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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 12

Luis awoke just as the morning light hit his windows and reached for Kay. The bed was empty he realized, and cold, he tilted his head listening to hear her then spotted a piece of paper on the pillow. Luis, I love you, but we can’t go on like this. I will love you forever. Kay

Luis’ heart pounded as he flew out of bed. She had left him. See Luis he thought, you knew you were never enough. He flipped over the note and read the back, an acceptance letter from Berkeley, she wasn’t just leaving him she was leaving Harmony. He threw on his clothes and rushed out the door hoping it wasn’t too early to wake up the Bennett household because he would be damned if he just let her walk away without a fight.

Kay threw her clothes on the bed and shoveled them into a bag, she grabbed her purse and thought about leaving her dad a note but then looked at the time and ducked out of the house mentally promising to call as soon as she got to Washington. Kay had decided on her run home that she couldn’t bare to be in Harmony any longer, her mother was cheating on her father, Miguel and Charity were more nauseating than ever and what made her shrink inside was the idea of Luis with Beth or anyone else. She used her Dad’s credit card to buy a ticket to California and then while she waited for the flight she ran to the bank and cleared out her college fund so she could make it to Washington and find a place to live. She knew she wouldn’t make it if she told anyone good-bye so when her flight was called she felt re-lieved and miserable. She waved a silent good-bye to everyone as they rose above Harmony and she wept quietly as she thought of a life without Luis.

Luis was on a rampage as he reached the Bennett house. He pounded on the door until Sam had stumbled downstairs and shouted at him. Seeing Luis he apologized and was instantly cut off by his angry demands.

"Where is she?" Luis shouted.

Jessica stood at the top of the steps having just snuck-in and Charity was walking up the path as Luis pushed past Sam and roared for Kay.

"Kay?" Sam asked dazed, "Kay stayed at Simone’s, what is wrong? Does Miguel need her?"

"No." Luis ground out, "I need her. Sam, I am in love with Kay and she loves me and she was NOT at Simone’s she was at my apartment, that is until she snuck out in the middle of the night."

Jessica’s jaw dropped and she sat down hard on the stairs Grace who had come up behind her looked faint and Charity tried her hardest to disappear as what Luis had just said sunk in and Sam’s face became a mottled red and he swung at Luis with all his might.

"MY DAUGHTER?! Luis you cannot love MY DAUGHTER. And what the FUCK do you mean she stayed at your apartment last night, because if it means what I think it does I am going to fucking kill you." Sam ranted.

Luis’ head snapped back from the punch as he tried to focus on what Sam was yelling and he shoved him away as he stormed up the stairs to Kay’s bedroom.

"KAY!?" He called desperately.

Sam followed him up the stairs yelling about love and trust and how his baby was too young for that and if he ever saw Luis near her he would kill him. He stopped short at the sight of his daughter’s room. No clothes tossed on the floor or makeup strewn everywhere half of the room was nearly bare he clutched his heart at the thought of his daughter being gone. Luis threw what was left of her clothes off the bed and tore apart nearly half the room before Grace’s shouts to stop made him pause. Luis turned to face her hatred in his gaze.

"YOU, You made her leave, you sent away the one thing I have to live for." He yelled directly into Grace’s face.

He held himself back as Sam turned to his wife and recalled the day before and felt fresh fury wash over him.

"Grace, I think you should go back to bed. I don’t want to talk to you, I need to find my daughter." Sam said.

Sam shoved Luis out of his way and grabbed his keys as he headed to the station to put out an APB on Kay. Luis went to follow him but seeing the anger and hurt in his eyes stopped and took a breath and headed instead to his own car. He was half-way there when he spotted Charity.

"Charity, I know you were with Miguel, I need to know if you know where Kay went?" Luis pleaded.

Charity shook her head and went to reach out for him but he was already gone. Luis jumped in his car and sped to the airport, flashing his id and demanding to know what plane Kay Bennett was on. After 20 minutes of procedure and threats he learned she had taken a direct flight to San Francisco and left only one hour before. He booked the next flight and went to a pay phone to call Sam. Sam told him he had booked his own seat and there was no need for Luis to go, but Luis brushed him off and hung up. He waited impatiently as the passenger came and went think that every mi-nute put Kay further away.

Sam arrived just as the flight was called and was unfortunately seated across from Luis. He shot Luis a glare and con-centrated his thoughts on finding Kay not about what this man and his baby had been doing. Luis looked at Sam’s hag-gard appearance and realized that he too was terrified of losing Kay. Luis motioned to the woman in the seat between them and asked to exchange knowing he needed to let Sam know his intentions towards Kay.

Luis switched seats and turned to Sam rubbing the bruise on his jaw as he did. Sam looked at him coldly and suggested he move if he valued his life.

"No." Luis said. He shifted and reached into his pocket and handed a small box to Sam .

"What the hell is this?" Sam asked, he opened the box and saw the ring inside, a delicate twist of silver and gold with a large stone, perfect for Kay he thought. He looked at Luis and for the first time noticed the fear in his eyes and the hurt etched into his face.

"I love her Sam." Luis said roughly. "I can’t live without her, even for you."

Sam felt his anger lessen as he saw the truth to Luis’ words.

"So you want to marry her?" He asked, "You know she is too good for you, right?"

"I know, but I love her too much to let her go." Luis replied, fresh pain in his voice.

Sam nodded and handed the box back to Luis.

"Make her happy or I will kill you, and we can deal with all this after we find her." Sam added as he turned to gaze out the window and resign himself to Luis and Kay.





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