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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Letís Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

Chapter Four: Something To Talk About

Luis became slightly withdrawn after that day, worrying that something was going to happen every time he heard an unusual noise. By Thanksgiving morning, Luis had become a complete zombie, barely sleeping and hardly paying attention to their songs on the radio or to Sheridan for that matter. She had tried not to worry and let his actions bother her, but when the morning of their first real holiday as a couple arrived without another incident, or a kiss from her lover, she finally decided it was time to snap him out of his other world.

He stood by the window, his head resting against the cold plate glass as he looked out at the dark cloudy sky. Luis wondered how things could possibly get worse than they already were. Their plans were to spend the day with his family at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home where they would celebrate Thanksgiving as a real family. For weeks he had looked forward to this day and more than anything he wanted to keep the plans the same. However, as he looked outside the world of the cottage, he feared for his beloved Sheridanís well being. The sky threatened to open up and allow the rain to pour down upon the land and it made him wonder what else would happen in the small New England town.

He didnít hear Sheridan walking up behind him, nor did he notice her presence until her arms snaked around his waist and her head rested against his back. "Whatever is going on in that mind of yours, darling?"

"Would you be terribly disappointed if we stayed home tonight?" he asked, still looking out across the grounds.

"Yes," she replied evenly. "I want to spend this holiday with a loving familyÖlike you promised."

He sighed and she felt him withdraw a little more than he already was. Inside, she was being torn apart. The man she loved more than life itself was slowly pulling away and she couldnít seem to bring him back.

"Luis, please donít do that."

"Do what?" he asked, still not looking at her.

"Ignore meÖavoid the subject at hand. You know damn well this is all going back to the other day at the Book Café."

"Sheridan, Iím worried about what will happen to you. I donít want to see you get hurt."

"Nothing will happen to me, Luis. Weíre going to be in a house or a car the entire day. I swear that weíll be just fine and have a wonderful time if youíre willing to try it. I know youíre worried about me and that we both have a lot more to lose lately, but we shouldnít be afraid to love each other, Luis. We should be happy to be together, no matter what."

He turned to face her, his eyes red from tears he had shed before. "I love you too much to chance losing you."

She sighed. Walking to the cabinet, she poured herself a drink before speaking. "But you canít lock me away here either, Luis, weíll both be miserable if you try. Who says that the people driving that car were necessarily after me? They could have been some careless teenagers or college students that were showing off and almost lost control." She turned to face him again. "For two entire days weíve done nothing but sit around the cottage waiting for something to happen and nothing has. You havenít even so much as hugged me since that day at the Book CaféÖ" she looked down. "I feel like Iím losing you."

Luis closed the short distance between them and hugged her, nearly causing the glass in her hand to fall. "Iím sorry, Sheridan. I donít mean to push you away."

"I know you donít," she pulled back. "But you are. Luis, I want to spend today with the family."

Knowing there was no winning this argument and feeling that he did owe her for the way he had been treating her, Luis nodded. "All right, weíll go to Mamaís like planned."

She jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly. "Oh, Luis, I knew you wouldnít let me down," she kissed him. "And I promise to do everything you ask of me today."

"Everything?" he teased suggestively.

She smirked. "Everything and then some, darling. I want to make you the happiest man on earth."

"You already have. Sheridan, there is nothing you could do to make me happier, short of running away with me to Vegas to get married," he winked.

"Is that a proposal, Luis?"

"No, but I promise one will come when you least expect it, baby, and it will be much nicer than a hint at a Vegas wedding."

"Good, because the thought of marrying in front of Elvis makes me a little queasy."

He laughed for the first time in two days and kissed her lightly. "Go get ready and we can head over early. Mama might need help cooking," he winked.

"Oh, like Iíd be any help," she stuck her tongue out at him as she left the room.

He watched her leave, shaking his head as he headed for the kitchen. She was an amazing woman, his amazing woman. There was no denying Sheridan was special, not that he ever would. He loved her. Finding the covered dish of cookies, he grabbed it and headed back into the living room.

Sighing, Luis went over to his duffle and looked for a change of clothing. He would need a shower and a change before they could leave. A wicked smirk spread over his handsome face as he thought of joining Sheridan in the warm water. Grabbing his clothing, he strode to the bedroom and threw his clothes on the bed. As he undressed, he imaged his girlfriend letting the water run down her luscious curves. Groaning, he rushed the disrobing process and went into the bathroom. He was surprised when two wet hands pulled him into the shower stall.

