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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 26

Grace paced the kitchen wondering how slow this day could possibly go, it was only 10 am and she had already baked three pies to distract herself. She ducked into a chair just as Sam walked into the kitchen studying a fat file.

"Morning, Gracie." He kissed her cheek and set down the file before grabbing a mug for coffee.

Grace shot a glance over the file and then almost fell out of her chair. It was a file on the Harmony Burglar, there were hundreds of pages and right on top was a very accurate sketch of Harry Winslowe. She took a deep breath and plastered on a smile as Sam sat down again to study the sketch.

"Grace? Honey, I was wondering if you had seen this man before?" he asked pushing the sketch across the table.

Grace’s heart raced, did he know? Was he toying with her? She looked into her husbands eyes and decided no, Sam was far to easy to read for that.

"No Sam, I’m sorry, I don’t think I do." She said evenly.

"Dang." Sam shook his head, baffled, the face was so familiar, almost like his own. Sam cursed himself he knew he should recognize it but something kept him from putting a name to the face. He flipped through the pages, leaving the sketch next to Grace and glancing at it occasionally.

Grace wondered if Sam really was a moron, looking right at the picture and obviously not seeing it was Harry, their dear friend for so many years, she shook her head, he had solved to many cases for that, in this case it seemed he was just blind because he cared so much he was blocking recognition. She would have laughed if she hadn’t been so scared. They were so close to both secrets, Grace couldn’t wait to hop on that plane at 7 and be out of Harmony Hell forever.

Grace reached for Sam’s coffee and grinned as an idea hit her she picked up his cup pretending to take a sip and as she handed it back tipped most of the scalding liquid over the sketch.

"OH! Oh Sam honey! I am so sorry!" Grace dramatically mopped up the coffee smearing the drawing more in the proc-ess.

Sam held back from yelling, his most important piece of evidence was now most certainly destroyed, in this case that was going to be a constant headache for him. He had planned to show the sketch to Luis that afternoon when he stopped by but now it seemed they would never get a break. He gently pushed Grace away wondering why she had to have been so clumsy just then.

"Well," he sighed, gathering up the rest of the undamaged papers, "I guess that means I will spend the rest of the day at the office seeing if I can’t track down a copy."

Grace let out a whoosh of air as he banged the door shut and she smiled at her own genius, now they were safe, unless her bitch of a daughter turned her in. Harry had said that there wouldn’t be a chance for that, he promised to take care of the brat in time.

Harry watched the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s welcome Kay and the baby into their home, tears and joy floating through the air. She wouldn’t be with the big PI all day, he thought as he settled back and took a bite of Grace’s tomato soup cake he had left over. He grimaced at the flavor but washed it down with boiling hot, thick coffee. First thing they would do he planned was get a decent cook.

Jessica was ecstatic after she told Kay and Luis, but she was a little worried about telling her father and she rubbed her damp hands on her shorts as she walked into the police station. She wondered why he was here again when he had planned to spend the day at home waiting for Kay and Luis to come by but she pushed the thoughts out of her mind as she opened his door and watched him beam at her as she walked in.

"Hey there Princess. How’s my baby today?" Sam was in a far better mood than he had been when he arrived, the sketch artist said she had a copy and she would be able to get it too him later that afternoon.

"Fine Daddy," Jessica said in a small voice. "Umm, Dad? I was wondering if I could talk to you for a sec? I mean are you busy or anything?"

"Never too busy for my darling daughters!" He said cheerfully.

Jessica swallowed hard and sank into one of the hard chairs across from Sam.

"Well, Dad, I love Reese," She began.

Sam felt a slight sinking in his stomach as she began talking, he had lost one daughter he hope he wasn’t losing an-other, even if it was just to a school far away or a man.

"Daddy, it’s just, .... Reese and I are getting married and I am going to have a baby." Jessica blurted out, her lip trembling as the color drained from Sam’s face.

"Daddy?" She asked when he didn’t respond.

"Umm, huh, well Jessica." He said unsure if he was happy or terrified or fit to kill.

"Daddy this is all I ever wanted, and you want me to be happy right?" Jessica pleaded.

"Of course I do." Sam replied, his head was spinning, he didn’t know if he could take another shock like that, two in two days. He walked around his desk and hugged his littlest baby tightly.

"Jess I will support you in whatever you want. I love you." He said thickly. He wondered if the day could be any more traumatic. He glanced over Jessica’s head at the clock. 10:30, yeah it would definitely be an interesting day.





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