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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Letís Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

"Whereís Sheridan?" Luis asked as his family entered his room and surrounded his bed. His mother immediately hugged him, careful of the gunshot wound in his pelvis. Theresa and Miguel followed her actions as well, all three reminding him they loved him.

"She was talking to Sam and said something about getting you water as we headed in. I was surprised that she wouldnít allow Beth and Hank to come in with us. I assume she was jealous."

"Beth and Hank are here?" Luis questioned, unsure of how he felt. Beth would not be happy with his finding another to love and Hank would be furious. This was too complicated for his first day awake. "Mama, is it possible you could send Sam in and tell them that itís a matter of police business and then tell the others Iím tired? Iím not sure Iím up to so many visitors today."

"Luis, something else is wrong, mi hijo, I can tell."

"Mama, Sheridan and I finally admitted how we feel about each other. The last thing I need is Hank and Beth coming in here trying to ruin it all. I love her, Mama."

"I know that, hijo, I have seen it many times. I fear for you though." Pilar sighed softly but her other children looked confused. Luis and Sheridan? They had seen their feelings, but they always assumed hateÖwell, Miguel assumed it was hate. Theresa had known, but his admission simply blew her away. Perhaps there was a chance for her and Ethan after all.

"But that wonít change the truth, Mama," he replied softly. "If itís true love then no one can keep us apart."

Pilar nodded. "All right. I will tell the others that you are tired and have Sam come in to speak with you about Sheridanís safety."

"Thank you, Mama," he smiled.

She kissed his cheek. "Rest, hijo."

"Wait, he canít rest yet," Theresa started. "I need to clear up something he said."

"Yea," Miguel agreed. "I thought Luis said he loved Sheridan," he forced a laugh.

"He did," Pilar replied.

"And I do love her," Luis added.

His two siblings just nodded, both lost in confusion. Pilar smiled, kissed her son one last time and led the pair out of the room. As they left, Sheridan returned with a pitcher of water and two plastic cups.

"Thirsty?" she asked, moving to his bedside.

"Howíd you guess?" he laughed.

"Loverís intuition," she teased and poured him a glass of water. She helped him sip it and then kissed his cheek. "Youíll never guess who come to visit."

"Hank and Beth?"

"Pilar squealed," she laughed.

He nodded. "I asked her to tell them that Iím too tired to visit with them. I really donít want to confront them right now."

"Good thinking," she smiled. "Youíre just full of good ideas."

"I have another one, Sherry angel, but it will have to wait until Iím better," he winked. Sheridan blushed.

"Now, did you want to talk to Sam because I can go get himÖ"

"I have Mama sending him in to talk about your case," he smiled. "Or at least thatís what I told her to tell him."

"See another good idea," she giggled. "Luis, you donít know how happy I am todayÖhow happy you have made me."

"About as happy as you have made me, Sherry. Nothing could ruin my mood today." Luis was starting to tire, the excitement wearing him out. As soon as Sam came in he would rest and dream of Sheridan. He was so happy he totally forgot the deal he had made with Julian Crane.

"You wanted to see me," a male voice asked from the door.

"Yea, Sam, come on in."

Sam entered the room slowly, noticing Sheridanís position on Luisí bed and the smiles on both their faces. He sighed, their hands were entwined and they looked love struckÖthis was bad.

"Sam, I know I canít work as Sheridanís bodyguard until I am cleared by Eve, but I want permission to be assigned as overseer. I can continue to live at the cottage and give directions to her guards. Iím the one that senses her danger, it could be useful to have me around."

Looking at the two again, Sam was inclined to say no. It would be better for Luis to recuperate at home and then go back to her, but he knew that would kill Luis, especially if he sensed she was in danger. Instead, he nodded. "That would be a good idea, Luis. Iíll talk to Hal and let him know I agree that your instincts would be very useful to the new bodyguards and that you should remain at the cottage during your recuperation, as long as you promise to rest."

"Iíll make sure he does, Sam, and I promise not to give him any grief," Sheridan vowed.

"I also need you to promise not to be too public in your displays of affection while Hal and the others are around. We donít need the hit men or anyone else to think Luis is mixing business with pleasure. It could be harmful to you bothÖmeaning Sheridanís life and Luisí career."

The two nodded, that was not a bad idea. It would mean sneaking around, but it would be well worth it. They smiled at each other and shared a light kiss.

Sam sighed again. "Iíll go talk to Hal. Luis, good to see youíre getting better, take care of yourself. Good luck to both of you, you might need it."