"What took you so damn long, Luis?" she asked with a giggle, her lips seeking out his.

His hands pulled her closer and he laughed into her open mouth. "I was going to be a gentleman."

"Since when?"


They both laughed. Of course, it didnít take either long to begin the soft caresses and light kisses that would always explode into a long exploratory declaration of their love for each other. By time the two got out of the shower and dressed, it was nearly noon and time for them to be heading for the Lopez-Fitzgerald home.

Luis drove the car slowly through the empty streets of Harmony. Sheridan watched as the scenery passed during the short trip. On the radio, another song played that she recognized from the hospital.

People are talking, talking 'bout people.
I hear them whisper, you won't believe it.
They think we're lovers, kept under covers.
I just ignore it, but they keep saying,
We laugh just a little too loud.
We stand just a little too close.
We stare just a little too long...
Maybe they're seeing something we don't, Darlin'

Let's give them something to talk about!
Let's give them something to talk about!
Let's give them something to talk about!
How about love?

Sheridan smiled. She had certainly felt that way once before. The way everyone assumed she and Luis were a couple. Even when they denied it, everyone swore they were just fighting feelings that were bound to come out. She glanced over at Luis with a bright smile on her face. Sheridan couldnít even dream of not having him in her life. He was the air she breathed. Now she looked at him as her saving grace, the one thing that kept her going. They sure were causing a ruckus with their relationship.

I feel so foolish, I never noticed.
You'd act so nervous, could you be falling for me?
It took a rumor to make me wonder,
Now I'm convinced I'm going under.
Thinking 'bout you every day.
Dreaming 'bout you every night.
Hoping that you feel the same way.
Now that we know it, let's really show it, Darlin'

"Did you dream about me, Miss Crane?" Luis teased her, turning the radio down a little.

"Donít flatter yourself, Officer," she teased. Sheridan had admitted once before that she had dreamed of him. In fact, she had admitted it merely two days before, but she loved teasing him.

"Wouldnít dream of it, Maíam," he winked. "Besides, I know Iíd be on the list after getting your nails done."

"Ha, ha, ha, very funny, Luis. Hysterical even," she rolled her eyes.

Let's give them something to talk about!
A little mystery to figure out.
Let's give them something to talk about!
How about love, love, love, love?

Let's give them something to talk about!
Let's give them something to talk about!
Let's give them something to talk about!
How about love, love, love, love?

~*~Bonnie Raitt "Letís Give Them Something To Talk About"~*~

"So you really never dreamed about me?" he pouted, turning down the last street before his home.

"Oh Luis, you know I did," she sighed. "I dreamed about you all the time."

"Same here," he admitted.

Poking him, she giggled. "Luis, we didnít watch the Parade this morning. Iíve never missed the Macyís Parade, not even when I lived in Europe."

"Not to worry, Sherry Angel, we have a family tradition surrounding the Parade," he smiled. "Ever since I became a cop and had to do some early morning patrols on Thanksgiving Day, Mama would tape it. When I got home at three, we would eat dinner and play some games before weíd even think of dessert. At seven, Mama and us kids would settle in front of the TV and play the tape, plates stacked with pie slices and cookies in front of us. Weíd have milk, or sometimes Mama and I would have some coffee and then weíd just watch the Parade and enjoy the final hours of the holiday. When the Parade was over, weíd each go over our list of things to be thankful for before we would say our prayers and head to bed. Guess old traditions die hard."

"So is that why you and I didnít watch it this morning when we certainly gotten up in time?"

He nodded. "Mama made me promise I wouldnít."

She smiled. "Are we there yet, Luis, because this trip seemed much shorter last Christmas when I brought you the slides."

"Perhaps you were excited to get there and see me."

"Oh, please," she rolled her eyes. "Iím much more excited to see your mother."

He pouted. "You mean you donít like seeing me?"

"Luis, that is the stupidest question you have ever asked meÖbesides asking me to help you bring down the Crane empire," she scolded. "I love you with all my heart, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, and there is no one I would rather see than you."

"Good," he smiled as he pulled into the driveway. "You said it just in time."

She looked outside the windshield and there stood the little home of the most loving family in Harmony. Sheridan knew that inside there was a warm embrace waiting for her and some loving company. "Who will be here today?"

