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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 25

Ahnna was screaming her head off when Luis knocked on Kay’s door at 9:30 and in a moment of panic he nearly tore the door off the hinges to get to her. When the door swung open he stopped short of his latest effort and saw Kay looking very frustrated and asleep on her feet. He didn’t think at all as he reacted he swung her and Ahnna up into his arms and carried them both to the bed. Ahnna distracted by they new movement stopped her screaming and looked up at her dad red faced and curious. Luis sat next to Kay and brushed his hand over her forehead wondering if it had been like this a lot. It was his kid he reasoned she probably was as ornery as he was. No wonder Kay looked like the dead. He grinned thinking of Ahnna as she grew older and more stubborn, he wondered if they would make it, Kay’s genes and his? They didn’t stand a chance.

Kay sat up and pushed Luis away knowing if she rested now she wouldn’t make it through the day. She handed him Ahnna and shot him a funny look as she ducked into the shower.

She sang in the shower he remembered, he walked the room over and over his daughter in his arms. He grinned at her rendition of Dude Looks Like a Lady. He bet she still looked as good as she had a year ago, he thought then groaned at his reaction to the thought. He would have to keep thinking pure innocent thoughts about her if he wanted to appear to have a little self-control.

Kay was thinking of the year before as well, she remembered all the wonderful things Luis had introduced her to and all that he had given her before she had so cowardly run away. She remembered her shower with him and was forced to turn the water to cold to keep herself reasonable.

Kay cursed herself when she stepped out of the shower and realized once again she had forgotten her towel in the bed room, she climbed back into the shower hoping the frosted glass door was more of a shield that it seemed and shouted for Luis.

"Help! I forgot my towel!" she called through the door.

Luis chuckled and scooped up the towel in one arm, his daughter cradled against him. He knocked lightly on the door still laughing and nearly choked when he saw Kay peeking around the shower door. She obviously thought he couldn’t see straight through the glass. He bit back a groan as he walked closer the details of her naked flesh becoming pain-fully clear. Having Ahnna definitely didn’t hurt her figure, in fact he thought, if I’m not mistaken she just got a little more curvy in just the right places. He shoved the towel at her and flushed red as she noticed his state of arousal, she shot him a saucy grin before he could turn his back and return to the bedroom to pace off his arousal. Luis wondered just how long he could hold off from begging. As Kay came into the room flushed from her shower and combing her damp hair and looking fresher and more luscious than ever he decided it was only a matter of minutes.

"Kay" Luis said slightly sadly, "we better go."

‘But we have an hour before brunch with your family..." Kay started, she stopped as she caught Luis’ gaze running over her hotly and realized what he meant would happen if they stayed. She swallowed hard and half hoped he de-manded to stay, but she knew that wasn’t Luis’ way and she pulled her hair back in a messy braid and took Ahnna from his arms. As her skin brushed his she felt the familiar rush of heat and nerves flow through her body, she wondered if he still felt that way as they walked down the steps, Luis laden with baby toys and bags.

Jessica giggled at the sight from her hideaway across the lobby, she had been waiting for what seemed like forever to talk to her sister but had kindly waited thinking the new family deserved a little time alone.

Kay grinned at the sound of her little sisters laughter.

"Jess? You look happy today." Kay grinned at her hoping it meant what she thought it did. "You going to let us in on your secret?"

Jessica blushed furiously as Luis looked at her with his eyebrow cocked.

"Reese asked me to marry him!" She chirped.

Kay pulled her sister into an awkward but enthusiastic hug and they both grinned at the surprised look on Luis’ face.

"Congratulations Jess!" he said grinning and his head already full of a double wedding.

"Did you tell him?" Jess turned to her sister and whispered, "I told Reese, but the best thing is he asked me to marry him BEFORE I told him."

"Of course I didn’t tell Luis, Jess, it is your news, but I would be happy to shout it from the roof tops if you would like." Kay winked at her sister and hugged her again before Jessica dashed out of the hotel in search of the next to learn her exciting news.

Luis and Kay pulled up to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house fifteen minutes later Ahnna and all her gear in tow. Luis had called and asked his mother for an impromptu brunch for some "great news" and now he was like a little boy at show and tell, he couldn’t wait for his mother and younger brother to meet his daughter. He thought first about how they would react to that and then grinned nervously when he thought about his plan for after they ate. He couldn’t wait. It was starting out to be one of the best days of his life, he just hoped kay would feel the same way.

"Well," he grinned at Kay, "here goes!"

Kay shot him one terrified look before he turned and knocked on the door.





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