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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Letís Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

By seven, the family had eaten supper and settled into the living room again, plates of junk food and cups of coffee, hot chocolate or milk in front of them. Sheridan was sitting between Luisí legs as he rested against the couch, his sisterís knee behind his head. Beside her was her mother and Hank, who was staring at Sheridan. Grace and Sam shared a chair and Charity and Miguel were side by side on the floor by the coffee table. The Bennett girls were settled opposite their parents, Jessica in the arm chair and Kay on the floor. The TV was on and Luis was just hitting play on the remote so they could finally watch the parade.

"Wait, Luis," Theresa grabbed the remote, "we havenít said what we were thankful for."

"Theresa," Miguel argued, "we do that after the Parade, remember?"

"But the Bennetts, Sheridan and Luis are not going to want to wait until after the Parade, Miguel. Itís a long show and Iím sure everyone wants to go to bed and get to work in the morning."

"Oh all right, Theresa, weíll do it now," Luis laughed. "Who wants to start?"

"I will!" Charity smiled and took Miguelís hand into her own. "I am glad that I have my family around me, the most wonderful boyfriend on earth, thatís under eighteen," she looked at Sheridan and giggled, "and that Iím finally fitting in somewhere. I thank God every day for all these things and for my good health."

Everyone smiled and nodded.

"Iíll go next," Jessica offered. "Iím glad that Iím getting closer to graduation and that I have such a wonderful family around me. Iím also thankful for having such a nice cousin and some of the best friends in the world."

"Iím thankful that her thankfulness is over," Kay rolled her eyes. "And Iím thankful weíre all happy and healthy."
"Iím thankful for my family and for my new friends at the college," Theresa smiled.

"Iím thankful for my work, for my wonderful children and for such dear friends," Pilar added.

"Iím thankful for finding Sheridan and for my loving family and friends," Luis hugged his girlfriend. "Iím also thankful for Sheridan being safe."

Sheridan was glowing. "Iím thankful for Luisí love and for finally finding a home here in Harmony."

Hank just rolled his eyes.

Grace and Sam looked at each other and replied at the same time, "Weíre thankful for wonderful children, great friends that we can share everything with and each other."

"Uncle Hank, why donít you want to go?" Jessica asked as Theresa hit the play button.

"I donít feel like bonding," he got up and grabbed his jacket. "Thanks for dinner, but Iím going to be heading back to the B and B," he left before anyone could reply.

Everyone seemed to look at Sam, but he just shrugged and turned his focus to the TV, as did everyone else. The group watched the Parade, commenting on the floats that were similar every year and some others they had never seen before. They all agreed that the new float: The SS Harmony from the soap opera Passions was their absolute favorite. The women all agreed that the men on the ship were quite attractive.

At the end of the Parade was everyoneís favorite: the bringer of Christmas, Santa Claus. His sleigh was poised, ready for flight, as he waved and yelled Christmas greetings to those on the street side. With that, it was over and the Christmas season officially began.

Looking at the clock, Sam and Grace agreed that it was time to head home and stood. "Pilar, you and Grace made a wonderful meal," the police chief patted his stomach. "Sheridan, your cookies were wonderful as well. I think you and Luis should cook us all supper some time."

"One step at a time, Sam, one step at a time," Luis teased.

The group laughed as they headed for the door, bidding everyone goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving as they left. Miguel left with them to walk Charity home, despite the fact that the rest of the family was going to be walking with her.

Pilar and Theresa started gathering the dishes once their guests were gone. Sheridan reached to help, but Pilar grabbed the dish before she could.

"Sheridan, there is no need for you to help us. Theresa and I can do it."

"But, Pilar," Sheridan sighed, "I am perfectly capable of washing dishes. It was the first thing Luis taught me to doÖ"

"Before dusting and vacuuming," he smiled. "Mama, let us help."

"Luis, I would rather you take Sheridan home now. It is dark and I know her safety is still in question. She can help us clean when her life is no longer in jeopardy."

Sheridan sighed again. "Pilar, please, I feel like Iím not being a good guest."

"You offered, that is enough," Pilar smiled. She and Theresa finished bringing the dishes into the kitchen and returned to the living room to see Sheridan and Luis out. At the door, she hugged Sheridan. "Iím thankful that my son has found his true love," she whispered in the womanís ear.

Sheridan fought a sob and she clung to Pilar. "Thank you," she whispered as they released each other.

Luis hugged his mother next. "Weíll visit soon, Mama," Luis smiled. "As long as Sheridan promises not to go running off, weíre able to get out more."

"I never ran off before!" Sheridan pouted.

"Never? What about fourth of July?"

"I had to go to the gala, Luis, you know that. Besides, I wasnít alone, I was with Warren."

Luis shot a look at her and Sheridan shivered. It was a possessive look, one that she was just getting accustomed to. She looked once more at Pilar and Theresa, sighed and pulled her coat on.

"Thank you for dinner, Pilar. It was absolutely wonderful."

"So were the cookies, Sheridan," Pilar smiled. "And it was very sweet of you to bring them."

Sheridan nodded and watched as Luis silently pulled on his coat and pulled open the door. "Goodbye, Mama, Theresa," he nodded and motioned for Sheridan to walk out before him.

Sighing once again, Sheridan walked out the door and headed for the car. She shivered from then cold air and the emotions running through her veins. It was coming; she knew it was. Every emotion he was holding in was bound to come out and, try as she might, avoiding it was not an option. Sheridan watched as Luis walked down the stairs, his hands tucked into the pockets of his coat. He was angry; she could tell by his stance.


