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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

Beth was standing behind the counter, wiping it down when the small bell attached to the front door of the Book Café rang. Her head popped up to see who was entering her little shop and a smile slowly crept onto her face. Luis walked in, and for a moment it looked as if he was alone. Just as Beth went to greet him, Sheridan entered behind him and slid her arm back around his waist. Both were beaming and the smile faded from Beth’s face.

"Do you want to sit or order together?" Luis asked her as they headed for the counter.

"Order together," she smiled. His hand gently began to rub circles on her lower back as the headed for the counter.

"Hello, Beth," Luis greeted his friend with a smile.

"Hi, Beth!" Sheridan said merrily.

"Hello, Luis, Sheridan," she returned tightly. "What can I get for you?"

"I want my usual and…"

"I’ll have a mocha latte with whip cream," Sheridan finished for him, "And a blueberry muffin for us to share."

"Got it," Beth jotted down the order, forcing her anger as far down as she could. "How have you two been?"

"Wonderful," Luis replied, looking around at the nearly full café. "Seems like business is good."

"Holiday weekend, the college kids are around while they have time to relax," Beth glanced around. She returned her gaze to the couple in front of her, their arms still around each other. "Something new between you two?"

Sheridan smiled. "You could say that." She snuggled into Luis’ embrace, her face glowing.

"Sheridan and I have worked out our problems…" he leaned down and kissed her head.

Beth looked at the pair and, despite her want to be with Luis, could see their true happiness. They were honestly in love. Sighing, Beth smiled. If she couldn’t have Luis, then she could at least be happy that he was so in love. For the first time since his father left, he looked content. "I’m glad you were both able to agree to work things out. You deserve each other." "Thanks, Beth," Sheridan replied, her blue eyes meeting Beth’s brown ones. "I hope you and I can become good friends."

Beth smiled and responded sincerely, "I’d like that, Sheridan. After all, someone will have to help you deal with his moods," she joked. She turned to prepare Sheridan and Luis’ coffee.

Sheridan laughed. "We’ll go shopping or something as soon as I can convince him my life is no longer in danger…"

"You mean there hasn’t been any leads on the case?" she turned her head; her worried eyes met Luis’.
‘Great, just great,’ Beth thought, ‘I finally decide to let him be happy even if it is without me and she could be as good as dead!’

"Nothing," Luis sighed and immediately tightened his hold on Sheridan. "Sam says he hasn’t heard from the FBI or INTERPOL in over a month."

Beth knew that tone in Luis’ voice. It meant he was burying the fear inside and trying to hide it from the world. It was the same tone he had used many times over the last several years; especially at times he thought Sheridan was in trouble.

"I’m sure some news will come soon and it will be good news," Beth tried to pacify him. She placed the coffee in front of them and had one of the other workers bring over a muffin. "On the house for the newest couple in Harmony," she winked.

"Oh no, Beth that’s not necessary," Sheridan protested.

"Sure it is. I know that at times I’ve been terrible and I admit I’ve been insanely jealous that you have been able to win Luis over, but I want to start over and become friends." Her sincere smile brought tears to Sheridan’s eyes. "You two have enough trouble to get through without me, so I’ll be the shoulder you cry on instead…"

Sheridan reached across the counter and hugged Beth. "Thank you."

"Hey, that’s what friends are for," she hugged the woman back. "One day when all this is over we can go shopping and catch up. The only thing I know about you is that you like collecting horse figurines."

"You remembered!" Sheridan was shocked.

Beth pulled back and laughed. "I remember everything."

Luis laughed. "Trust me, she *does* remember *everything*."

They all laughed one more time as Luis led Sheridan to a cozy little table that was unoccupied. She took his hand and smiled. "Wasn’t that something?" she asked him, sipping her latte.

"Amazing. Beth seemed to take it so well, Sheridan. I think the two of you might actually become great friends." His thumb caressed the back of her hand. "This was a really good idea, baby."

