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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About
by SheridanLF74

"And the bad news?" Pilar asked.

"He’s still unconscious. We had no use for an anesthetic because he had already loss consciousness. But now he doesn’t show any signs of consciousness. While that is more than likely due to the loss of blood, it looks bad."

"His chances?" Sheridan queried.

"Slim to fair. If he isn’t breathing on his own by morning, than his chances will significantly decrease. We’re going to test his respiration as soon as we finish the blood transfusion."

Sheridan nodded and walked into the room, leaving the door open so she could hear Eve and Pilar finish talking. She sat beside him again and watched as the blood dripped slowly into his arm. "Luis, I need you to prove to them that you can breathe on your own so that they know there is hope for you to wake up. Do you hear me, Officer? You have to wake up and breathe!"

Luis heard Sheridan again, he was sure of it. "Honor, service and peace aren’t important to me," Luis stated to himself and the doors. "I can live a long life without those. But love is important to me…my dream too." He smiled and started walking to the door marked "love." When he opened it, Sheridan stood inside, a white gown following her curves and a smile lighting up her face. Behind her music played, no longer the song they danced to, this time it was something faster.

Let’s give them something to talk about
Let’s give them something to figure out
Let’s give them something to talk about
How about love?

~*~Bonnie Raitt "Something To Talk About"~*~

Sheridan smiled at him and said, "Come on, Luis…" offering him her hand.

He stepped inside, but she disappeared and he started to fall through the room’s floor. However, his body was calm and relaxed as he watched the events of the day replay in the walls of the cave he was falling into. Suddenly, he stopped and gasped for air, his voice shouting out "Sheridan!"

"Sheridan!" the body in the bed called out, however muffled by the tube in his throat.

Sheridan’s head popped up from its position on the mattress beside him. "Luis?"

From beneath the tubes the gargled word came out again. "Sheridan."

Her eyes widened and she looked over to the door where Eve was walking by to head to a nearby room. She also noticed Pilar sitting by the door. "EVE!" She called out. "EVE! He’s awake!" She grabbed Luis’ hand into her own. "Squeeze my hand, Luis, if you can hear me then squeeze my hand!"

Luis replied by squeezing her hand so gently she wasn’t sure she felt it.

Pilar rushed over, dropping her rosary beads in the need to see her son. Eve rushed in, nearly running poor Pilar over in the process. "What do you mean he’s awake, Sheridan?

"Sheridan," he mumbled again from beneath the tubes.

Eve moved to his bedside and gently removed the respirator tube from his mouth. Luis coughed and gagged a little from the feeling, but as soon as he could he spoke again. "Sheridan."

"I’m here, Luis, I’m here. You just rest, Luis. We’re going to get the blood you need and then everything will be just fine." She kissed his lips gently. "You’re going to make it, Luis. You’re going to make it."

He squeezed her hand lightly once more before falling back to sleep.

Sheridan spent the next twenty-four hours at Luis’ bedside refusing to move for any reason other than to use the restroom. She helped the nurses in any and all ways she could, prayed for Luis’ recovery and talked to him about everything and nothing. From time to time she would kiss him: his lips, cheeks, hands…anywhere she could. She barely slept, ate only when forced to and spoke to only Luis.

She looked at him, her eyes red from lack of sleep and crying. From time to time she would sing to him, the oddest songs too. One of the more recent ones was "Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About." Eve had allowed her to bring in a battery-operated radio and Sheridan found herself playing AKISFM. Oddly, only love songs played over the airwaves, but that seemed suitable anyway.

"Luis, I know you can hear me so I’m going to be honest. I love you. It’s been almost a day since you showed any signs of consciousness and I’m already missing you terribly. So why don’t you just wake up and remind me of the good times, huh?"

She hadn’t expected him to respond, of course, but she dreamed of the moment he opened those eyes and smiled at her again. Sighing, she laid her head on the mattress, beginning to pray that he would awaken soon. She fell asleep that way, with thoughts of Luis filling her dreams.

Finally, around seven the evening after Luis was shot, Sheridan felt the bed shift under her head, which had been resting there as she prayed again. The hand she was holding squeezed her own and she looked up to see two hazel-brown eyes looking back at her. His lids were droopy, as if he was exhausted, but he was awake and smiling slightly.

"Hey," he said in a raspy voice.

"Hey, yourself," she smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek. "Welcome back."

"Thanks," he looked at her clothing. "Weren’t you wearing that when we got home from Pat’s?" he noticed the jeans and t-shirt she had changed into later that morning. He sounded weak and tired, but he was talking.

She laughed for the first time in two days. "Yea, but I spent over twenty-four hours sitting beside this incredibly stubborn man and didn’t get a chance to clean myself up." She stood for a moment and then sat on the mattress beside him, caressing his face. "I was so afraid…"

"Why?" he asked, still holding her right hand.

"I thought I’d lost you forever…we have so much to talk about."

