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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 9

Kay looked up at her parents window waiting to hear something that signified that Harry and Grace had been caught. She sighed as she looked at her watch, Dad got home over an hour ago she thought, this is pointless, they obviously wiggled out of it. She leaned back against a tree enjoying the shade as the day began to heat up. Simone was off at the Book Cafe with Whitney trying to keep some space between Whitney and Chad, and Jessica and Charity had run off to the beach with Miguel and Reese and would be gone all after noon. Kay was curious about Miguel and Charity and if they had done the deed not to mention if Miguel had popped the question but she had barely even seen Charity and Miguel since the day before. Kay closed her eyes and daydreamed about another night with Luis, why can’t he be happy with this for a while she thought miserably as she remembered his hurt look at her insisting on another week.

Luis looked at Kay as he stepped into the Bennett’s yard. Obviously her plan wasn’t going well, Luis made up his mind to ask her to explain it better as he walked over. his heart ached at the sight of her. She wore a white tank top and a pair of teeny tiny shorts and her hair was smooth over her shoulders. Luis wondered how he had ever not noticed her. He reached out to caress her face and as Sam leaned out his window and called to him he jammed his hands in his pockets. He felt the ring box he had tucked there as he did and felt guilt well up inside him as Sam invited him in and asked him to wake up his "baby girl" before she got burned. Luis nodded and laughed at himself for even thinking he could give Kay a ring. It had been a week and she was probably already planning to move on, head off to college, into the world. He gently shook Kay’s shoulder and smiled at her as she slowly opened her eyes. He held her back as she reached for him, nodding toward the window where her father grinned down at them. She sighed and pushed herself up and followed Luis into the house.

Luis ducked down as they moved out of sight and placed a quick light kiss on Kay’s lips before they stepped up to the door. Kay smiled, relieved her frustration with her parents forgotten for a brief moment while just enjoyed being with Luis. He saw the worry in her eyes and whispered in her ear as they walked through the empty living room for her to tell him about it later. She nodded and let go of his hand as they walked into the kitchen.

"Hi Sam, Grace, Mr. Winslowe..." Luis said.

"Luis, would you like a cup of coffee?" Sam offered.

Luis was about to refuse as he saw Harry rake his eyes over Kay’s tiny outfit and he practically licked his chops. Harry pulled out the chair closest too him and gestured for Kay to sit down.

"Yes, thanks." Luis ground out as he pulled out two chairs opposite Harry and pulled Kay down into one. He glared at Harry’s disappointed look and then turned to accept a cup from Grace. He was shocked at what he saw in her eyes, she was staring at her daughter with a look of pure hatred and jealousy. Grace? Jealous of Harry’s attention to Kay? Luis’ brain refused to accept it but he was forced to look at Grace again as she spoke.

"Katherine, must you walk around town dressed like a whore? Go change immediately!" Grace snapped.

Sam’s head whipped around and he stared at his wife, then at his daughter. Kay’s eyes were bright and her cheeks flushed hotly, fury made her tense and Luis wanted to wrap her in his arms and take her away from her mother.

Luis was barely able to stop the vicious curses that wanted to fly out of his mouth, but Kay patted his leg under the ta-ble, controlling her own anger and quickly stood and left the room without a word. Sam stood with his mouth hanging open unbelieving of what just happened.

"Grace? How could you say that about Kay?" He asked quietly as he followed his daughter out of the kitchen.

"Well..." Luis cleared his throat, "I think I better be going."

"Kay?" Sam knocked lightly on his daughters door. "Kay, honey can I talk to you?"

The door opened slowly and Kay stepped back to let him come in. Sam glanced around the room and noted the piles of clothes and make up and gingerly sat on Jessica’s bed.

"Kay, your mom is under a lot of stress lately, with the store and Charity and everything, I am sure she didn’t mean it." Sam said.

"It’s ok Dad, it isn’t your fault. I guess Mom and I still don’t really get along." Kay said bitterly. "I will stay out of her way and try and find some different clothes I guess."

"That’s my Kay, always doing what she can." Sam grinned.

Kay smiled at her Dad, even if he can’t get a clue, I still love him, she thought.

"I am going to hang out in town today, maybe I will stay at Simone’s tonight, let Mom have some space" Kay said as she hugged Sam.

"Alright Sweetie, why don’t you and Simone go shopping for some more clothes? You can use my credit card and then we don’t have to tell Mom." Sam smiled, relieved that the crisis had passed, he handed Kay the card and headed back down to the kitchen.

Kay ducked out the front of the house her backpack in hand as she heard her parents and that creepy Harry Winslowe talking in the kitchen. She couldn’t believe her mother was jealous of Harry looking at her. Kay shivered as she thought of his eyes on her. She hadn’t changed her clothes and was soon glad as the heat was worse that earlier. Kay walked down the street cursing her mother oblivious to everything and she let out a sharp yelp as she ran smack into Charity. They tumbled to the ground, tangled together. Kay sat up rubbing her cheek and Charity pressed her hand to her fore-head as Miguel crouched down beside them and tried to keep a straight face as he asked if they were alright.

"Yeah, I think..." Charity said as she too Miguel’s hand to help her up.

"Sorry" Kay mumbled as she grabbed her bag and brushed off her shorts. "I guess I wasn’t really looking where I was going."

"It’s ok." Charity said quickly, grinning again, "we were just looking for you."

"For me?" Kay asked.

"Yeah, well you have been Miguel’s best friend forever, and your my cousin and friend, so we wanted you to know be-fore we tell Sam and Grace and Pilar." Charity said.

Miguel grinned stupidly as he looked at Charity then again at Kay.

"Well...?" Kay asked.

"Charity and I are getting married!" Miguel burst out.

Kay grinned, happier than she had thought she would be.

"Wow guys that is great!" Kay smiled and hugged them both. "How soon are you planning it?"

"Well," Charity said, "we haven’t really thought about it much, maybe in a year, maybe sooner, we will see."

Kay congratulated them again and waved as they headed down the street to the Bennett house. Great, she thought, I am never going to get that lucky, Luis would never even think about marrying me, I am just here to pass the time until he finds a real woman. She sighed, I guess I better enjoy it while I can.





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