they returned to the Crane estate, Ivy headed straight for the mansion absolutely exhausted and promising her services the next day for as long as the two needed her. After all, she had her own problems to deal with. Alistair had allowed Ethan to remain Crane heir only if he made a decision about Theresa within a year from the original wedding date. Gwen had long since disappeared and it looked as if Ethan would lose his position as the Crane heir.

Ethan, however, continued on with Sheridan to the cottage, Agent Freeman tagging along not far behind. He permitted them to walk slightly ahead to have their privacy.

"Sheridan, I think that in the morning I will be able to meet with the governor while he is in town. Then I can convince him to do the right thing and let Luis go…from there it’s only getting his job back."
She shook her head. "Father will have made sure that those he is well paid to make sure Luis doesn’t suddenly become exonerated."

Ethan sighed. "If only I was head of the empire…"
"What?" Sheridan turned confused.

"Well, Grandfather had the will changed to read that I was the heir and never changed it back. Should anything happen to him, I would become the ‘man in charge,’ so to speak. Then Father would be powerless against me and I would be able to take care of these charges without a moments notice."

"What’s the chance of my father dying before Luis’ trial tomorrow…"

"It’s not really a trial, Sheridan, it’s just to set bail and see if this is a case worth bringing to court. Luis may have several months before they actually try him…so chances are pretty good."

"Especially with the amount of people out to get my father," she shook her head. "Sometimes I think things might have been different had my mother lived, Ethan," she said as she opened the door. "My father was somewhat of a different man before she died."

"So I’ve been told…"
She shrugged and threw her keys onto a nearby table. "Want some coffee while we work?"

"I’d love some, but I know that you make horrible coffee," Ethan made a face.

"Oh great, another wise guy," she sighed. "For your information, Luis taught me how to make much better coffee, thank you."
Ethan laughed. "Fine, I’ll give you one more chance to prove you don’t make mud in the coffee machine."

She stuck out her tongue and headed into the kitchen. Ethan turned on the television to CNN to see if he already missed the stock market updates.

"This is CNN correspondent Maureen Fremont from Harmony, Maine where the jet of Alistair Crane has just gone down. Three bodies were found on the plane and are currently in police custody for DNA identification. Among them is the believed body of the billionaire, Alistair Crane. It looks as if no one survive the flight."

"SHERIDAN!" Ethan cried out at the news as the camera flashed to the smoking plane. He knew that plane. It was Flying Crane One, Alistair’s personal jet! The voice of a female reporter told the story.

"Alistair Crane was a well known Harmony resident and part of a legacy that still chills the bones of most residents in the quiet New England town. Head of the famed Crane Empire, Alistair Crane was known as a man with the cunning of a fox and the wisdom of Solomon. Tonight, however, as the Crane jet flew to its landing place in Harmony, it suddenly lost control and the tower says they have no idea why. Within minutes, the plane crashed into the land across from the airfield and broke into three large pieces, bursting into flames…no survivors have been found…"

Sheridan walked in just as the voice over finished, the words forever burning into her memory. She glanced at the screen, carefully placing two coffee mugs on the table in front of Ethan. Another shot of the remnants of Flying Crane One flashed. "No survivors? Is…is that one of the Crane jets?"

Ethan nodded. "Grandfather’s."

Sheridan collapsed into a nearby chair. If the situation was not so grave, she would have laughed. After all, this was her father’s death they were discussing, but the irony wasn’t lost to her. It seemed almost as if Ethan started talking about becoming the Crane heir because he knew the plane was going to go down, or knew it had gone down. In spite of the situation, she caught herself chuckling.

"Sheridan, now is hardly the time to laugh," Ethan scolded. He was surprised when she didn’t stop. "Sheridan?"
She looked at him, her chuckles subsiding. She held up her hands in defeat. "Sorry, Ethan, it’s just so ironic that you would wish to be the ‘head honcho’ so that you can save Luis and then find out that…" her eyes widened.

Ethan may have acted naïve before, but he definitely knew what she was thinking now. "Are you thinking what I am?"
Sheridan smirked. "If you’re thinking that you are now the man in charge of Crane industries and all that comes with it like I am, then we are CERTAINLY thinking of the same thing."

"Sheridan, we can get him out of jail as soon as they say that the body in the plane is identified as Grandfather’s and the will read!"

Sheridan was practically giddy now and she jumped out of her chair and tackled her nephew in a bear hug. "He can come home with me for good, Ethan!"

Ethan laughed at his aunt’s excitement and hugged her tight. "Sheridan, Luis will be here within the week, I promise."

Sheridan had never thought a death would ever bring her such joy but she sure wasn’t going to argue with the powers that chose to take her father. In fact, she’d buy them a present if she could!

With the news about the crash giving Ethan and Sheridan a saving grace, Ethan left his aunt. She changed into her nightgown and put on the radio. Sheridan missed Luis terribly tonight. Their first night engaged and they were spending it in separate beds in different places. She sighed. This was going to be a hard night to get through.

"Hello all you lovers out there. Is tonight a special night for you? Call and tell us why. (800) 143-KISS. Lines are open now."

Sheridan couldn’t help herself and picked up the phone, dialing the number. She waited for someone to pick up, her stomach filled with nervous butterflies. As a Crane, she had never done this sort of thing before.

