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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 8

Kay awoke with a gentle rocking motion and she lazily opened her eyes and realized she was cradled in Luisí arms and he was walking to a small cabin, the path was lit with thousands of tiny lights and glittered as they walked. Her eyes opened wider as she saw the roof sparkling with lights and the small porch a fairyland with flowers and lights every-where. Kay knew she would never forget this night. She hugged Luisí neck as he carried her up the steps and opened the door promising they would come back out and enjoy the outside too soon. Kay lay her head against Luisí chest as she took in the small but open cabin, it was filled with candles flickering softly and more flowers than Kay had ever seen, there was a hot tub off to one side and a giant bed that looked softer than the clouds in the sky on the other. There were rose petals strewn on the floor and across the bed, Kay blinked as Luis set her down amazed at the sight, she felt tears burning her eyes, her heart fairly bursting with love as she turned to face Luis.

"Do you like it?" He asked hesitantly.

Kay beamed and threw her arms around Luis kissing his face lightly all over.

"Luis I love you so much, I never want to go home. This is absolutely perfect." Kay said.

Luisí heart leapt at the idea of forever with this woman, he shook his head knowing he was insane to think he could have her and keep her. He knew she would never really want forever with him, she was too young and had far too much life ahead of her he thought. I can never ask that of her he thought bitterly. Kay looks so young and so pure here, he thought, god I am a dirty old man, I canít stop thinking about what is on under that dress. He shook his head to rid it of depressing thoughts and Kay laughed as she puled him toward the bed.

"Frowny-face, tell me whatís wrong or I will tickle it out of you," she teased as she kissed his lips lightly.

Luis just shook his head and reached past her to the bed and lifted up a package wrapped painstakingly carefully with a bright red bow. Kay grinned at the thought of Luis wrapping a gift for her and then giggled as he sat on the bed gift in hand and pulled her on his lap. Kay slowly and carefully unwrapped the paper taking delight in making Luis wait and wanting to make every second last longer. She found two boxes wrapped (again very carefully) inside the first larger box, one very small and one large. Kay looked at Luis and he pointed to the larger of the two and she slowly undid the slightly smoushed bow then lifted off the lid. She gasped at the beautiful shining material inside and held up the tiniest nightie she had ever seen, silver satin dotted with a pale green pattern of stars and moons. She let the material slide through her fingers as she turned to Luis with a devilish grin.

"Just wait till you see the present I brought you she said as she hopped off his lap and rummaged through her bag coming up with a very small pair of boxes. She handed his the first and hopped from foot to foot as he opened it. He lifted the top off the little box and his jaw dropped.

"Kay, you cannot be serious," Luis laughed, " I canít believe you got these."

Kay grinned as Luis lifted out a pair of nearly sheer silk boxers with Luisí name embroidered on them, barely there ma-terial and my name he thought? At least she didnít pick out a thong he thought to himself, well unless that is what is in the other box. He held his hand out to take the other box. He opened it as fast as he could manage and as he lifted it out of the box he felt all his blood pour into his lap, his throat constricted as he studied the matching material, how-ever this was a thong, a very, very, very tiny thong, with the name Kay on it, he looked at her and she grinned.

"I have the matching bra on now." she giggled, Luis groaned and pulled her back on his lap letting her feel his excite-ment through the very thin fabric of her dress. She wiggled against him as she made herself comfortable and Luis groaned and grasped her arms tightly.

"Sweetheart, please donít move" He begged.

Luis handed her the smaller box she had left on the bed. She opened it slowly wiggling just enough to make Luis whim-per against her shoulder. Kay felt her heart pound as she unwrapped the gift and found a small velvet box, well it is obviously jewelry she thought, her hopes of a ring were ridiculous she knew but she dreamed anyway as she carefully opened the box. Luis watched her face as she looked down at the pendant he had chosen, a brilliant sapphire with a thin gold backing and an intricate knot of gold above and below the stone hanging on a delicate gold chain, it sparkled madly in the candlelight. He would have sworn there was a tinge of disappointment in her eyes before the brilliant grin dazzled him.

"Luis it is perfect, it reminds me of you" She breathed.

"It reminded me of our first night together." Luis replied, thinking back to the slinky outfit in blue and gold and imag-ined her wearing the necklace with that outfit, or perhaps just the necklace, or his ring, Luis shook his head at the last thought. She deserves more than a life with me he thought, but pulled her closer still as she admired the necklace and rested her head on his chest.

