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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 10

Luis paced furiously across his mother’s living room, he had been livid when he left the Bennett’s it was all he could do to keep from strangling Grace and Harry as he left. He had come to his mothers to pick up the last of his stuff and to work off some of the anger, however that plan was cut short when he had passed Theresa’s bedroom and found her there, with Ethan Crane. Luis’ vision turned red as he thought of the young Crane alone with his baby sister and he had hauled Ethan up by the collar and practically thrown him down the stairs before he realized that was exactly how Sam was going to react to his own relationship with Kay. Through his friendship with Sheridan over the last months Luis had been able to accept Ethan as a person, not just a Crane, but the idea of his marrying Theresa was very different from actually seeing him paw her in her own bed. Luis had only just resigned himself to the idea of Theresa and Ethan as a couple when they announced they were getting married and Luis was struggling. Theresa would never have sex with him before they are married he swore to himself as he paced. Yeah right Luis, he thought bitterly, just like you wouldn’t take advantage of Kay. Thoughts of Kay pushed his worry over Theresa out of his mind for a moment and he decided as soon as he was able to speak without yelling he would go and take her away from her horrible mother. He turned abruptly and tossed himself down on the couch resting his head on his hands wishing for just one second life would be simple.

Theresa wrapped her arms around Ethan. He had held her while she poured out her heart, her worries about Luis and how if he could only find love he would understand, her fears that something else would come between them and her joy at finally being with the man she loved. Ethan sighed as he thought about the future with this woman, she is so full of life, he thought. Theresa brought out a part of him he never knew he had and now that he finally realized that he would never let her go. Ethan thought of Gwen’s phone call late last night, she had called crying, again. It was be-coming a ritual, one or two in the morning she would call and talk about their past and the intimate moments and se-crets they had shared and Ethan would try like mad to get off the phone but would inevitably be delayed by another burst of tears from Gwen. Ethan knew Theresa would start wondering about the calls when she realized how tired he had been lately and he had planned to meet Gwen tonight to ask her gently to stop and hopefully convince her to move on with her life. He looked at his watch then pressed a kiss into Theresa’s hair as he shifted away to rise.

"I love you Resa, I’m sorry that Luis got so angry, but he didn’t hurt me and I know I would have wanted to kill some guy in my little sister’s bedroom, so you should take that as a good sign." Ethan said.

"Yeah," Theresa sighed. She stood and kissed Ethan lightly relieved to be in his arms. She shivered as she let go, "Ethan I love you too, promise it will be all right?"

"Of course it will, I will call you when I get home and we can talk about a wedding date. Love you." Ethan said as they walked to his car.

"You too, drive carefully." Theresa kissed him again and waved as he pulled from the curb. She turned to go back into the house wrapping her arms around herself in the fading sun to shake of her fears.

Luis was sitting on the couch mumbling to himself as she stepped into the kitchen, Theresa looked in at her brother worriedly. Luis had been more and more distracted the last week she had noticed. Theresa leaned against the doorway and watched Luis as he berated himself for loving some girl. She caught bits and pieces of what he was mumbling about her never wanting him forever and how dumb thinking he could ask her to marry him was. Theresa barely held back a shout of joy at the thought of her big brother in love. She strained to her hoping to catch a name, knowing Luis would clam up if she asked. Her mind raced with women it could be as she held her breath, Sheridan? Beth? She hoped it was one of them, she liked them both and Ethan would be ecstatic if Sheridan found someone to really love. She leaned in closer trying not to make a sound and nearly fell into a lamp when she thought she heard him mumble Kay. The lamp wobbled and Luis jerked his head up at the noise and glared at Theresa, who by the stricken look on her face had just heard what he had said. Great, he thought, I guess now we really have to talk.

"Theresa," Luis sighed, "I didn’t hear you come in."

"Obviously," Theresa replied. "So Luis do you have some thing to tell me?"

"I guess now I have to, don’t I?" he said.

"A few weeks ago I bumped into Kay and I realized for the first time what she really is like inside, I saw why Miguel has always adored her and why Mama loves her like her own, Kay has such a great heart and she is so beautiful inside and out," Luis said, "actually she reminds me of you sometimes. Maybe a little less dreamy, but noble and sweet."

Theresa’s eye grew huge and she couldn’t speak, she and Kay had never gotten along well because when they were lit-tle Kay and Miguel had stolen Theresa’s clothes when she went skinny-dipping and she had been forced to walk home completely naked. Luis felt this way? Theresa had always thought perhaps Miguel and Kay would fall in love but Luis and Kay was such a strange idea to her she could barely understand it.

"Theresa, I love her." Luis said, his voice strained.

Theresa moved to the couch and put her arms around her brother. She had never been in the position of consoling her brother before he had always seemed so much older and so invincible. Now Kay, KAY had him nearly in tears for just being alive. Theresa didn’t know what to say, she realized that Luis could now understand her own relationship with Ethan so much better, because Kay was also nearly unattainable to him.

"Luis? Does she know you love her?" Theresa asked hesitantly.

"Yes she does, she knows I want forever, or if she doesn’t she should, I just know I am not enough for her." He said miserably.

"Luis! Of course you are, any woman would be blessed to have you in their life let alone to have you love them." Theresa insisted. She patted his shoulder and they lapsed into silence, Theresa had a million questions but knew she could never ask them. They sat together until the door opened and they heard Pilar’s voice followed by Miguel and then Charity.

"Hijos!" Pilar called, "Luis? Theresa?"

"In here Mama," Luis called back, pulling back and sighing as the trio stepped into the dark living room. Pilar snapped on several lamps and turned to the kitchen to start supper before Miguel touched her arm and asked her to sit as a family for a moment. Pilar looked at her youngest son curiously but sat next to Luis.

"Mama, everybody..." Miguel said nervously, "Charity and I have something to tell you."

Charity beamed and reached for Miguel’s hand nervous and excited. Theresa noticed the ring on her finger as she did and smiled at the thought of them all being in love, maybe if Kay and Luis work it out we can have a triple wedding she thought.

"Charity and I are getting married!" Miguel grinned. Pilar leapt up from the couch and hugged her son then smiled at Charity and hugged her as well.

"Miguel, hijo, I am so happy for you both." Pilar sniffed back tears, two of her children were happy and in love she thought glancing at Luis, now if he could just find love everything would be perfect. Martin, I wish you could see your children, she thought for what seemed like the millionth time. She pushed back sad thoughts as Theresa hugged Miguel and Charity and then slid her arm around Pilar’s waist. Luis stood and shook Miguel’s hand and lightly kissed Charity’s cheek before he congratulated them, his thought on how Kay would be crushed by this announcement.

"Let’s got out and celebrate!" He declared, "Lobster Shack? It isn’t everyday my little brother gets engaged." Luis forced a smile as everyone agreed.

"Luis, would it be ok if we invited Kay?" Miguel asked. "We need to ask her if she will be the maid of honor. And this would be a great time to do it."

Theresa’s eyes flew to Luis’ face as his smile wavered and then he nodded.

"Kay is always welcome Miguel." He replied. If only she could love me and want me the way she always wanted you, he thought.





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