Sheridan smiled. "I’m just full of good ideas," she teased.

"And what is your next good idea, Sherry angel?" he asked, his voice dropping to a seductive whisper.

Copying his tone, she replied, "A nice picnic in front of the fireplace tonight and a long hot bubble bath together…before bed."

He closed his eyes, imagining Sheridan’s creamy white skin buried beneath nothing but soap bubbles. Luis growled. "I think I might like that idea," he opened his eyes and they became hooded with desire.

She smirked. "I thought you’d like that idea. Now you just have to wait until we get home…"

"Time to go," he started to get up and she grabbed his arm.


"But Sherry…"

"Luis, come on, we’ve only been here ten minutes," she pouted.

He looked at her soft blue eyes giving him this helpless look and her lower lip sticking out slightly. Luis could picture a child, their daughter, giving him the same look. Chuckling, he kissed her cheek and sat back down. "You are so beautiful."

"Then why were you laughing?" she asked sadly.

"Because I was just thinking about a little girl with big blue eyes and blond curls looking at me with that same face," he took hold of her hand again. "A little girl that looks just like her mother and has her father wrapped around her little finger."

Sheridan could see it too and smiled. The implication of his statement slowly seeped in. "Our daughter?"

"Yup," he smiled. "I’ll have to make myself legendary in this town so when she comes along the men stay away."

Sheridan laughed. "Oh, my dear overprotective Luis," she moved her chair closer. "How I love you."

"Love you too," he kissed her lips. It was meant to be short and sweet, but immediately it became deeper and more passionate.

"Ahem?" a light female voice cleared. Luis and Sheridan looked up to find Theresa and Whitney standing before them. "Are we interrupting?" she giggled.

"Yes," Luis groaned. He grinned at his sister. "What are you doing here?"

"No classes, Luis, the community college is closed today," Theresa smiled. Since graduation, she had decided to attend the community college with Whitey. "And I have the afternoon off from work."

Luis pulled away from Sheridan and sat up straighter. It had not been too long ago that he learned of Theresa’s position as Ivy’s personal assistant and he hadn’t taken it well. In fact, he had been furious that his sister had been working at the Crane mansion. His mother said the job meant extra income and Sheridan had made the point that some of the connections Theresa made could help her with her love of the fashion industry. It still didn’t make him happy that she and his mother had lied, nor was he pleased that she was still working at the mansion. "Well we all know how I feel about where you’re working and for whom."

Theresa rolled her eyes. "Do we have to talk about this again?"

"Who said I was talking about it?" he grumbled.

"No, you weren’t talking, you were complaining," Sheridan took his hand back into hers. "And you are so annoying when you do that."

Luis looked over at his girlfriend and could see the disappointment in her eyes. "Sorry, baby, I guess some habits die hard."

She squeezed his hand and smiled. "It’s ok," smiling, she turned to the pair of teens before her. "Would you two care to join us?"

"No, thank you, Miss Crane," Whitney politely replied, looking around the café. "Theresa and I are here to meet some friends from college. We’re going shopping for Christmas gifts."

"Yea," Theresa added, "and we don’t want to be seen with the boss here," she motioned to her brother. "No one would ever speak to us again."

"Please, Whitney, it’s Sheridan," she smiled. "And I can’t blame you for refusing to be seen with Robocop here. He tends to be a bit pushy."

"Hey…I’m not so bad," Luis pouted. "I certainly didn’t hear you complaining when we were baking cookies this morning."

"You two baked?" Theresa’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Yes, we made M&M cookies for dessert on Thanksgiving day," Sheridan’s eyes were glowing happily. "They’re even edible."

Theresa laughed and saw the person they were waiting for over at a table. "Our friends are here," she waved at them. "So we’ll let you two love birds get back to smooching." Winking, she pulled Whitney away from the table before she could protest.

"Well, as much as I’d love to sit here and smooch all afternoon, I was hoping for a walk around the mansion’s grounds or maybe going to visit Mama."

