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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 30

Jessica wondered what her mother was up to, after she had gone to see her father she had gone to Reese to be with him when he told his parents. She had been shocked at how mildly they had reacted, she had expected at least a few fireworks, but it turned out that Reese’s parents had gotten together in much the same way and they thought that it would work out just fine. Jessica could stop grinning after that, she was so relieved she felt like she was walking on air. She had gone home to start packing, she had planned to leave for college but now she decided that it would be best to work for the first semester and then wait until the baby was older before she began her classes. She had gone in search of a few suitcases in her parents room and hadn’t been able to find any. She poked through the closet and noticed her mother’s clothes were nearly half gone. Jessica began to wonder. Grace knew that Kay was aware of her relationship with Harry and it looked like she was getting ready to run, Jessica thought. She caught site of her mothers figure in the mirror and ducked further into the closet as Grace came closer. Jessica didn’t want this kind of a show-down right now and she prayed someone would be home soon as she scrunched herself up under a pile of clothes and boxes in the back of the closet.

Grace hummed as she pulled down her last suitcase, her half of the matching set Sam had bought for a second honey-moon, all the rest were already in the trunk of Harry’s car. She shook the case and grinned as she heard the thumping inside. She set it on the floor and unzipped it before she reached onto the shelves again for the boxes labeled recipes and bills. She opened each and dumped their contents into the suitcase. She lifted a brilliant strand of diamonds from the mound. glittering madly in her hands. Now one would have ever thought to look here for all the stolen jewels, she thought. She couldn’t resist trying on one of the biggest necklaces, a giant emerald circled by diamonds and rubies she stood and walked to admire herself in the mirror and Jessica let out a breath she hoped to god that Grace didn’t spot her now or she would be done for. Jessica realized that this suitcase was the real evidence that her dad was going to need when they caught Harry and she hoped that Grace would give her a chance to swipe it before she disappeared with it.

Grace walked back into the closet and pulled down a stack of sweaters and tossed them in with the jewelry to keep it from making too much noise. She thought about grabbing the matching suitcase but decided that she didn’t have time or room to take anything more. She tossed the necklace she had tried on on top of the pile and closed the suitcase and shoved it back against the wall next to Jessica. It rapped her shin hard and Jess bit her lip as Grace flicked off the light and went down the stairs.

Jessica quickly got up and as her eyes adjusted to the dark she began pulling her fathers clothes off the hooks and shoving them into the matching case. She lifted it when it was nearly full and realized she would have to do something to match the weight better, she ducked into the bedroom listening in case Grace returned and pulled out the small set of weights Sam kept under the bed she tossed them in the suit case and decided it was close enough, she put on the tiny padlock that came with each suit case and locked it taking the key with her then quickly switched it with the jewel filled suitcase and hurried down the hall to her room.

Jessica stared down at the suitcase in her had, she knew she needed to hide it somewhere good and she was glancing around the room when she heard a soft click behind her and whirled to face the intruder, suitcase still in hand.

Sam had talked with Ivy for a long while after her announcement and finally he had begun to come to terms with it, he had insisted that Ivy come with him to Ethan’s though and explain it all to him immediately.

Ivy felt like she was going to the guillotine as she followed Sam up the steps to her son’s home. She knew he would be more than just angry with him. She also knew that this day was long over due. She knocked lightly and didn’t know if relief or fear filled her stomach as he opened the door.

Ethan was exhausted, he hadn’t slept at all and now Liam was up demanding every minute of his attention. He was heartsick that Theresa had not returned and had for a brief moment been hopeful that she was the one at his door. His smile faltered as he saw his mother and the Chief of Police. He didn’t need this right now, he thought as he heard him-self politely invite them in.

Sam shot Ethan a wary look as he stepped into his home and then felt his heart melt as he watch this man who was his son dash down the hall when he heard a baby cry. He came back a few moments later with his own son cradled in his arms. This was going to be a big change for them all he thought as Ivy started to speak.





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