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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 21

Whitney had been up for hours, she had risen at 4:30 and headed straight to the club to practice and by the time she had finished and spent an hour studying she was so antsy she found herself walking up the path to Noah’s house. She had no idea what had made her come there but as she stepped on the familiar stoop she wondered what in the world she would say. She raised her hand to knock and then stopped herself as a car screeched into the drive behind her. She jumped at the noise and tumbled off into the bushes. She felt them scratch her arms and bare legs and cursed herself as she tried to free herself of the bushes.

Noah hopped out of the car and spotted Whitney just as she crashed into his mothers rose bushes. He bet that hurt, he walked over to her quickly and offered her his hand. As expected she ignored it and as she stood picking briars out of her clothes he grinned.

"You ok?" He asked trying to keep the laughter out of his voice.

"I’m fine." She snapped back.

Noah shrugged and turned to open the door but Whitney stopped him with a hand on his arm.

"I need to talk to you." She said.

Noah was shocked, he nodded and followed her to his car, she climbed in and looked at him expectantly. He grinned and hopped in.

"I am starved I will buy us breakfast while you talk." He added as he zoomed back out of the drive. Whitney grabbed for her belt and hoped he was a safer driver than he appeared, at least there wasn’t a lot of traffic this early.

They reached the small cafe in record time and Whitney was out of the car before it had even stopped completely. She shook her head at him as he followed her in.

"I am walking home." She said as they made their way to a table.

Noah laughed at her and enjoyed the way her hips moved as she walked in front of him. He had no idea what made her change her mind and talk to him, probably she was going to blast him for being so forward and rude with his girlfriend right there in the cafe yesterday. He wished he had had the guts to break it off more thoroughly with Kaylie before now. She had been livid at the hotel ranting about him and a town full of little sluts. Noah’s head still ached. If he had more spine he would have told her to get lost but she pouted and pleaded as soon as he said anything like it and he couldn’t seem to say no to a beautiful woman.

Noah ordered them both a pile of food and laughed when Whitney sputtered at him again he leaned over to her and tugged a branch from her hair and smiled as he twirled it between his fingers. No woman had ever gotten to him the way Whitney did. She made him want to kiss her and piss her off in the same second so he could get just a touch of that passion in her to surface.

Whitney sighed, why did he have to be charming? Why did he have to turn out as the victim she wondered. She hated that he was being played even as she was annoyed that he was here with her, flirting. She sat back as the waitress brought their food and Noah chatted with her for a moment then she picked the fruit off her plate and set it on a sau-cer and pushed the rest of the food to Noah.

"Are you a bird?" Noah joked as he watched this. He piled his plate higher and poured a river of syrup over the whole thing before digging in.

"Noah, I needed to talk seriously with you." Whitney finally said. His food was making her ill. Syrup on eggs she thought as she sipped at her juice, ugh.

Noah looked up at her noting the serious expression in her eyes.

"What is it Bright-Eyes?" He asked.

Whitney shivered inside at the endearment, she blushed as he stared at her.

" It’s about Kaylie," she began and saw his expression darken, " and Mindy Hawthorne, you remember her?"

Noah swallowed and nodded. His face grim now.

"I was Mindy’s roommate last year, and I was at the club after a workout yesterday and I heard her voice. I was going to say hi but then I heard her mention you. She hated you, you broke her heart, so I wondered what she was going to say. I sat there and listened." Whitney blushed again for admitting to eavesdropping. She took another drink of juice and told Noah all she had heard.

Noah was feeling sick himself when Whitney had finished.

"I knew Mindy was cheating, but I didn’t think Kaylie had it in her," He said roughly, "fat lot I know." He laughed bit-terly.

No wonder Kaylie doesn’t want me to leave, I am the perfect cover for her family, a harmless boyfriend while she is screwing a dealer. Noah pushed away from the table, he tossed down some money and stalked to the car. The waitress gave Whitney a sympathetic look as she dashed after him, obviously thinking they were a couple having problems.

"Noah! Wait." She called after him.

Noah slammed his door shut and revved the engine but waited as Whitney climbed in before he tore out of the parking lot.

"I’ll take you home, I need to go take care of something," he growled.

Whitney put a hand on the dash to steady herself as Noah drove and she studied his face. There was anger there cer-tainly, and bitterness, and Whitney was surprised to find a look of sadness in his eyes. She realized although it was ob-vious he hadn’t loved Kaylie he had trusted and cared about her and finding this out was a blow. Whitney nearly flew through the windshield as he stopped but she didn’t move to get out.

Noah glared over at him hating that she was the one who told him this and that she had to be a part of it.

"Get out!" He growled.

Whitney shook her head and leaned towards him hoping she could help. She put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed it gently.

"Noah, I’m sorry." She said.

"Why? It wasn’t your fault I can’t pick a woman." He replied bitterly.

"No I am sorry I assumed the worst about you." She said softly. She thought about the way he had been with her before and she realized how dumb she had been.

"I know you need to deal with this," she said, " but maybe we could go to breakfast agin sometime?"

Noah looked at her stunned. She was asking him out. He saw the nervousness written across her face and he almost smiled before he remembered what he had to do. He managed a nod as she climbed out of the car.

Whitney’s pulse was skittish as she walked around the car, she glanced back and saw Noah still watching her and she made up her mind. She walked to his window and motioned for him to roll it down.

Noah did and he started to ask her what she wanted when she leaned in and pressed her lips softly to his. It was barely a kiss, just her lips touching his, light and quick, but a kiss nonetheless, and one that was her idea. Noah couldn’t even speak, his senses clouded with her taste and scent as she turned and dashed into her house. He grinned stupidly as he backed out of the drive, all his thoughts of Whitney at that moment.





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