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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 37

Kay lay on her pillows propping her up, she was groggy from pain medication but she knew she needed to give Luis the chance to back out when he knew all the facts, she knew Luis would be devastated without more children. She also wondered what had happened to Henry and Grace. She had gotten the doctor to let her know how everyone else was doing.

Luis quietly opened the door cradling Ahnna to him and his heart stopped when he saw Kay laying on the hospital bed, she was as pale as the sheets and her shoulder was cover in a thick bandage. She opened her eyes as he sat on the bed next to her.

"Kay, baby..." I am so glad you’re ok, I don’t think I could have handled it if you weren’t." He choked out.

"Luis I know the doctor told you all about my condition, but I wanted to make sure you understood I may not be able to give you a son, or any more daughters, Luis I know you, I know how much you wanted to have a bunch of kids..." Kay’s voice trailed off.

Luis leaned in close and kissed Kay softly his heart breaking at the idea of no more children even as he spoke.

"Kay, I have you and I have Ahnna and she is perfect, you’re right I would like to have more kids but not if I can’t have them with you. WE can adopt or we can just spoil Ahnna rotten, but there is no way I will ever leave you. I love you Katherine." He said roughly.

Kay smiled at his words and whispered them back as she slid into sleep and Luis rose to check on the rest of his new family.

It was only a week later that the final victim of Grace’s fury was released from the hospital, Reese went home to his parents for a week before the wedding which Charity and Miguel had postponed until he could be there, and the day that the couple were married was the same day that Henry Winslowe died and Grace Bennett was committed to a high security asylum in New York. Although not everyone was up for dancing the wedding was beautiful and quiet. In the months that followed the truth about Ethan came out to these closest to him and Julian in a rare show of backbone ig-nored Alistair’s demands that Ethan be cast out as a bastard and instead only tossed Ivy out (and into Sam’s arms). Kay and Luis were married only a few weeks after Charity and Miguel, as were Jessica and Reese. Theresa and Ethan were married a week before Jessica gave birth to a beautiful son. And on Ahnna’s third birthday two surprises happened.

Kay hurried in with a cake, brightly decorated as they entire family gathered around the table in the new Bennett house. Ahnna’s giggles rang out and right on cue little Alex began crying. Everyone stood around and watched as Luis and Kay helped their daughter blow out her candles. As the cheering died down Noah cleared his throat.

"I just have a little something to say and I thought this would be a good time..." he glanced around at all the faces of his family, Sam who had taken him still as his own son, Eve Russell, the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s, the Durkee’s and even Ivy who was spending more and more time with Sam. Noah walked over to where Whitney was sitting and looked lovingly at the face he had loved for the last year and wanted to forever. He dropped down on one knee and pulled a small vel-vet box out of his pocket as everyone cheered.

"Whitney Russell, I know I am not the most perfect man, or even the most handsome man, but if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife I will certainly be the happiest man in the entire world. I love you Whitney, will you marry me?" He asked.

Whitney felt her head spin and she couldn’t pull her eyes off Noah’s grinning (and nervous) face. She beamed and al-though she couldn’t find her voice she nodded and as he slide the ring on her finger and swept her into his arms she was able to shout, "YES!"

After the party Kay and Luis were piling all of the new toys that had been given to Ahnna into their car and wiping up as much of the mushed chocolate cake up as possible. Kay paused in the doorway to the dining room where Luis was attempting to wash their daughters face and she smiled softly. She walked over and ran her hand over Luis’ back and smiled up at him as he looked at her. they both grinned as Ahnna dropped another dish on the floor with a bang. Kay kissed Luis softly then stopped him as he turned to finish cleaning.

"Luis there is something I have been yearning to tell you..." Kay said. Luis looked at her curiously.

"How would you feel about being a dad again?" She asked shyly. Luis started to shake his head and caught the grin on Kay’s face. He felt his heart stop, they had been told it wouldn’t happen.

"Do you mean?" Luis stuttered.

"Luis, we’re going to have another baby!" Kay shouted and laughed as he swept her into his arms and kissed her while Ahnna’s shrieks and giggles echoed in the background.

Sam watched his daughter and son in law and grinned. Life was finally getting good.

The End

Thank you all very much for reading my story please give me a little feedback I would love it. Also let me know if you have any other storylines you would like to hear.... Jamie





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