"Bye Sam."

"Goodbye, Sam," Sheridan smiled. "Thank you."

"I want to make sure that you two get a chance to have the same thing I doÖthe true love and family life that you deserve. If it is with each other, than so be it. Itís not my job to play cupid." With that said, he turned and left the two alone again.

"Sometimes I get the feeling that Sam doesnít like me very much," Sheridan looked at Luis. His eyes were starting to close. "Tired?"

"A little," he shifted over to make some room on the bed, gritting his teeth against the unexpected pain.

"Luis! What are you doing?!" her eyes widened.

"Making room for my girlfriend," he smiled and opened his arms to her. He had made space for her to lie by his good side.

She smiled. "I donít know, this all seems so sudden," she laughed.

He grinned. "Come on, Sherry angel, I want to hold you."

Sheridan noticed that he once again called her Sherry angel. "Do you even realize what you keep calling me?"

"Sherry angel? Yea, it suits you."

Sighing happily, she joined him and smiled. "I love the nickname, Luis. It means a lot to know Iím your angel." She placed her hand over his heart and her head in the crook of his neck. She felt his hand move to her hip and start rubbing up and down.

"You are, Sheridan, you are. You saved my life today and for that I will always be grateful. I love you."

"Love you too," she kissed his lips lightly and snuggled to his side. "Get some rest, Robocop. I expect you to be home within a week."

He chuckled. "Youíre wish is my command, Crane," he teased and closed his eyes. In no time, Luis and Sheridan fell asleep oblivious to the pair at the door that had convinced Pilar and Sam that they were only going to peek in and see he was all right. Neither had missed the final kiss and the stated vows of love between the two and neither had ever seen red like they were seeing at the moment.

"I canít believe you actually managed to convince Eve to release you today," Sheridan laughed as she helped Luis inside. It had been exactly a week since the shooting and Luis had improved significantly from day to day. Eve had told them that with bed rest and good care he should be back to his complete physical health by Thanksgiving. Sheridan immediately pointed out that no one would be home to care for Luis at the Lopez-Fitzgerald residence and it would be best to have him come home with her as both head body guard and patient. She could make sure he rested and was treated to meals from the kitchen, something Pilar would have to take off from work to do. With little argument, Sam, Pilar and Hal agreed and Luis was moving back in with Sheridan while her other guards were posted outside the cottage.

"Well, you said I had a week," he chuckled as he lowered himself gently to the couch. He still had stitches in lower abdomen and back where the bullet went through his body. The artery was being held together and working to mend itself as well, so quick movements and overexertion were not allowed. Sheridan watched him flinch in pain and rushed to his side.

"Are you all right? Should I get some medication?"

He shook his head. "Iím fine, Sherry, just sit down and relax. Iím not used to moving around so much with stitches, thatís all."

"Perhaps Eve was too hasty in releasing you. Maybe I should have made you stay longer."

"Sheridan, I was going nuts in there and getting tired of them shooing you out all the time. Iím glad to be out of that place."

She smiled. "And glad to be with me I hope."

"WellÖI wouldnít go that far," he teased.

"Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald you take that back right now or else!" she demanded.

"Or else what?"

"Or else IíllÖIíllÖIíll never speak to you again."

Fighting the urge to laugh, Luis pulled Sheridan onto the couch beside him and started kissing her. She immediately melted from the passion in the kiss and leaned in to deepen it, opening her mouth slightly. Just as the kiss was hitting a passionate climax, she bumped his wound and he pulled back and groaned in pain.

"Oh my God, Luis, I am so sorry!" She jumped up and fidgeted nervously.

"Sheridan, itís fine. Weíre just going to have to be more careful."

She nodded mutely. "I think you need to lay down like Eve instructed. The couch isnít wide enough so you can take my bed."

"Sheridan, thatís ridiculous. Where will you sleep?"

"With you?" she asked in a whisper.

"What?" he asked, looking at her face.

"I thought you could hold me at nightÖlike you did in the hospital," she fiddled with a ring she had on her finger.

He smiled. "Iíd love to, Sherry, but we need to be careful or else Hal might start questioning us."

She nodded, her eyes glowing merrily. "Come on, to bed with you," she offered her hand. He stood very slowly, gritting his teeth again, and then took her hand. She squeezed his gently and led him to her room. "Now I want you to make yourself at home here, Luis, and let me take care of you like you deserve."

"Sheridan, you donít have to do anything. Iím not an invalid."

