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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 18

Whitney could hardly keep from squirming out of her chair, she hated being this close to Noah. He still smelled the same as he had that night, his cologne and soap making her want to melt. She couldn’t believe her luck, he was sitting right next to her his latest bimbo and all. Theresa was chattering and the woman next to him was doing her best to look rich and bored. She hated the way he got right under her skin and she hadn’t been able to even look at another guy because all the feelings she had felt when he kissed her would flood back. She tried to stop glaring and pay atten-tion to whatever Theresa was saying but kept catching herself looking at Noah. Thankfully the redhead hadn’t caught on yet and was making noises like they would leave. Whitney tried to keep from feeling the disappointment twinge in her chest. She knew Noah was a womanizer, way to cocky and he had proven it when he had kissed her now she was holding firm to that belief and she relaxed visibly when he stood to go. He hugged Theresa and received a vicious glare from Kaylie before he turned to Whitney. She tried to avoid his gaze but he just stepped over and hugged her anyway. She tensed in his arms and tried to push back the flood of emotions as he whispered in her ear.

"I never stop thinking about you."

Whitney hugged him back lightly and felt like weeping when he pulled back, the red head latching onto his arm in-stantly. Why did he have to say that, she thought angrily as she watched them leave.

Grace had spent the last year being the model wife and squirreling away every penny she got her hands on. She had laughed with Harry when they had talked about how Sam was wondering where their savings was going but Grace’s lit-tle excuses put him off over and over. She had been terrified that Kay would return right away and blow everything that she and Harry had spent over 20 years planning. Her luck had held so far and her plans were almost set, she and Harry would just disappear. She couldn’t wait.

Sam walked through the living room once again wondering where his mothers gold candlesticks had gone. He knew things were disappearing around the house but he couldn’t think of any reason why. He had nearly accused Jessica of taking them so she could have spending money but had quickly realized the stupidity of they thought and kept quiet.

Grace was in the kitchen again he knew baking or something he thought, she would put him off again if he wanted to show her some affection he thought and he turned to head out the door and down to the station. Their marriage hadn’t been the same since Kay had left. He was thinking of Kay as he opened the door and was shocked to see her standing right in front of him. She was flanked by his oldest son Noah to one side and by Luis on the other. Sam stood dumb-founded.

"Kay? Katherine?" He asked as he wrapped his daughter in his arms. Kay yelped at he tried to hug her tighter and Luis shoved him back and turned to Kay looking concerned. She grinned and shook her head at Luis before she turned back to her father.

"Daddy," She smiled up at him, " this is your granddaughter Ahnna."

Sam looked down and spotted the tiny baby in her arms. He shook his head wondering if he had heard right.

"Ahnna? Granddaughter?" Sam looked furious and delighted in the same second.

"Oh Kay." Tears threatened as he embraced her again more gently. Sam couldn’t believe it. His baby girl was holding her own baby girl. He couldn’t believe she was here in his arms again he had feared the worst when she had vanished and he had been terrified she would never be here with him again. His relief switched to fears for the future but he stopped them before he could voice any and ruin the moment. He turned to hug his son and jerked back at the sound of his wife’s voice.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Grace’s furious voice cut through them all as she shot her daughter a look that could kill.

Luis and Noah both turned protectively toward Kay and Sam stood staring at his wife stunned at her behavior.

Kay stepped around her brother and Luis and glared back at her mother.

"I’m home Grace." She said.

Grace whirled on her heel and walked into ht kitchen and right out the back door. Luis and Noah glanced at each other shocked and Sam took one step after her then turned back and pulled Kay into his arms.

"Welcome home, baby." Sam said.

Grace’s mind raced furiously as she almost ran to Harry’s hotel. Kay was back and too soon. She had no idea how soon she would tell Sam but she realized that if she did Grace would just have to lie effectively until the last of the money was worked out. It couldn’t be that hard to keep Sam in the dark a few more days. She had almost calmed down com-pletely by the time she reached Harry’s and she slid in the door and right into bed with him planning on how to make the whole town see her daughter as a slut and a liar.





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