Kay slowly slid her hand under Luisí shirt and raked her nails along his hard muscles, she shifted in Luisí lap to push him back and straddled his thighs as she leaned in to kiss him. She set the box on the bed and quickly fastened the necklace as she slid out of her clothes. Luis lay on his back, propped up by his elbows to watch her as she quickly took off her matching bra, and a pair of white cotton briefs he thought were just as sexy as any. He groaned as she fumbled with the button of his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Luis lifted his hips and helped her slide off his jeans and then his boxers. He peeled off his shirt and reached for Kay as she straddled him again making his head and heart pound at the idea of being inside her.

He felt her heat against him and fisted his hands in the blankets as she nibbled lightly on his neck, then his stomach driving him mad. She pressed her lips against his hot skin and push his hands away when he reached for her relishing in her newfound power. She took hold of him in her hands and lightly kissed the tip of him then drew his length into her mouth. Luisí back arch off the bed as her tongue ran over his skin and he shouted as he pulled her up and over him he kissed her and saw his passion reflected in her eyes. He sought to calm himself but as she pressed against him he felt heat tear through him and he rammed himself into her. Kay cried out with pleasure and dug her nails into his shoul-ders, she felt that impossible heat building inside her and held on as she met him stroke for stroke until they both were gasping and exploding into each other. Kay knew in that second that she could never live with out him and as she felt herself return to earth she felt hot tears drip from her face onto his shoulder as she pressed against him. Luis felt the tears on his skin and his heart raced, had he hurt her?

"Kay, baby, did I hurt you?" Luis asked. Holding her gently and searching her face for an answer.

"Oh Luis, no, it was perfect, I love you" Kay whispered. She ached inside to tell him she wanted to be his forever, but that was a silly little girl fantasy of a wedding and children, and it will never happen, she thought miserably. She cud-dled into his side and pushed away the sorrow in her heart as she tried to fall asleep again. Luis sighed knowing she was keeping whatever it really was inside and away from him but what did you really expect he thought, she loves you, but you arenít her forever as much as you want to be. Sleep was a long time coming for them both.

Kay gathered up her hair in a sloppy bun as they pulled back onto the main road to Harmony, their detour for a little fun had taken a good two hours and Kay was glowing and Luis hadnít stopped grinning since he had found more leaves in Kayís hair. He had pinned a leaf from her hair to the visor and he said he would look at it everyday.

Luisí good mood stayed until after they had stopped for lunch at a small cafe just outside of Harmony, lunch was great and Luis knew his life would be perfect if she were his, but as lunch ended he had asked that they tell Sam and every-one about them, Kay was scared to and had pleaded with Luis to wait just a week longer. Luis had agreed but was in a foul mood as he dropped Kay off at Simoneís. Kay had squeezed his hand as she climbed out of the car and glanced wistfully at the leaf on the visor. Luis pulled away as Simone dashed out the door.

"Oh MY GOD!" Simone gasped, "I know you told me about it but seeing you two together is so amazing!"

"I know." Kay said sadly.

"Whatís wrong?" Simone asked immediately concerned.

"Nothing, just the whole my parents will kill me and Luis isnít ever going to want the life I want- thing" Kay sighed.

Simone hugged Kay as they walked to the Bennett house, unsure of what to say to comfort her friend. Well I guess Kay is finding out what love is really like now, Simone thought.

The girls entered the house laughing at Reese and Jessica who were sprawled on the Bennett lawn, Kay pulled up short as she saw her parents and Harry Winslowe gathered in the living room. Harry was sitting on the couch with Grace while Sam sat in a chair and the group looked engrossed in some TV show about cops through history. Samís eyes were glued to the set and Grace fidgeted closer to Harry even as Kay and Simone watched.

"I canít believe her!" Kay hissed. She glared at her mother as Grace laughed at something Harry whispered to her.

"Simone, I have to tell my Dad, it isnít fair to him. God, she is such a bitch I mean Dad is 5 feet away!"

"I know Kay I just canít believe your Mom would do something like that, I thought she was so much like my mom, with a perfect set of morals and a pure heart, I know my mom couldnít keep a secret like that from my dad." Simone said.

"Well, I just have to figure out a plan to let Dad catch Mom and that creep Harry" Kay said as they ran up the stairs.

"Gracie, I am going out to the office, I should be there all morning, Luis said something came up," Sam said as he spot-ted Grace in the kitchen.

"But Sam, I invited Harry over for breakfast, are you sure you have to leave?" Grace asked.

"Sorry honey, I know I should stay but you and Harry and the kids can have breakfast and I will be home around noon." Sam kissed her lightly as he headed out the door his mind already wondering about the latest lead Luis had called about that morning.