"I didnít mean it to sound that way," she got defensive. "But you need rest," she pulled him to the bed. "Sit and Iíll take off your shoes."

Luis lowered himself onto the bed in a reclining position and Sheridan removed his shoes. "Now relax so I can remove your jeans and then you can get under the coversÖ"

"No!" he grabbed her hand as she reached for his belt. "Sheridan, donít undress me."

"Luis you canít bend enough to get them off and theyíll be irritating against the wound. Now cooperate so you can get some rest."

He groaned, knowing that not only was she right but that she was having an effect on his body. Closing his eyes and trying not to focus on her hands, he waited as she removed his belt. He felt her hand brush his groin as she unzipped his pants and he groaned again.

"Did I hit the wound?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"No," he replied, watching as she gently pulled down his jeans. When they were completely removed, she folded them and placed them on the end of the bed.

"If you need them you can grab them right away," she smiled and pecked his lips softly. Pulling the sheet over him, she handed him a remote from beside her bed. "Watch this," she whispered, sauntering over to a chest at the end of the bed. Pressing a button, a TV rose through the chest and rested on top. "We have cable so put on anything you want."

Luis shook his head. "This place never ceases to amaze me."

"Good," she smiled. "Now, since you have been living on hospital food for days, Iím going to call up to the house and have them send down something good. Anything in particular that you would like?"

"Yea, Mamaís enchiladas."

"It just so happens that I have some of those in my kitchen," she grinned and headed for the door. "Iíll heat them up and bring them inÖjust promise youíll rest."

"I promise I wonít move from this spot," he vowed. "But can I have one more kiss before you leave?"

Sheridan was about to refuse him, but he gave her that lost puppy look and she knew she couldnít deny him anything. Strutting over to the bed, she sat beside him and smiled. "I love you," she said with ease, as she leaned in a placed a gentle kiss to his lips. Pulling away quickly, she grinned and got back up. "Now rest and Iíll reheat lunch," she giggled and left the room.

Luis sighed. God, what a woman!

Sheridan returned ten minutes later with a tray of food for Luis. She walked into the room with a smile on her face and immediately looked over to the bed where Luis rested. Her smiled widened when she noticed that he was fast asleep on the bed, a smirk on his face. At first, she was going to let him rest and put the food back in the kitchen, but she knew he hadnít eaten all morning and he had to eat something before he took his medication. Placing the tray on the nightstand, she crawled across the bed to his side and kissed his cheek. "Luis, wake up."

He moaned a little in his sleep and shifted slightly on the bed. Sheridan smiled and reached out to caress his cheek. His cheek was smooth from the shave he had in the morning and he smelled wonderful. "Luis, darling," she kissed his ear, "wake up. Time for lunch."

"MmmÖ" he moaned again in his sleep.

Leaning in, Sheridan kissed him on the lips and was surprised to feel him respond to her. For what seemed like hours, the two kissed passionately. Soon, Sheridan felt the need for air and pulled away from him slowly.

"I could wake up like that every day," he stated breathlessly.

"Itís definitely an improvement from alarm clocks," she flashed him a smile. "I brought lunch for you," she placed the tray over his lap, allowing the legs of the tray to straddle his legs. Picking up his fork, she broke off a piece of the enchilada and dipped it in the sauce that had slid off the top. Cupping her hand beneath the dripping fork, she brought it to his mouth and waited for him to open his mouth. Once he did, she placed the steaming food into mouth and fed him the first bite.

"MmmÖIíve missed Mamaís enchiladas!" Luis savored the taste of the meat, cheese and sauce.

"Good, thereís plenty for you to eat and I want you to eat it all," Sheridan instructed.

"Arenít you going to eat?" he asked, finally noticing that there was only one dish of food.

"Iím more worried about you right now, Luis. I just want to make sure that you are going to be all right. Besides, youíve been eating some goo for the past week."

"Iíll eat if you share with me," Luis offered.

"Luis, really, I can eat while youíre nappingÖ"

He took the fork and broke off a piece for her. Lifting it to her mouth, he said, "Open." When she did, he fed her to return the favor. "Now, we can share and feed each other," he smiled.

She grinned back and kissed his lips gently. "I didnít think I could love you more than I did before, but youíve proven me wrong again, Officer. I love you more every moment Iím with you."