"The Bennett family is joining us since they couldnít decide who would get Charity and Miguel. They are together so often we sometimes wonder if they are attached at the hip. Grace is supposedly helping Mama with the cooking." He chuckled. "Mama says Miguel is with the Bennetts so much sheís surprised Sam hasnít started charging rent."

Sheridan laughed. "Perhaps I should charge you rent."

He kissed her cheek. "How much did you have in mind?"

"Iíll get back to you," she winked.

He laughed. "One recommendation, stay away from the tomato soup cake. Itís Graceís concoction and we arenít even sure what she puts in it. I just know itís terrible."

She giggled. "It canít be that bad."

"It is, trust me."

She nodded. "What about Hank? Will he be here?"

Luis shrugged. "Maybe, canít see Sam leaving his own baby brother home on a holiday. Mama didnít mention him when we last spoke."

"Doesnít really matter, I guess," she shrugged. Ever since his storming out of the cottage in October, Hank hadnít even called Sheridan. Beth had told them that Hank came into the Book Café from time to time, but other than that she rarely saw him as well. Though Sheridan could tell Beth had been hiding something at the time.

"Well, what do you say we go inside and celebrate our first Thanksgiving together?" Luis asked, starting to open his door.

"I say it is a great idea, Luis, one of the best youíve ever had."

Smiling, they both got out of the car and walked into the backyard to enter through the kitchen. They snuck inside and watched Pilar and Grace fuss in the kitchen. Both were oblivious to Sheridan and Luisí entrance until Luis caught his mother in a hug and placed a kiss on her cheek.

The smell in the kitchen was amazing. With ever breath she took, Sheridan could smell the wonderful scents of spices and pies. This was one thing she had never experienced. It wasnít often she went into the kitchen, unless it was when she was younger and Pilar had taken her in there to make a special treat. She watched Luis go to his mother and wished she had been raised in a home like this.

"Hijo!" Pilar turned and hugged him back. "Youíre here," she kissed his cheek.

"I promised to deliver myself and one beautiful blond for Thanksgiving DayÖbut youíll have to settle for Sheridan."
"Hey!" Sheridan swatted his arm.

Luis chuckled and untangled himself from Pilarís arms. He walked behind Sheridan and slid his arms around her waist. "Youíre not just beautiful, baby, youíre drop dead gorgeous."

"Nice save, darling, nice save."

"Darling? Baby? Something you care to share with an old, out of the loop Bed and Breakfast owner?" Grace asked turning to face Sheridan and Luis.

"Umm," Luis cleared his throat. "Well, Sheridan and I have decided to let the past stay in the past and give a relationship a chance."

Graceís eyes were glowing. "Well itís about time! You two were made for each other."

"I tend to agree," Sheridan smiled. She left Luisí arms and walked over to Pilar and Grace. "Look at the beautiful ring he gave me," she showed them the ruby heart ring.

"Thatís stunning, Luis, absolutely stunning," Grace examined the ring.

"I found it in a little shop one day. I came home to get some clothes and ended up going shopping for a surprise for my love."

Sheridan winked at him.

Pilar held her tongue, wondering how Luis could afford it. She knew the FBI was paying him, but she didnít know how much. All she knew was that his money was being split between his own account and hers so that she could pay bills. Not that she minded; it was time her son was able to use his own money and enjoy himself. "The others are in the living room talking, Luis, if you and Sheridan want to join them."

"Oh, the cookies! Luis, we left the cookies in the car."

Luis kissed her cheek. "Iíll go get them."

"Can I go, please?" her eyes begged.

"Yea, I guess," he handed her the keys. "Be careful, please."

"Planning on it, darling," she ran outside to get the cookies.

"Cookies?" Pilar asked.

"Sheridan and I made your favorite, Mama, and they are actually edible," he chuckled.

"That was very sweet of both of you," she smiled. She neared Luis, pulling him aside so that Grace couldnít hear. "Hank is here, Luis."

"Mama, I told you we had problems with Hank, but we are willing to let it go for the sake of his friendship," Luis sighed. He would have continued but Sheridan returned with the plate full of cookies.

"Here they are, one plate of M&M cookies," Sheridan smiled proudly as she unveiled their creations.

Pilar walked over to Sheridan and looked at the plate. "Sheridan, those look wonderful, hija. Did you make them yourself?"
"I had a little help from a certain officer of the law," she winked in Luisí direction. "Besides the mess we made, it was a lot of fun."

