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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 34

Inside the Bennett house there was mass chaos. Silence reigned after Sam’s announcement and when someone finally did speak it was Jessica, reeling from the changes in her life in the last few days she bolted out of her chair and an-nounced she was going to be sick and made a dash for the bathroom. Reese ran after her, Kay and Noah just stared at their father in shock, it took Grace’s outraged scream to pull them back and as they watched horrified she dove across the table at Sam, her butter knife in hand.

Kay screamed at the top of her lungs and Luis dove for Grace to restrain her. Baby Ahnna wailed and was terrified in Kay’s arms and Whitney came over and pulled both Kay and Ahnna back from the chaos on the table. Grace was pinned down under Luis and slashing out with her dull knife at everyone and Noah and Sam just stood out of reach and stared. Noah stepped up and caught one hand just as Grace bucked Luis and then slammed her head into his jaw. Luis shook his head dazed and now in pain and tried once again to subdue Grace. Kay shoved Ahnna into Whitney’s arms and threw herself in-between her mother and Luis just as she swung her blade at him and Kay barely felt the blade slice her skin as she began shouting at her mother.

"You BITCH! How dare you even think about revenge, I know Grace I KNOW! and everyone else will too!" She scooped up the file off the table and ducked down for the box as Noah held Grace still and Luis managed to grab the knife from her he tossed it down not noticing the blood on the blade and everyone stared at Kay as she stood holding a picture of Grace and Harry naked on Sam and Grace’s bed. Sam stared at the picture unable to even make sense of the image at first and Grace froze in Noah’s grip. Whitney stared in horror wondering what had happened to decent people, no one was what they seemed. Kay raged on and held up picture after picture, even a set of very old, very dated shots with little caption’s at the bottom in Grace’s own handwriting.

"Look, MOM, what’s this? ‘Harry and me at our best in 1978.’ Is this when you were what? Pregnant with Noah? Sick Grace, sick." Kay shrieked.

Noah’s arms dropped at the sight and he stepped back, Grace stood still and let the waves of fury pass over her, her little bitch of a daughter, the one she never should have had, she thought.

"Why not? I was pregnant with his child!" Grace yelled back unable to stop the words as they flowed out of her mouth.

Sam felt the world tilt. Noah dropped to the floor and was sick. Whitney rushed to his side, clutching Ahnna. Luis left Kay’s side only long enough to take the baby from Whit and then he walked back as Jessica slipped back into the room with Reese supporting her.

"What?" Kay whispered. This was not a part of the research she had done. She stared at Grace and wondered if she should even go on.

"Yes," Grace spat, she had passed the point of caring, all she wanted to do was hurt these people, all the horrible people that had kept her from Henry all these years. "Yes, Noah is HENRY’S son, just like Jessica is his daughter. I would have never kept a BENNETT baby, I wouldn’t have been able to do it, except for you Kay, you are like your im-becile father here, you refuse to DIE!"

Jessica fainted finally unable to stand anymore. Noah sat pitifully on the floor and Sam just wept where he stood.

"I tried over and over to get rid of you, you little bitch. I went to have an abortion, but the doctor refused once he learned how far along I was, I nearly tried myself but Harry said that could hurt ME, so the when you were born I left you alone, I couldn’t hurt you myself there were too many people always around so I just refused to feed you and take care of you, too bad your idiot father and his parents took over. I could never love you! You came from him, YOU kept me from my Henry! This is all your fault!" Grace screamed and the she ducked down and swept up the knife and dashed towards Kay. Luis Tried to push her out of the way and still keep Ahnna safe but was only able to shift the blow from her hear to her shoulder and as Grace and Kay tumbled to the ground Sam rushed forward he caught Kay in his arms and whirled only to feel the dull blade of the knife slice his own side he pushed Kay out of the way and Luis ran to her side as Grace panicked and lunged again, this time slicing Sam’s throat and then she threw down the knife and ran wildly up the back stairs. She was nearly in her bedroom by the time Noah was able to catch up to her, Reese close be-hind and she whirled on them she took them both by surprise by pointing Sam’s police issue at them and laughing. They stopped short in the door and Grace grabbed her suitcase and headed for the door. She pointed the gun at Noah and Reese as she spoke.

"You, Noah, I had hoped you would be a part of our live someday, you were looking so promising and then you brought home that black TRAMP. She is not good enough for Henry’s son, she is the daughter of a whore and a slut herself! And you, geek boy, how could MY daughter let you touch her? Let alone knock her up? If you think I am letting you be any part of her you have another thing coming." She laughed as she pulled the trigger.





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