Luis ate another bite and then replied. "Same for me, Crane, same for me." The pair finished lunch, feeding each other and kissing from time to time. After nearly an hour, Luis and Sheridan finished lunch and she returned the tray to the kitchen. Taking her time in washing the dishes, she returned to the room to again find Luis asleep, his head resting softly on the pillow and his right hand clutching the remote control.

"So handsome," she smiled, removing her tennis shoes and laying on the bed beside him. Removing the remote from his hand, she shut off the TV and returned the remote control to the nightstand. Taking his hand into her own, she watched him as he slept and snuggled closer as she fell asleep to dream of him.

Hours later, Luis awoke to something heavy laying on his arm and chest. Using his free arm, he wiped the sleep from his eyes and looked down to see what was keeping his arm still. He knew, of course, by her perfume that it was Sheridan, but he glanced down just to make sure. There she lay, her blond hair framing her angelic face and her lashes resting lightly against her milky white cheeks. Luis kissed her forehead gently and pulled her closer to his right side. The last week seemed almost too good to be true, but here she was lying in his arms with a smile on her face.

"Mind not staring at me when Iím napping," she yawned, bringing him from his thoughts.

"Itís hard not to," he admitted, again kissing her forehead and allowing his lips to linger. Pulling away slightly, he whispered, "Youíre so beautiful."

Before she could respond, there was a knock at the front door. Sighing, she kissed his cheek and stood. "Donít go anywhere, I fully intend to finish this conversation," she winked and left him alone in her bedroom.

Sheridan walked through the living room and to the front door, pushing the curtains on the door away so she could look out the window. Hal Freeman stood on the porch with an unreadable expression on his face. However, Sheridan noticed a slight twinkle in his eyes and she knew something was going on.

"Agent Freeman," she greeted as she opened the front door.

"Miss Crane," he fought a smile but lost the battle and a shinning smile broke out on his face. "I came to see if you and Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald needed anything at all when I send one of the men into town."

"No, weíre fine, thank you," Sheridan smiled back. "Luis is resting or else Iíd go ask him."

"Miss Crane, there is no need to hide your relationship with the officer from me. I can see through this act. Remember, I was at the hospital," he grinned. "Donít worry, Miss Crane, I have no plans on divulging this information to anyone nor do I plan on ruining his career. Iím a firm believer of true love."

Sheridanís smile widened. "Thank you, Agent Freeman. I wish everyone would be as supportive as you. If you donít mind, I have a man in that bedroom that is incredibly stubborn and refuses to listen to doctorís orders since the doctor isnít around. I need to get back to him before he tears his stitches."

The agent nodded. "If you two need anything, there will be a guard at the front door and Iíll be patrolling the nearby yard."

"Thank you, Agent Freeman, Iíll keep that in mind should we need anything," Sheridan smiled and closed the door, locking it behind her. Sighing, she was glad that the confrontation with Agent Freeman was over and done with. Now, she and Luis could relax inside the cottage without interruption. The next few weeks of her life would be wonderful.

"Who was at the door?" Luis looked at Sheridan, breaking his gaze from the sports channel.

"Hal, he says we should feel free to have a relationship and he wonít squeal," she grinned and sat on the bed. "Seems everyone in the world has been waiting for us to get together."

"Except your family, friends, Beth and Hank," Luis looked away from her. His mind wandered over past reactions to his relationship with Sheridan, especially when they ended up at the country club. He could just imagine going back with Sheridan on his arm and her friends staring and making comments.

She placed a hand on his chest, which caused him to return his attention to her. "I donít care what anyone thinks, Luis, I love you and nothing can change that."

He smiled at her. "I love you too. Just donít forget the battle is far from over, Sherry."

"I know," she settled beside him. "But I promise to fight for it."

"Me too," he grinned. "Now, what would you like to watch?"

Sheridan got up and put a movie into the DVD player. "How about
Notting Hill?"

Luis groaned and rolled his eyes: a chick flick! "If I have to."

"You doÖyouíre a captive audience." She grinned and popped the CD into the machine. "Besides, I can always make it up to you another time."

He smiled. "Oh, all right," he straightened himself on the bed. Sheridan went to his side and helped him get comfortable and then sat beside him. Luis pulled her into his arms and held her. "I canít believe Iím letting you get away with this."

Sheridan laughed. "Neither can I, actually, but I am glad that you are." Her hand rubbed his chest. "I think youíll like the movie anyway."

He kissed her forehead. "As long as I can be with you I donít care what weíre doing."

"Shhh," she hissed as the movie began. "Itís starting."

Luis chuckled slightly and the pair settled into the movie.





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