Pilar smiled. "Iím sure they are wonderful. Just set them on the counter and you two can go join the family while Grace and I finish cooking."
"Is there anything else we can do, Pilar? Anything at all?"

Pilar shook her head. "Not a thing. Grace and I have been cooking for the last two days for this group. There is almost nothing left but what we have cooking now."

"Sheridan, you go on and join the others, Iíll get us something to drink."

"All right, sweetie," she kissed his cheek. "Iíll be waiting," she walked through the swinging door and into the living room. The room was decorated with paper turkey cut outs and a cornucopia sat on the coffee table, its plastic contents spilling out on the table. It was warm and toasty inside and a fire burned in the fireplace. On the couch, Theresa and the Bennett girls were huddled together looking though some photo albums, though Kay was focused more on Miguel. Charity and Miguel sat in front of the fire talking quietly about this and that. Sam was watching a football game and having a heated conversation with someone. Sheridan couldnít decide who it was by the back of his head.

"Iím telling you, the Giants are going to blow the Patriots out of the water today, not that Iím happy about it. Theyíve just been having a great run!" Sam defended the New York team as they took the field.

"No way, Sam, the Patriots are going to beat the Giants at their own game, we all know it."

"Youíre nuts little brother," Sam shook his head.

"Hank?" Sheridan gasped.

Turning to face her, Hank grinned slightly, his eyes becoming filled with all sorts of emotion. "If it isnít Miss Sheridan Crane."
Sheridan tried to wipe the shock off her face and forced a pleasant smile. "I wasnít expecting you. Iím so glad youíre here."

"Sheridan, why donít you come look at some of these pictures with us," Theresa tried to interrupt the two. "There are some baby pictures of Luis in here."
"Oh no you donít," Luis entered the room and tried to intercept his girlfriend. "No embarrassing me on the holidays."

"Since when?" Miguel piped up. "I think Sheridan should see what sheís getting herself intoÖjust like what you showed Charity."

"Thatís an older brother privilege," Luis defended.

"And a younger siblings revenge," Theresa grinned. "Come on, Sheridan, hereís one of your Super Cop dressed as AdamÖ"

"Without the fig leaf," Jessica Bennett laughed.

"Or a diaper!" Kay glanced down and joined in.

Sheridan walked over and glanced at the picture. One look and the laugher broke out. "Oh my goodness, werenít you a small boy?" she asked between fits of laughter and sat beside Theresa. "I am just so happy that youíve matured."

"In more ways that one, I assume," Theresa teased.

Sheridan laughed more, especially when Luis turned a bright shade of red. "Baby, red is definitely your color," she teased.

As if bricks hit them, Charity, Jessica and Kay paused. "Baby?" all three asked in unison.

Sheridan stopped laughing. "I forgot that we have friends here that donít know, Luis. Would you like to tell them?"

"No, not after that," he feigned a pout. "I donít know if I can be your boyfriend if youíre going to tease me all the time."

"Oh, my tough man had his feelings hurt," Sheridan babied him.

"Boyfriend?" the three girls against asked simultaneously.

"Luis and I are a couple now," Sheridan smiled at the girls and then looked down at the photo album. "We have been for a few weeks now."

"Since I got shot," he cleared his throat and joined Sheridan on the couch. He slid his arm around her shoulders so they could look at the pictures together.

"Wow," Charity shook her head. "Thatís amazing."

"Yea," agreed Kay. "We never thought it could happen."

"No kidding," Jessica replied. "We all thought you would hide it forever. About time you two admitted there was more there than hate for her family."

"Hey, no more teasing the old love birds," Miguel defended them. "They seem to do a good job of it themselves. Besides, let them have some time to look through the pictures."
"Thank you, little bro, I knew I could trust you to defend me."

The Bennett girls and Theresa settled on the floor, starting a game of cards that brought Charity and Miguel over to join them. Sheridan and Luis took advantage of the space before the fireplace instead of sitting with the others. Luis leaned back against a nearby armchair and Sheridan sat between his knees, the album in her lap.

"Who is this?" Sheridan asked, looking at a picture of two adorable little boys dressed in baseball uniforms. Behind them a tall, handsome man stood smiling.

"Me, Antonio and Papa," Luis replied, kissing Sheridanís temple. "We were on the little league team. Papa said we were destined to be great."

"I bet you were a wonderful player," Sheridan traced the smaller boy. "This one is you?"
"Mhmm, I was a shrimp wasnít I?"