"Hello, you’re on AKIS Loveline, who’s calling?" the soft male voice of the DJ asked.

"Sherry," she smiled. What better way to remember her love than using her nickname?

"Well Sherry, what can we do for you tonight?"

"I’m newly engaged to a cop on the Harmony PD. His name is Luis," her grin grew. "Today he proposed to me by attaching the ring to the giant teddy bear he gave me. It was the sweetest thing in the world. Right now, he’s at the stationhouse," she pouted. They didn’t need to know everything, especially not why he was there. "I’m missing him terribly and I wanted to let him know I love him."

"Is there a song you’d like us to play for you tonight, Sherry?"

Sheridan thought hard. "I don’t know of one song that makes sense. I love him so totally, so completely that I think it would take every written word to show how I feel. I feel cherished, loved beyond belief…blessed. I feel completely blessed to have him in my life."

"Then, Sherry, we have just the song for you and your working man, Luis. Thanks for calling."

"That’s for being our favorite station!" she grinned and hung up.

"Luis and Sherry, this is for you…"

When I think how life used to be,
Always walking in the shadows,
Then I look at what you've given me,
I feel like dancing on my tiptoes.
I must say every day I wake,
And realize you're by my side

I know I'm truly blessed,
For everything you give me,
Blessed for all the tenderness you show.
I'll do my best,
With every breath that's in me,
To make sure you never go.

Sheridan knew right away that this was exactly how she felt about Luis. Thinking back to her life in Europe, the first thought on her mind is how lonely and desolate it was. She was always alone; no one was ever there long enough to know the real Sheridan Crane. In fact, most time they saw all the zeroes after the dollar sign and figured that was all Sheridan was good for. Jean Luc had used her, as had many other men, and even the girls in the boarding schools had treated her poorly. Life with Luis was amazing! He treated her with such love and respect. She felt cherished beyond possible and she knew that he would be there for all time. Being in his arms, waking up beside him were the best things on earth and she knew that it would never change. Life without him was empty and incomplete. She closed her eyes and thought of him, his strong arms and well-defined chest. She loved him and needed him like the air she breathed.

There are times that test your faith,
When you think you might surrender,
And baby I'm, I'm not ashamed to say,
That my hopes were growing slender.
You walked by in the nick of time,
Looking like an answered prayer

I know I'm truly blessed,
For everything you give me,
Blessed for all the tenderness you show.
I'll do my best,
With every breath that's in me,
To make sure you never go.

Ironically, one of the female cops on duty at the station had put the radio on AKIS FM. Sandra brought the radio into the cell block the second dedication hour began. She said she had a feeling that Luis would find Sheridan dedicating something to him. He was shocked when his angel’s sweet voice came over the radio. Her voice actually calmed him. She sounded all right. He laughed; she really was dedicating a song. Luis listened and smiled. She felt blessed. The music playing was exactly how he felt as well. Sheridan Crane had crashed into his life over a year ago and he couldn’t have asked for a better twist of fate. After all, it wasn’t often that someone hit your car twice, slapped your face, kissed you and then still found it in her heart to want to spend eternity with you.

I'm blessed with love and understanding,
Blessed when I hear you call my name,
I'll do my best with faith that's never ending,
Blessed to make sure you feel the same.
Deep inside of me –
You fill me with your gentle touch.

Luis thought of all the things they shared: the kiss on the wharf, the trip to Paris, the numerous times he saved her life. He saw her at Pat’s home covered in peanut butter and jelly and then nights ago when they made love in front of the fire. She was a wonderful lover. The morning they made the M&M cookies and Sheridan made a mess. The snowball fight and how happy she seemed played in his head. He could see her face the first time they made love, the times he proposed and her own proposal on his birthday.

Sheridan shared similar thoughts. She remembered sharing photos on Thanksgiving Day before the fireplace. Looking at her night table, she saw a picture of them from his party. Theresa had brought the film to a one-hour photo place and dropped the pictures by early in the morning. Sheridan and Luis were dancing closely; their secret engagement causing the non-fading smiles on their faces. From there she remembered this morning when they had made love and later when he had proposed. Glancing at her ring finger, she spotted the diamond engagement ring. A heart shaped diamond was placed elegantly in the center. It stood alone, but Sheridan liked it that way. The band was made of gold and, somehow, fit her just right. Sheridan couldn’t have asked for a better ring.

I know I'm truly blessed,
For everything you give me,
Blessed for all the tenderness you show,
I'll do my best,
With every breath that's in me,
To make sure you never go.

~*~Christina Aguilera "Blessed"~*~

As if someone had opened a window to let in the cold night air, Luis felt icy fingers touch his skin and he shivered. Something was wrong with Sheridan…something was going to happen! He didn’t know how he knew, he just did. His stomach twisted into a knot and he knew that Sheridan needed him Panicking, Luis called out to his friend, "Sam!"

"What is it, buddy," Sam entered the cellblock. He had been coming to talk to Luis anyway. After all, he had promised Sheridan that he would keep a close eye on her fiancé. Damning protocol, Luis was a friend and a cop and this situation was wrong.

"Something’s wrong, Sam. Something’s wrong with Sheridan!" Luis began pacing. "I have this feeling in my gut that something is wrong with her. I need to get to her, Sam, I need to get to her now!"





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