He walked around the car, not even acknowledging her presence and opened the car door before walking back to the driverís side.

"Luis, please," she tried again.

"Just get in the car, Sheridan," he said before climbing into his own side.

Sheridan didnít move. "No, Luis."

"Get into the damn car, Sheridan!" Luis growled.

She shook her head. "No, Luis," she closed the car door and stepped back. For her entire life she had dealt with people telling her what to do, whom to be. She absolutely refused to start that again. As much as she loved Luis, he had to learn that they were partnersÖequal partners!

Luis opened the window. "Sheridan, please get into the car."

She hesitated, looking into his eyes. So many emotions swirled in the dark brown pools that it frightened her. Love, fear, confusion, pain and jealousy danced in his eyes and Sheridan just wanted to kiss them all away. "We have to talk first, LuisÖplease."

"Damn it, Sheridan, we can talk at the cottage. Right now you need to get into the car where itís safeÖplease," now he was begging.

Sheridan realized he was right and climbed into the car. She closed the door and buckled in. Suddenly, she felt warm lips pressed against hers and after the surprise wore off, she kissed Luis back. When they broke the contact, they were both breathless.

"What was that for?" Sheridan asked.

"To remind you that I love you."

She sighed. "Kisses and songs wonít always solve our problems, Luis. We canít keep doing this to each other. The same situations come up and they always cause fights and you never want to talk!"

"Sheridan," he turned away as he backed the car out of the driveway. "I always jumble my words up. I just canít seem to get my point across."

"Well there is no logical reason for your anger this time, Luis. Iím tired of fighting youíre jealousy."


"Yes, jealousy! First when Hank kissed me, then when I brought up Warren. Neither of them mean anything to me, Luis!"

"But you kissed Warren and you danced our dance with him," he stated evenly, but Sheridan could sense the anger rising. She glanced at the steering wheel where his knuckles were white from his tight grip on the wheel.

"I did it to make you jealousÖto make you angry. I wanted you to be with me, Luis, and I hated you for that. I wanted you to hurt as badly as I didÖ" she turned to look out the window. "Besides, you kissed Phoebe."

"She kissed me," Luis defended.

"Takes two people to kiss."

"Thatís not what you said this afternoon with Hank!"

"That was different."

"Why? Because it was you? Because youíre Sheridan Crane, the rich princess that can do whatever she likes? Come on, Sheridan, tell me why. Why is it different when Hank kissed you then when Phoebe kissed me?"

She was stunned and hurt. He brought up the money issue again. "IÖIÖ" she started to cry. Immensely grateful that the car had stopped at the cottage, Sheridan jumped out and ran inside. Luis was going to follow when he noticed something on the cold step out front: Sheridanís ruby ring, the one he had given her.

"Damn it!" he kicked the banister and sat on the step. "What the hell did I do? Why did I say that?" he groaned. Getting up he went inside and found her on the couch. "Baby, Iím so sorry."

"Iím not some spoiled rich bitch, Luis. I love you damn it!! Itís not that itís different, youíre right. Both kisses were wrong for different reasons, but I love you. I want to be with you so much it hurts!" She wiped her eyes, brushing away the tears pooling there.

"I know and what I said was very wrong, Sheridan. I never should have called you a rich princess and I never should have acted the way I did. But, Sheridan, I canít give you what Warren can. I donít have a lot of money. Iím not welcomed at the country club and I donít eat at the Seascape. Heck, dinners at the Lobster Shack are for only special occasionsÖ"

"I donít care about money, Luis," she neared him and placed her hand on his arm.

"But I canít give you this life, Sheridan," he walked away and looked out the window. "All I have to my name is that, my name. I have my love for you and my work, but thatís it."

"Thatís all Iím asking for, Luis. Itís all I need."

"Thatís what you say now, SheridanÖ"

"Itís what I will *always* say. Besides, Luis, I canít give you everything that most wives can. I donít know how to cook. I barely know how to clean. Iíve never been shopping in a supermarket and I wouldnít know what to get once I got there. Iíve depended on other people my entire life and it scares me that I canít be what you need and deserve."

"So where does that leave us?"

"I donít know," she sniffled. "I donít know at all. I just know that I canít be without you."

"Ditto," he smiled slightly.

She returned the grin. "Maybe weíre going to fast."

"I donít think so," he moved over to where she stood. "I donít think so at all."

"I love you."

"Love you too," he took her into his arms and kissed her. "Iím sorry."

"Iím sorry too, Luis, really I am. I just canít stand the thought of that rich snob kissing you that nightÖ"

"Just like I canít stand the thought of another man kissing you, Sherry. I donít want to lose you."

"Ditto," she smiled.

"Now, I think I found something that belongs to you, but Iím not sure," he produced the ring from his pocket.

"I dropped it on the way inside. I was angry and hurt."

"So you threw the ring on the ground?" he asked.

"No, I allowed it to slide off without stopping to pick it up. Can I have it back?"

Luis nodded and slid the ring onto her finger where it belonged. "Perfect."

Sheridan looked at the ring and then at Luis. "I donít need much to make me happy, Luis. All I need is you and that is more than enough."

"I just want to make sure you get everything you deserve, Sheridan. It scares me that some day someone might come along and take you away. I donít want anything to get between us ever again."

"Nothing will, Luis, I promise."

He smiled and kissed her lips lightly. His hands traveled from her waist up to cup her face. Using his thumbs, Luis wiped the tears from her cheeks. Sweeping her into his arms, he took her to the bedroom to seal all of the promises they had made.





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