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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 29

Kay had been paralyzed as Miguel swung the door open. Her best friend of so many years stood in front of her and the man she loved and their child. Miguel was going to be the hardest to tell, to explain to.

Miguel thought he was seeing things when Luis stepped in the door and he saw Kay behind him. He started to grab her up into a hug but screeched to a halt as he spotted the squirming baby in her arms. He stared at her, the child had a mop of curly dark hair, he didn’t have any idea of where to begin when Charity came up behind him and began for him.

"KAY!!" She shouted joyfully, she kissed her cousin and complimented the baby and had them both sitting in the living room before Miguel could blink. He followed behind Luis who sat on the couch next to Kay and inquired where their mother and Theresa were.

As Pilar and then Theresa came in they all sat, Pilar’s knowing eyes resting on the baby and filling yet again with tears. Theresa was perched on the arm of her mothers chair and Miguel simply stood in the doorway waiting to understand.

"Mama, everyone," Luis finally spoke, reaching to take Kay’s hand in his. "I want you all to meet Ahnna. My daughter. Our daughter." He said indicating Kay.

Silence reigned for several minutes until finally Pilar stood and walked over to them.

"Mi hijo," she said softly and cupped Luis’ face in her hand before turning and doing the same to Kay and then gently lifting the baby out of her arms. Pilar cradled her close and crooned softly to her, some Spanish lullaby. Charity came and hugged them each before she turned to Miguel who’s eyes were dark and unreadable.

"Miguel?" she asked gently, and when he shook his head she sighed and turned to see the baby.

Miguel wasn’t sure if he wanted to understand as he watched his mother holding his niece. Kay and Luis. He thought about it, wondering why he had missed it. He recalled the last year and realized it was his own fault. He had ignored all the signs. Luis’ search for Kay, always going further and searching more than even Sam, Kay’s behavior right before she left. He realized he had been so caught up in himself that he didn’t even notice that his life-long best friend was in love. Now he could see it. He could see it still there in her eyes. Miguel hoped only that Luis saw it too and would do something about it. He pushed himself away from the wall and walked to where his brother now stood, hovering pro-tectively over Kay and the baby, Ahnna was it?

"Big Bro," he said roughly. He shook Luis’ hand and hugged his briefly, "You better not hurt her."

"Never again." Luis said as they stepped apart. He was surprised by how relieved he was that Miguel didn’t hate him for taking his best friend.

Miguel turned to Kay. She looked up at him, biting her lip, he remembered the habit from the first day they met. It was Kay’s only way to show her nervousness and fears. He thought it was cute then, just as it was now. He sank to the couch next to her as Pilar, Theresa, Luis and Charity gabbed over Ahnna.

"Miguel?" Kay asked.

"Congratulations, Mom." Miguel grinned as Kay’s lip broke free of her teeth. She smiled at him and he was surprised to feel relief wash over him, he hadn’t realized just how much he had missed her. He wrapped his arms around her and held on until Luis finally came over and joked about his "woman" and took Kay into his own arms and led them all over to Ahnna.

Breakfast passed, loud and boisterous and full of love. Kay told them all about her year away and her new dreams of being a writer and mother. They talked about the wedding next week and Pilar’s own new romance with a local man she was very mysterious about. More laughter than the house had seen in years rang out, It seemed it would be a won-derful day.

As Miguel and Luis finished the dishes after much goading and bribing the women sat at the table still enjoying talking and laughing, Charity insisted that Kay still be the maid of honor along with Theresa. Kay beamed and felt hot tears in her throat. The relief that Luis’ family did hate her was immense she watched as her daughter was passed from loving hands to loving hands and felt happier than she could remember.

The women giggled as Luis and Miguel sauntered into the dining room dripping. It seemed that although the dishes were now done, it had been a hard won battle. Luis grinned widely at the sight of his daughter once again in his mothers arms and felt his heart pound as he realized that this was the moment he had waited for. Miguel was settling into a chair as Luis walked to Kay. He smiled down at her loving the free look on her face, aching inside at the thought of for-ever with her. He swallowed hard and dropped onto one knee in front of her chair and tried to keep a smile on his face and terror at the thought of her saying no out of his expression. Kay turned to face him still smiling and did see Theresa cover her mouth her eyes filling already, or Pilar’s radiant smile, or Charity as she turned and shared a secret smile with Miguel and reached for his hand. All she could see was Luis. The man she had loved since she had met him, for-ever really, she had just taken a while to realize it and to understand how real love could be.