"But isn’t she working…" Sheridan froze. This was one of the hardest things to deal with. Sheridan hated the fact that her lover’s mother worked at the mansion and did her bidding. It was one of the reasons she and Luis had begun to wash their own clothing, do their cleaning and cooking. They refused to have anyone at the main house do anything for them, especially Pilar. However, it was still a sore spot that while Ivy would be in town spending the Crane fortune, Luis’ mother was washing her clothing and answering her phone.

"She’s off today too," he replied simply, his eyes betraying his tone.

"Is this something that will always be a sore spot for us, Luis?" Sheridan asked looking into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "If I could I would let her go and pay her for staying home, but I don’t hold that right. She works for Ivy and only Ivy, really. She came with Ivy from the Winthrop house, you know that as well as I do."

"I know," he sighed, looking at his coffee cup, "but it isn’t easy that Mama works for the Crane family and one day I plan on making her leave that job. Right now, it makes us survive, but one day it won’t have to."

"But does that mean until then it will make you get this way?"

"What way?" he asked defensively.

"That way," she practically yelled at him. "You get defensive and angry and…and you treat me like I’m no better than Julian. I know you don’t want your mother working for my family and I would love to change the fact that she does, but please don’t make me out to be the bad guy."

"I’m not making you out to be the bad guy!"

"Yes you are!" Her eyes were filled with pain and she fought tears. Lowering her head, Sheridan sniffled and decided that this was not the place to argue. In fact, she was tired of arguing. "I want to go home," she stood and started to walk to the door.

"Sheridan, wait," he caught her arm but she pulled it away.

"I just want to go back to the cottage, please," she stated again, this time more forcefully. She opened the glass door and walked out, leaving Luis inside for the time being. Walking to the car, Sheridan finally allowed the tears to roll down her cheeks. "You’ll always be a Crane to him, Sheridan, you’re so stupid to think he could ever see you as just Sheridan." She started to cross the street when she heard the engine of a car rev up and the tires squealing as they neared.

Luis didn’t know why, but the horrible feeling he hadn’t had in weeks returned full force. He was just about to walk out after waving off Beth, who was worried about their squabble when he felt his stomach start to turn. Tensing, he ran out the door and looked around for Sheridan. He watched as she stepped off the curb, wiping at some lone tears. She wasn’t paying attention as she crossed and seemed to barely pay attention to the squeal of the tires from the black town car.

"SHERIDAN! WATCH OUT!" he screamed and ran towards her. Just as the car was about to hit them both, he tackled her and rolled them out of the way. When they stopped rolling, he was on top looking down into her shocked blue eyes. "Are you ok?"

"Ye…yes," she stuttered, her body trembling. "You saved my life…"

"Always will," he leaned over her and cupped her cheek and caressed it. "I love you, remember?"

Sheridan reached up and traced a cut on his forehead. "You’re bleeding."

He caught her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. "I’ll be fine. Are you sure you’re ok?" he asked, searching her face.

"Yes," she nodded, still shaking slightly.

"Good," he whispered and then kissed her. It was hard and passionate, conveying all his fear, sorrow, love and pain in that one single kiss. When he pulled away minutes later, they were both panting for air.

"Luis, help me up please," she begged from beneath him.

He blushed and helped her up; glad there wasn’t a crowd around. "I’m sorry about what happened inside…"

Cupping his cheek and caressing it, she smiled. "It’s ok, darling, I love you."

"I love you too…when I saw that car heading for you I thought…"

"Car?" she asked, looking around. "Is that why you tackled me, Luis?"

He nodded. "There was a town car speeding down the street…heading right for you." Pulling her into his arms, Luis held her tightly to him. "I was afraid I’d lose you...that the last words we said to each other would be said in anger."

Hugging him back, Sheridan whispered in his ear, "Never, Luis, never. I will never leave you, Luis."





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