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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 11

Theresa excused herself from the table, dinner was wonderful, it was so rare they all ate together anymore that this was a real treat, even if you could feel the tension between Kay and Luis. Miguel and Charity talked about the wedding and had asked that Kay be the maid of honor and Luis the best man, Pilar smiled often and remembered what it had been like when she and Martin had been planning their own wedding. Theresa watched Kay and saw the obvious love and heartache when she looked at Luis and saw mirrored expressions on Luis’ face. She smiled at how much they loved one another but felt concerned at the idea of them together, Kay was seven years younger, only 18 and Sam would probably freak out if he knew about them. Theresa had managed to get them seated next to each other and as she ducked in the bathroom she was thrilled to see both Kay and Charity following.

"Kay, how have you been?" She asked.

Kay looked up, surprised Theresa was even speaking to her, they had never gotten along very well and she was the last person she needed to deal with tonight. She had wandered around for hours and finally returned home with a couple shopping bags and far more depressed than she had been when she left.

"Theresa, hi. I’ve been ok." Kay said after a moment.

"Good." Theresa grinned, she turned to the mirror, "So, ummm, you got anyone special in your life?"

"Yes -- no, well I think he’s special but I doubt he feels the way I do..." Kay blurted out before she could stop herself.

"Really? What makes you think that?" Theresa asked as innocently as she could.

Kay cursed herself as she thought of how to reply, Theresa didn’t know about them did she?

"Well he is older, and he is wonderful but I know I am just some stupid fling to him..." Kay finally said. Charity walked into the restroom and spotted Kay and Theresa talking at the mirror.

"Kay? How are you doing? You look kind of ... down tonight." Charity said, she had been wondering at the looks Luis and Kay were shooting each other. They should be deliriously happy Charity thought but somehow they just looked tor-tured.

"Oh, Kay I told Grace that we were staying at Simone’s again tonight..." Charity blushed.

Theresa looked at Charity, she had never been very friendly with Simone, she thought for a minute then laughed at herself, Charity couldn’t be sleeping with Miguel, there was no way. She caught a look between Kay and Charity, Theresa’s face flushed as she realized that that was exactly what was happening and if Charity was lying then Kay was as well and that meant.... Oh God, Theresa thought, I am going to be the only virgin left in Harmony at this rate.

Theresa smiled at Kay as she turned from the mirror. Kay looked different tonight, more adult, more scared, even though she was only months older than Kay she felt motherly toward her now that she realized she did truly love Luis. I will just have to see if I can help them she thought as they made their way back to the table.

Kay sighed as they left the restaurant, Luis offered her a ride home and Charity left with the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. She climbed into Luis’ car and waited while he said goodnight to everyone and climbed in beside her. She relaxed a little as Luis reached for her hand and then asked if she would come home with him instead. She nodded and leaned back against the seat her eyes falling on the leaf pinned to the visor. If only it were that easy she thought.

They pulled up to his apartment and he glanced over at her knowing tonight was going to be different from their other time together. Luis leaned over and kissed her gently.

"I love you more than anything Kay." He said as they got out of the car. He took her hand and led her inside.

"I love you too," she replied.

Kay scanned the rooms she had become familiar with and noticed a letter laying out on the table, Luis ducked into the kitchen to get drinks and Kay walked over to the letter, very feminine handwriting she noted and guiltily read a section of it.

Luis, I still love you more than I could have ever imagined... I never stopped loving you and I know now we can be to-gether... You don’t love Sheridan I can see it, I know you feel the way I do. Don’t let our second chance pass us by...meet me soon, tomorrow, tonight and let me show you how good we can be together... Beth

Kay’s heart pounded as she read. Beth, of course everyone knew Beth and Luis had been together in high school, but this was a recent note. Kay glanced at the door Luis had ducked through. Was he thinking of meeting her? Did he love her? Kay wondered. The pain at the thought cut through her like a knife. Luis and another woman, she thought, her breath caught, I knew I was never enough for him. A hot tear rolled down her cheek and she kicked over her purse she had dropped on the floor as she spun around. She knew she should give him the chance to explain but she couldn’t stand it. She fell into his arms and kissed him with all the passion in her being.

Luis held Kay tightly to him. He kissed her back letting all his anger and fear and joy flow loose and fade into just pure love. He lifted her against him and set her on the new table he had brought in just today. He knew he should at least take her to the bed but he could make his legs obey and he kissed her hard and ran his hands over her curves as she writhed against him.

Kay need him, now. She yanked his shirt back and off his shoulders popping off two buttons as she did, Luis growled in pleasure and surprise. He kissed her neck and tore her shirt off he kissed and bit down her neck and took her nipple into his hot, hungry mouth. He tasted her sweet skin as she pushed against him. She fisted her hands in his hair as he captured the other nipple and the knelt in front of her. he lifted her hips and the thin fabric of her panties tore in his hands. She gasped and then shouted as his tongue touched her. Luis moaned at the taste of her and knew he would die without her with him everyday. He could never let her go he thought. He tilted his eyes up and watched her face as pleasure washed over her. She arched off the table and dug her nails into his back, Luis barely felt the little pricks of pain as her nails broke his skin. He felt her tremble against his lips and then as he felt her start to come he stood and ripped off his jeans and plunged into her. He slammed her against the table and she cried out as the strokes grew harder and faster and she felt herself fall away into bliss. Luis grunted as he pumped and felt her tighten against him he knew he was lost as she whispered his name and pulled him closer and he poured himself into her.

Luis lifted his head off her breast as soon as he was able to breathe again and realized he was smashing her into the hard table. He lifted her, still buried deep inside and carried her to the bed. She was limp in his arms and he again worried he had hurt her. He looked at her face and saw a small satisfied smile and rolled her over on top of him and let sleep claim him, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Kay awoke a few hours later and pulled herself away from his grasp. The pain at the thought of him with Beth still ate at her heart. She knew she didn’t deserve him but letting him go would kill her. She thought of their passion earlier and shivered with delight but she knew he deserved more, he deserved his freedom. Kay slipped out of bed and dressed silently, she rummaged through her purse and found a piece of paper and wrote a quick note before she slid out the door and let the tears flow free as she ran through the dark streets.





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