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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 24

Whitney tossed and turned on her bed, she had spent the entire day studying and should have been exhausted, instead her mind kept drifting to Noah and how she had kissed him that morning. She knew he hadn’t expected it, hell, she hadn’t either.

She let out a whine as she pushed herself out of bed. The nights were getting hotter, she wished she could have slept naked but knew her mother would have a fit, so she wore her tiniest sheerest pjs, they had been a gift from Theresa for her birthday last year, in hopes that she would seduce Chad. Boy would Theresa be surprised to know she was thinking about good ole Noah, not Chad. Whitney walked over to her window and wondered what she was doing as she flipped the lock and slide it open. She looked down, only a few feet over to the tree she thought, almost as though it were planned this way. She only gave her self a moments hesitation before she slid her leg out and hooked her arm over the limb. She cursed herself even as she did it and then wondered how exactly she planned to get back in as she shimmied down the trunk. She scraped up her palms and tore her top nearly in two. She held her breath as she felt her feet touch the ground and realized she had to be truly insane, she was out alone in the middle of the night, hardly dressed and she had no idea where Noah was in the first place.

"I guess that’s what they mean when they say look before you leap." She said aloud to herself.

Noah had been enjoying the show, although his heart nearly stopped when she slid one time. He had spent the better part of three hours parked across from the Russell house. He had no idea where else to go, but too much pride to go searching for Whitney. Kaylie had not been fun to deal with and Noah had spent the afternoon drinking at the only bar open in Harmony in the middle of the afternoon. He had stopped after the regulars came in hoping to find some young lady for company and comfort. He had given up when he realized he was comparing each one with Whitney. He had grabbed some coffee and driven aimlessly, well he thought it was aimless, until he kept passing her house. He had given in and had parked just after he saw Eve come home.

Whitney’s form was white in the dark, he laughed aloud when he first saw her swing out of her window and had loved watching her slide down the trunk. He had gotten out of his car noiselessly to follow her just in case there was any trouble. Where the hell could she be going now though, he wondered. He heard her talking to herself and realized she was planning on looking for him. He barely had time to think if he wanted her to find him now before she realized she wasn’t alone and whipped around to face him. He opened his mouth and raised his hand to her and she let out a puff of breath and then kicked him in the chest with all her might. Noah flew backwards and wondered what the hell hap-pened, she kicked him again, hard, in the side and he caught her ankle and yanked her feet out from under her just in time to prevent very serious damage to his groin. She opened her mouth to scream as Noah rolled her under him and clamped his hand over her mouth.

"WHITNEY! God." He hissed and then groaned. The woman was tough he decided while he tried to get his breath back she struggled under his hand for another second and the went totally limp. Noah lifted off her instantly horrified that he may have hurt her and then he let out a yelp as her knee came up between his legs, he moved in time to deflect most of the blow but she caught I him good enough to have him gasping for air.

"For Christ’s sake Whitney! Did you have to do THAT?" He managed as he rolled off her. He let the pain flow over him and he whimpered as she rose to her knees her hand drawn back to slap him.

He caught her hand and almost yelled when she seemed to suddenly realize he had been saying her name.

Whitney wondered for a second if it was a stalker and then she caught the familiar scent of Noah’s cologne.

"Noah?" She asked in a high pitched whisper.

"Yes, well I used to be," he groaned and dropped her arm.

"Oh! Noah I am so sorry, did I hurt you badly?" She was instantly concerned.

"No more than usual." He tried to sound light as he sat up and winced at the pain, it was just because she caught me unexpected he assured himself.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed once she realized he had to have been watching her.

"I could ask you the same thing, Bright Eyes." He said.

"I live here."

"On the lawn? In the middle of the night?" He asked laughing.

"Oh shut up!" She pouted, "I suppose you stalk all the girls who kiss you now?"

"Nope." He grinned thinking of her tiny kiss that morning. "Just you. Now what were you doing climbing out that win-dow? You could have ruined more than just your top."

Whitney blushed flame red and was grateful it was dark that he couldn’t see it. Her top was spilt open wide and she was certainly giving him a good show. She pulled it together and huffed as he pulled her over to his car.

"Get in before you are picked up for indecent exposure." Noah laughed again as Whitney cussed at him and slid into the car.

"So were you coming to look for me?" Noah asked gleefully when they were both settled.

"No—" Whitney started then realized it was impossible, she had no other even remotely good reason to be out. "Ok I was just worried maybe Kaylie had strangled you or maybe you tossed her off a bridge."

Noah laughed at her concern, it made his stomach flutter to think that she was going to wander around town like that for his safety. The girl was obviously nuts to think he would be the one needing protection after that.

"Whit, I am fine, Kaylie left town this morning, and if you ever think of wandering around town in the middle of the night again I am going to be strangling YOU." Noah said.

Whitney was about to mouth off about being an adult and mature and able to take care of herself when she heard the note of concern in his voice. She realized that perhaps it hadn’t been the most brilliant idea and she leaned over and patted Noah’s knee.

"Ok, I promise to never leave home without my knight in shining armor." She grinned at him.

Noah realized how close she was and that she wasn’t aware that her hand was still on his knee and he swallowed hard. He wondered if he kissed her whether he could dodge her slap. He smiled and decided to take his chances. His hands darted forward and pulled her to him, his lips capturing hers even as she began to protest.

Whitney knew she should stop him and she really had meant to but as his tongue slide over hers she felt a slither of pleasure run up and down her spine. She moan softly and gave herself to Noah in the kiss. She hadn’t felt like this be-fore, not when he had kissed her at school, that had been hard and hot and fast, and this morning it had been her kiss, soft, feathery and light, but this was both, light and hot and everything in between, she felt her heart falling into Noahs hands even as he pulled back half flinching from the expected slap.

Whitney was stunned, her body tense and humming from the tension of the kiss, she knew he expected her to run or fight and she didn’t want either, she wanted to kiss him again and as he caught his breath and stared at her waiting for her reaction Whitney leaned over and kissed him again, laughing against his mouth at the shock in his eyes.





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