Grace waved cheerfully at Samís back as he climbed in his car and then grinned as she thought about a morning with Harry. They had been friends before the fire Harry had said years ago and Grace had met him night after night to learn about her past. As she had learned more and more she had loved Sam less and less. Harry consumed her thoughts but Grace knew that Harry couldnít support her the way Sam did and there were Noah and Kay to think of. So Grace and Harry had met every few months over the years until Harry had moved to Europe. Grace had been at the breaking point the last few months thinking of leaving Sam and going in search of Harry but she had received a letter only six weeks ago. Harry was coming home to her. Grace had planned for his return daily and when he had appeared the week before things had gone back to the way they were and they tumbled into bed at Harryís motel within an hour of his ar-rival. Grace had asked few questions about his absence and had hoped Harry would confide in her soon. She turned and headed upstairs stopping by Jessicaís room to tell her Reese wanted to have her come by for breakfast and then send-ing Kay and Charity to the Book Cafe with Miguel so she could have some privacy with Harry. She had always wanted Harry in the bed she and Sam shared she thought as she heard his knock on the door and hurried to greet him.

"Luis, I donít see any new information in this file..." Sam said as he reviewed the file on Stephen Winston once again. Winston was an alias used by one of the most notorious robbers in Europe.

"Sam, I told you it wasnít new, just I donít know- I think maybe the pattern indicates that he was centered here all those years ago, and if that is the case he may come back soon. I mean they nearly caught him after that last heist." Luis said. He had wracked his brain to come up with an excuse to get Sam out of the house since Kay had called him last night asking he do her this favor. He felt guilty about lying to his friend, even worse when he remembered the night before and his dreams of Kay.

"You really think this scum could have been in Harmony all those times and we missed him?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, well, you know he never takes anything from his own town, but look at this, every few months one of the towns bordering Harmony was hit, the pattern goes on clear up until about 2 years ago." Luis pointed out.

"Hey, yeah" Sam grinned, " I think you might be right Luis, I will look into who rented rooms during those times here. But first I think I should head home and surprise Grace, I mean if this isnít a really pressing issue I can take care of it this afternoon. She was so disappointed that I had to skip out on breakfast."

Luis glanced at his watch, Kay had said not to let him go before 9 and it was just past Luis hoped he waited long enough and nodded to Sam.

"Sure thing, I will start checking things out, give my love to the family." Luis said.

Sam walked into the house a bunch of wildflowers clutched behind his back. He tiptoed through the living room hoping to surprise Grace in the kitchen.

Grace was grinning as she poured two cups of coffee, that was amazing she thought. Sam never makes me feel like that, she sighed as she thought of the night before when she had turned away from Sam yet again pleading a headache. God, then he insisted on holding me, she thought wryly. Thank god Harryís around, and in our bed she grinned as she turned to head back upstairs for round two.

"Gracie!" Sam whispered in her ear as she turned.

"Oh!" Grace gasped and dropped the mugs she held sending scalding coffee everywhere. "Oh my goodness! Sam! What on earth are you doing here?"

"Surprising the woman I love." Sam said as he stooped to clean up shards of glass. "I am sorry honey, are you alright? I will clean up this mess, why do you go up and get changed and freshened up?"

"O-o-ok I will be down in a flash." Grace said as she sprinted out of the kitchen. Grace dashed up the stairs to where harry lay lounging in their bed.

"Back for more?" He grinned as Grace rushed into the bedroom.

"Harry oh, darling you have to get out of here right now!" Grace panted. "Samís home early and he is down in the kitchen!"

Harry arched his eyebrow and slid out of the bed as he watched Grace tear off her coffee stained clothes and search for a wifely pair of polyester pants. He gathered up his clothes and pulled them on swiftly, fastening his pants as he heard footsteps on the stairs. Grace glanced over worriedly and wracked her brain for a way out of their predicament. Harry grinned at her terrified look and ducked out into the hall and stood there.

Sam was whistling as he walked up the steps and turned into the hallway, he had put Graceís flowers in a vase and mopped up the spill. His head was filled with thoughts of a morning alone with her when he walked directly into Harry.

"Whoa! Hey there buddy!" Harry grinned, "didnít you see me here? Or was your head in the clouds?"

"Harry? Sorry I didnít know you were here..." Sam said slightly embarrassed to be caught so off guard.

"Grace asked me to come take a look at the plumbing in the bathroom up here after we finished breakfast."

Sam sighed, resigned to not having the morning alone and felt a little guilty at not having taken care of the house for Grace sooner.

"Well Harry, since youíre here how about we take a look together, let me see if Grace has finished changing." Sam said as he turned to the bedroom .

Grace had been plastered against the door and as she heard her husband step to the door she stepped back and plas-tered a smile on her face. That was close she thought as Sam handed her another bunch of silly flowers and stepped into the room Harry in tow.





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