Luis had thought long and hard about the right way to do this and he was still unsure even as he pulled the ring box from his pocket, looking a little worse for wear from the last year.

"Katherine Bennett, I love you. I can never tell you enough how much I do. I love every single thing about you. Usted es mi corazón y alma. Usted es mi todo. (You are my heart and soul. You are my everything.) I cannot live without you, and if you will do me the honor of becoming my wife I will prove it to you everyday for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me Kay?"

Kay felt the tears begin even before he began speaking. She couldn’t believe it. She knew she should doubt because of everything they had been through, because it was just how she was built, but even as she thought of saying no her heart said yes. She heard his words and looked for them to be just obligation, hollow. She felt herself fall completely when she realized finally that they were all true. He loved her. Wanted her. She smiled through her own tears and her daughter gurgling in Pilar’s arms and looked into Luis’ loving and desperate face.

"Yes." She whispered. "Yes, always yes, I love you so much Luis. I love you."

Luis pulled Kay into his arms forgetting to even give her the ring he held her close and tight and whispered all his feel-ing and thoughts of her and their love just as she did and they crouched together in his mothers dining room oblivious to everyone and everything.

Whitney wandered up the path to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house in a daze. She and Noah had talked all through breakfast and then walked nearly the whole town just holding hands and talking. Whitney couldn’t remember ever talking so long with anyone aside from Theresa. She couldn’t wait to see Noah again and they had only parted half an hour ago. She realized she had it bad and for the first time in her life she didn’t want to push a man away she wanted to enjoy it. She finally wanted to be in love. And she needed help.

She knocked on the door wondering if it was a big mistake to ask Theresa about love advise right now, but she didn’t have much of a choice. The door swung open and Whitney sighed as she saw Charity’s smiling face, as if she didn’t have a care in the world, Whit thought jealously. She knew that it was unfair to be grouchy but very few hours sleep and a major change in your life’s plan would do that to a girl. She shot Charity a half-smiled and asked for Theresa.

"Sure, come in, I think you should come see our surprise." Charity bubbled.

Whitney followed her through the familiar house and stopped short when she came into the dining room and spotted the group. Kay was sitting perched on Luis’ lap and ginning like a mad woman, Miguel was already latched back on to Charity and Theresa was holding a baby. A baby? Whitney’s mind spun for a second before she could reassure herself that this had to be Luis’ daughter.

"Oh Whit! I am so glad you are here! I want you to meet my niece! This is Ahnna." Theresa grinned at her. Whitney smiled and praised the baby shooting Theresa desperate looks every few seconds. Theresa caught a few and when her mother came back into the room she handed the baby to her and called out congratulations as she pulled Whitney up the stairs.

"Whit- we have GOT to talk!" Theresa said flopping down on her bed.

"Theresa I need you advice." Whitney spit out before Theresa could launch into whatever it was she wanted to talk about. "I think I am in love."

Theresa’s jaw dropped. Whitney? In love? She couldn’t believe her best friend. She had pushed away every guy in her whole life until Chad and when they broke up it seemed she never wanted another guy.

"W-who?" Theresa finally managed.

"Oh GOD! I just, oh.., Noah." She stumbled over the words.

"Noah?" Theresa’s eyes grew even larger, "Noah? Noah Bennett? Our Noah?"

Whitney nodded miserably. She thought of how wonderful it had all been the last night, and how that would rock her whole world. Not to mention Noah was just breaking up with yet another girlfriend.

"I love him." She whispered and collapsed in Theresa’s arms. "I didn’t know it was this hard or scary or that it hurts this much.... Or that is could be this great."

Theresa wrapped her arms around her best friend. She remembered when she had first realized how she felt about Ethan and she swallowed over her doubts about Noah and her own worries over Whitney and began talking about how great and how perfect it would be and how perfect they were. She held her friend and murmured support until Whit-ney finally stopped crying.

"Well, that was I think the third time in your whole life you have cried with me." Theresa joked.

Whitney sniffled and shoved her hair out of her face. She noticed that her friend was beaming.

"So does Noah know?" Theresa began.

"Yeah, and he dumped that Kaylie bitch, well he knows I care about him. I just don’t know, what if he doesn’t love me back? What if all he wants is a good time?" Whitney finally voiced a few of the fears that had driven her to Theresa in the first place.

"Noah? He just isn’t that type of guy. He tries to do it, tries to come off as a player, but he just can’t do it deep down." Theresa said. "Don’t worry! It will all work out fine, now first things first you look exhausted lie down and re-set some, but you better give me details and then I will give you mine." Theresa’s eyes twinkled.





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