Sheridan smiled. "No, you were adorable," her finger continued to trace his image. "You were handsome even then."

He laughed. "Youíre biased."

"Maybe," she replied. "I bet if we ever have a child, heíll look just like you." She turned the page. "Hey, thatís me," she pointed to a picture of herself as a tot. She was wearing a pink dress and a white straw hat with a rose on the side of it. Her face was lit with a big smile and her blue eyes could clearly be seen. Beside her, Luis stood in a suit. His hair was slicked back. Sheridan knew she couldnít have been older than four or five in the photo.

"This is around the time when Mama started working at the mansion," Luis said, removing the photo from the album. ĎSheridan Crane and Luis outside the cottage, Easter 1979.í "Sherry angel, this was taken one Easter. I remember this."

"You do?" she asked, taking the picture.

"Yea, Mama and I met you outside the cottage with an Easter basket. It had a white stuffed rabbit inside. Mama said she noticed you didnít have many stuffed animals that you were allowed to play with, so I bought you one with my allowance money."

Sheridan looked up at him in awe. "Floppy," her eyes had a far away look. "I named it Floppy. I still have him hidden in the closet at the cottage. My mother and I felt we had to hide it from my Father or else he would take it away as he did everything else I enjoyed. We hid him when Father was home and your mother snuck him into a package for me when I moved to Paris."

"You still have the rabbit?" he laughed.

She nodded and giggled. "Heís an old rabbit, but heís around."

Luis kissed her cheek. "Well, you were beautiful even then, sweetheart. Look how adorable you are with those tight blond curls." He lowered his voice, "Just what I picture our little girl to look like."
Sheridan blushed and laughed. "My way of rebelling was cutting my hair short when my Father demanded I leave it long like proper ladies do. I fell in love with how easy it was to care for this way and never went back."

"You just love making him angry, donít you?"

"No, but I canít seem to get him to love me for who I am, so I tend to do the one thing he hates to get his attention. Negative attention is still attention you know."

"Yea," he turned the page. "Hey, thatís Theresa and me," he pointed to one in the corner. "I fell in love with her the moment my parents brought her home. It was almost like she was my baby and not my sister."

"You look so happy holding her, Luis. You look so happy in all these pictures."

"I was."
She leaned back into his chest and closed her eyes. "I wish I would have been. I didnít have the nicest childhood."

"So Iíve heard," he replied, rubbing her sides. "I love you."

"Love you too."

"Would you two cut it out, youíre making us all sick," Miguel teased. "Honestly, youíre being so mushy."
"You should talk!" Theresa laughed. "You and Charity donít exactly hide your feelings you know. I bet all of Harmony know about you two."
Miguel blushed. "All right, Iíll quit picking on them."

Hank rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the football game. His anger was boiling up inside of him and he was trying his best to cool it. He hated the thought of Sheridan in Luisí arms and loathed the fact that he had lost her to his no good best friend. What he needed was a way to prove to her that there was no way she and Luis would survive.

Moving so that he was sitting closer to them, he decided to strike up a conversation. "So, you two have a history you donít remember?"

Sheridan smiled and opened her eyes. "Yes, Iím amazed we do, but we do. I canít believe I forgot that day."

"You were only about five, canít expect you to remember everything," Luis stated.

"Mm," she closed her eyes again.

"Yea, especially with all the traveling youíve done," Hank added.

Sheridan could feel Luis tense behind her and she pulled his arms around her, rubbing them soothingly. "But it is nice to be home again, especially since it brought me to Luis."

Hank groaned inwardly. There had to be a way to get the two of them to argue over something, anything. "You donít miss Paris?"

"I miss the lights in the city at night, but I donít miss being alone there. Besides, who has time to miss anything when they are with the person they love most in the world?" She felt Luis move his hands so they were flat against her belly, lightly caressing her.

Hank sighed. This was going nowhere. "So, Luis, I was thinking that you, me, Sheridan and Beth could have dinner together one night. Beth and I can pick something up and bring it by the cottageÖ"

"Weíll let you know about it, Hank. Sheridan and I are hoping the drug cartel will be caught soon and we can actually get out a bit more."

Sheridan snuggled closer into Luisí embrace. "Yes, Hank, weíll get back to you on it."

Hank rolled his eyes one last time and returned to Samís side, a pout on his face. He didnít like how close they were; he didnít like it at all.





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