He nodded slightly. "Does this mean you trust me now?"

"With all my heart, Luis. I’m so sorry that I ever doubted your intentions toward me…that I ever believed you could be so shallow to use me for my money and name like all the others. I hope you understand that I was a scorned woman the day I slapped you…possessed by a pain that cannot be explained in words."

The frown, which had come over his face moments before, faded into a slight smile. "Forgiven, as long as you promise to confront me with our problems next time instead of slapping me. I think we learned the hard way that we have a communication problem."

She giggled lightly. "You could put it that way."

"Wanna tell me what happened?" he asked.

She nodded and related the tale to him, giving him something to drink as she spoke. How the other man admitted to being the one on the wharf and how he said that her father swore she would protect Luis with her own life. Sheridan explained her assumption that the man knew her family and was hired to play the role of Luis, but that they had no evidence besides her words and the mask on the body of the deceased imposter. She complained about all the questions Sam had asked her when she was brought in the prior morning and then sobbed when she related all the information about how he almost died. Luis just listened, his hand absently-mindedly caressing hers.

"Wow, some story," he looked into her eyes.

She nodded, having one more thing to add but unsure of how to add it. "Luis, there’s something else…something I’ve needed to tell you for a long time but realized I had to tell you before it was too late, especially since I almost lost you."

"What is it, Sheridan?"

"I love you."

"I know…I heard you."

She didn’t look at him, injured by his response. What a fool she had been to tell him her feelings. Now he probably thought she was some lovesick puppy that needed him more than she admitted. As she started to pull away, she heard him say, "You saved my life when you said that. I love you too, Sheridan, and I always have."

Her eyes flew to his and there she read the truth in his proclamation. He really did love her. She started to cry again, simple happy tears that reflected how joyful she truly was. "You mean that?"

"Always and forever, Sheridan, always and forever. You’re my angel."

She giggled and kissed his lips lightly, careful not to bring him any pain. Pulling away, she smiled and then stood. "Look, I’m going to go get your family. I’m sure they can’t wait to see you…well, can’t wait to see you awake."

He smiled. "Promise to come right back with them?"

"Promise," she smiled. "I’m sure Sam and the others out there are waiting to hear you yell at me for not being with guards either…but don’t worry, they’re right outside. Sam put two of Harmony’s finest and Agent Freeman on my case until you’re well again."

He chuckled. "Good, saves me the trouble of yelling at you."
"Very funny, Officer, very funny." She was glowing. Luis was back and he loved her too. Life couldn’t get much better than this. Suddenly, her smiled faded and she looked at him. "But…Luis, this means you won’t be with me until you heal. That could be months!"

Luis didn’t even flinch. "I’ll tell Sam that I insist that I remain at the cottage to direct the care you are receiving. After all, I am the one that senses the danger, that doesn’t mean I can protect you, but I can tell them when to be more cautious."

She nodded. "Good idea. You really do think of everything, don’t you?"

"Of course," he teased. "Now go on and get my family. I could sure use a LF bear hug."

Sheridan giggled and smiled. "One family coming right up," she pecked his lips again and moved away slightly.

"And one girlfriend?" he asked as she started to leave the room. Her breath caught and her smile grew.

"And one girlfriend," she promised as she left.

Sheridan walked quickly to the waiting room where the family and Sam were meeting to eat lunch so that they could be as close to Luis as possible. When she entered, Pilar immediately noticed the smile on her face and the glow about her. The woman knew that Sheridan had good news; Sheridan had not looked that happy in ages.

Sheridan scanned the group and noticed two people she did not expect to see: Hank and Beth. Her smile faltered; she was certainly not ready for those two to be around. No matter, she could bring in his family first and explain the situation and then allow Sam, Hank and Beth to visit him.

"So?" Pilar interrupted her thoughts. "Is there news?"

"Yes, he’s awake and asking to see you, Theresa and Miguel first. Pilar he’s looking so very well. His color is back and he’s speaking coherently. I’m going to get him some water but you three should go right in."

Pilar nodded and motioned for the younger two children to follow her down the sterile hall to Luis’ room.

"Is he really well?" Sam asked, looking at Sheridan and noticing a glow about her. Obviously, Luis and Sheridan had made up.

"Very, Sam, very," she grinned. "Now if you excuse me, he was out of water when I left."

Sam nodded and watched as Sheridan left the room to get Luis some water. He didn’t like the fact that the two were making up; in fact, he was jealous. He and Ivy never got to be together; it wasn’t fair that Luis got his girl. Besides that, Sam was worried. He didn’t want his friend to go through the pain and suffering the Cranes could cause for him. No matter, love would win in the end, whether he liked it or not. Fate had sent him someone better…did he say fate? Now he sounded like Theresa! Shaking his head, Sam turned to his brother and said, "Don’t you two cause any trouble, hear me?"

Beth and Hank nodded, both thinking the same thing. Sam saw it too. That means Luis and Sheridan were heading to being a couple!





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