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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Letís Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

Sheridan entered the café and headed for a seat as far from all the windows as she could get. Luis sat across from her, pretending to look annoyed. He scanned the room for people that he didnít know, but he knew them all. Behind the counter, Chad Harris collected money from Kay Bennett. Beth was wiping down the counter and watching Luis intently. He wasnít positive, but he was almost sure that she knew about Sheridan and himself. Shrugging it off, he turned to the blond sitting on the other side of the table. "Any idea what you want?"

"Hmm." Sheridan looked over the coffee list and nodded. "A latte."

"Ok, Iíll go get the coffees ok?"

Sheridan nodded. "Donít be too long."

"Oh, I wonít," Luis replied, turning and heading to the counter. He was praying that Chad would take the order; he really didnít feel like dealing with Beth. As luck would have it, Chad was assisting another customer and Beth walked over to him, a huge grin lighting up her face.

"So what can I do for Harmonyís finest," she winked and leaned on the counter close to him. Hank had told her the night before that he was at the cottage and the couple had said they were dating again. So far, the couple had gotten along while at the café, but they had just gotten there and Sheridan didnít have any extra jewelry like Hank had said. Maybe he was just being played a fool.

"A cup of coffee, black two sugars and a latte," Luis replied. "Oh and two blueberry muffins." He pulled his wallet from his pocket.

"Buying coffee for the prisoner? Isnít that considered being friendly?" Beth asked, trying to be bubbly but failing miserably.

"Not really. Besides, doesnít kill me to be nice to her," Luis replied, putting some money down on the counter and grabbing the two muffins. "Have someone bring the coffee over when itís ready, please."

"No problem, Luis," Beth forced a smile as he walked away. "Iíll bring it over to the princess."

"What are those?" Sheridan asked as he joined her again, putting a muffin in front of her.

"Food, that stuff we went all morning without," he teased.

She blushed and looked down. "Wasnít my plan to spend all morning in bed. Youíre justÖ"

"Heís just what?" Beth asked, putting Luisí coffee in front of him and nearly slamming the latte down in front of Sheridan.

"Insufferable. He kept me up late lecturing me on leaving the front door unlocked while he ran home," she rolled her eyes and then glared at Luis. "Then because I wanted to go out, he dragged me out the second I was ready without eating."

"He was nice enough to buy you a muffin," Beth pointed out.

"Yea, and he probably wonít ever let me forget it."

"Damn right," Luis grumbled. "But I didnít get a thank you, just like a CraneÖungrateful."

Sheridan cast him another look, this time she was hurt. Grabbing her coffee, she took a sip and left the table to look at the magazine rack.

Beth just shrugged. "I was wondering if you and I could get together whenever this assignment was over, Luis."

"I donít think so, Beth. Itís a long way off and I have other things to worry about before I look for someone to start dating," he lied, watching Sheridan over in the corner. He noticed that she wiped at her cheek and in the light of the café, he could see the tear track. She was crying and it was all his fault.

"Miss Wallace, thereís a private phone call for you," Chad interrupted the two.

"Thanks, Chad, Iíll take it upstairs," she smiled and headed for the staircase to her apartment upstairs. She waited just long enough to see Luis head over to Sheridan and then she stalked up the stairs.

"Sheridan?" Luis slid his arms around her waist. "Iím so sorry, Sheridan. I didnít mean a word I said."

"I know," she leaned back and forced back a sniffle. "I just canít help that it hurt me. Itís just been so long since youíve said nasty things about meÖever sinceÖ"

"Since I told you how much I loved you and I do, so very much. Come on, what do you say we have Chad put those coffeeís into carrying cups and then weíll go get our movies and head home for the scary movie fest?"

"I like that idea," Sheridan nodded. "Iím sorry for overreacting."

"Donít worry about it, sweetie, Iíll make it up to you later," he swayed for a few seconds and then headed to the counter to talk to Chad. Within minutes, the couple was on its way to the video store and within the hour, they were home again.

"So what should we do for dinner?" Luis asked as they entered the cottage, throwing his keys on a nearby table. It was getting far too late to cook and he knew they would get hungry later.

"How about Chinese?" Sheridan asked, setting the DVDs they had rented on the table and walking over to the cabinet to pour herself some water.

"We had Chinese a few days ago. Pick something else," Luis replied, plopping onto the couch and kicking off his shoes.

"Pizza?" she asked, sitting beside him and taking his hand into hers. She looked down at the ring on her finger, smiling. On the car ride home, she had taken off the chain and put the ring on.

"Pizza sounds good. Plain cheese?" Luis asked, sliding his arm around her and pulling her closer.

"Yes, please," she snuggled into his side. "I think we should stay home from now on," Sheridan sighed. "I donít like pretending that I hate you."

"Neither do I. I canít stand the thought of hating you, because I never did, never could and never will hate you." He kissed the top of her head. "Should I order the pizza now or later?"

"Later, definitely later," she nodded. "Letís start watching the movies."

"All right," he smiled. "Which one?
Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer or Halloween?"

"Which is the scariest?" Sheridan asked, and Luis could tell she was nervous.

"Why donít we try watching
Scream first?" he asked, hoping it wouldnít freak her out too much.

"All right?" she pulled away slightly and went to put the movie on. After hitting play, she returned to his side ready for what would take place on screen.

"Sheridan, we donít have to do this if you donít want to," he rubbed her arm, trying to calm her down. She was actually shaking.

"I want to, Iíve just never been a big fan of scary movies," she looked up at him. "Besides, on Valentineís Day youíre going to watch romantic movies with me."

"Deal," he hugged her. They both became quiet as the phone on screen rang.

"Do you like scary movies?" the murdererís voice floated through the cottage. Sheridan shivered and watched the action continue to play out. The more suspenseful the scene, the tighter she gripped Luisí arm. As the movie continued, she screamed and buried her head against his chest during gruesome scenes. Finally, it ended and she was breathing hard.

"Oh my God, that was terrible, Luis!" her eyes were wide with terror. "That was absolutely horrible."

"You know what, I donít think we should watch the other two," Luis replied, heading for the phone to order the pizza. "If you thought that was bad, the other ones arenít going to be much better."

"But I did promise you a night of horror movies," Sheridan turned to him as he dialed the number.

"Sheridan baby, this is one promise you can break. You left nail marks in my arms," he motioned to his forearms where semi-deep cuts remained. "I donít know if my arms can take anymore."

She giggled. "Sorry darling."

He blew her a kiss and then ordered the pizza to be delivered to the front gate of the Crane mansion. After phoning the gate and letting them know about the impending arrival of their dinner, Luis joined Sheridan on the couch. "Look, we can watch some TV or some of the other movies you have under there. Some other time we can introduce you to a different horror movie."

"Good idea," she nodded and headed to the movie cabinet. Pulling out a comedy, she popped it into the player next. They waited for the pizza to arrive before beginning the movie. Once it arrived, they settled onto the couch and enjoyed one of Sheridanís favorites:
Dumb and Dumber.





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