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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 17

Theresa cursed herself as she walked slowly down the stairs carrying the wiggling baby in her arms. Her timing had al-ways been poor. She hoped that Kay had at least had the time to mention to Luis that he had a daughter before she opened her own big mouth. She paused outside the door and watched Kay and Luis sit together on the couch, Kay was telling Luis about Seattle and the life she had been living there for the last year. Theresa was curious herself but knew that the first order of business was to introduce Luis to Ahnna. She cleared her throat and both dark heads flew up and looked to her.

"Luis, this is Ahnna." Theresa told her brother as Kay took her out of her arms. Kay brought her to the couch and sat next to Luis holding Ahnna close.

"I am sorry you missed so much so far but it was only three months, and now you can have a whole lifetime," Kay said softly.

"This is your daddy," She whispered to Ahnna who’s deep brown eyes were open and curious. "Luis meet Ahnna Lousia Lopez-Fitzgerald."

Luis couldn’t stop smiling, his daughter was perfect, she had a sprinkling of light brown hair and his eyes, he hoped she would have Kay’s nose and her smile. He reached tentatively over and smoothed down her hair. Kay let out a breath of relief at his obvious pleasure she motioned for him to hold out his arms and she passed their daughter to him. Luis didn’t know you could love a person so much so fast, it was absolute and the power of it was enough to make him cry. He had only loved one other person like this, completely and endlessly, and instantly, that was this little darlings mother. He looked from his daughter to Kay and saw tears in her own eyes, he knew he couldn’t live without her and that it would be harder now than ever but there was no way he was letting her go this time.

Theresa’s face was wet with tears as she turned to leave the little family alone, she stumbled out into the lobby snif-fling and wiping her face dry, she fumbled in her purse for a tissue and ran head long into a hard body.

"Ohff" She let out a breath as she landed solid on her rear. She glanced up to see how the other victim fared. "I am so sorry..." She began.

"Theresa?" The man asked. "Is that little Theresa the terror?"

"Oh, Noah! Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in ten years!" Theresa pulled herself off the floor and hugged her friend.

"You certainly look different." Noah said grinning and taking a long look over her.

"So do you," Theresa grinned at his obvious approval. She didn’t know if she had seen a more handsome man herself, well except Ethan. Noah linked his arm through hers and started to pull her to the elevator.

"You want to come see Kay?" He asked.

"Noah, I think you should stop dragging me around like I am still 8." Theresa laughed, "and Kay isn’t in her room."

"Where is she then?" He asked, "I hoped I could get here in time to give her some support when she takes Ahnna to the family. Not to mention your brother."

"Well you are a little late for the Luis part but I am sure she will be thrilled to have you there for the big blow-out at your house." Theresa told him. "She is in the lounge over there with Luis and Ahnna... but I wouldn’t interrupt!" She added as he walked away.

Noah stopped just outside the door and watched as Kay talked to Luis and he cradled their daughter.

"I guess she doesn’t need my help there. Luis adores Ahnna already it is written all over his face." Noah grinned, he was relived that he didn’t have to worry about Kay quite as much now.

He turned back to Theresa and studied her. She had changed so much he thought. He walked over and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her firmly on the mouth. Theresa giggled and hugged him back and they were just breaking apart when the door swung open. Noah sucked in a breath and Theresa felt him tense and she turned to look who had entered. She was faced with a livid red head. Stunningly beautiful and mad as hell, Theresa thought.

"Kaylie, I told you to wait at the hotel." Noah said as he slid away from Theresa. Kaylie shot Theresa a look that would have sliced her in two as she stood inside the door. As Noah stepped closer the angry gaze became a pout and Noah babbled about being old friends and baby don’t be mad. Theresa was surprised he wasn’t crawling. She covered her laugh as Noah took the woman in his arms and kissed her and whispered to her.

She nodded and Noah turned back obvious relief plaster on his face.

"Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, this is my magnificent girlfriend Kaylie Horne. Kaylie this is Theresa. A friend of the fam-ily." Noah said.

Kaylie nodded coolly and turned back to Noah as Theresa held out her hand.

"Pookie, I was so BOR-ed at the hotel. Can’t I meet this little sister of yours who is causing so many problems?" She pouted. Noah had to stop himself from agreeing instantly.

"She is a little busy right now darling," he said, "I don’t think we should interrupt, why don’t I buy you a nice latte?" He ushered her out the door glancing back at Theresa apologetically.

Theresa followed them out and waited until they had climbed into a car and sped away before she burst out laughing.

She was still grinning when she walked into the Book Cafe. She spotted Whitney at a table in the corner engrossed in a book on bones. Theresa ordered a cup of tea and walked over to her friend.

"Whit I have had the best last few days in my entire life."

"Theresa? God I didn’t even see you come in." Whitney was thrilled that her friend was out and about, she had practi-cally become a hermit the last year. "So, spill it."

Theresa told Whitney about running into Ethan and Gwen’s leaving him and glazed over the rest of it, but Whitney was smart enough to know what Theresa left out and could barely keep her jaw from dropping. Theresa blushed as her friend demanded details and she gave a few mentioning only that she didn’t expect anything because Ethan’s priority was Liam. She was just finishing telling her about Kay’s return and Ahnna and Luis when Whitney let out a short yelp. Theresa followed her gaze and saw that Noah and Kaylie had just walked in. Theresa grinned at Noah and waved him over as he spotted her. Whitney kicked her under the table.

"I can’t STAND Noah Bennett!" Whitney said under her breath as he walked up to their table, supermodel in tow.

Theresa shrugged and mouthed "sorry" as Noah plopped down next to Whitney and Kaylie sniffed at the books Whitney had been studying.

Whitney had finished her first year of school and was back for the summer to work with her mother at the hospital, she had eased up on tennis after her father had moved to Colorado in his anger at Eve. Eve’s secret past had come out and T.C. had flipped divorcing her and moving to a small town in Colorado where he said they still had morals. Simone had gone with him but come back only a few months before miserable and ready to be on her own. Whitney had gone to college and decided to become a physical therapist. Theresa had been thrilled for her friend but hadn’t even been able to comfort or congratulate her through her own misery. She was glad to see Whitney do so well.

"So... Ummm.." Theresa sought for a topic that could be safe, " Whitney this is Kaylie, Noah’s girlfriend."

Whitney gave the woman a cool glance and then glared at Noah.

"Wonderful." She said.

Noah hadn’t been able to think straight since they sat down. Seeing Theresa had been a great surprise but sitting across from Whitney was pure Hell. He would have bet she had never told anyone about their past, he remembered the first time he had run into her at a party. She had looked heavenly and wouldn’t have given him the time of day. He had just broken up with a girl that turned out to be Whitney’s roommate and the cold shoulder was in effect. He had fol-lowed her around recounting stories of their childhood and Whitney had managed to hide any emotion until Noah grew fed up and had simply grabbed her and kissed her. She had slapped him good and Noah knew from that second he was hooked.





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