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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 7

Miguel drove quietly to the Seascape, awed and terrified at the same time, having a hard time looking away from Charity. They ate a quiet dinner and as he paid Miguel took Charity’s hand and led her down to the beach.

Miguel thought his heart would pound out of his chest as he thought of what he would say in the next few minutes. He pulled away from Charity and stopped and stared out at the ocean working up the courage to turn to the woman he loved. Charity stepped up behind him, once again worried he wanted to break free of her. She touched his shoulder lightly and held back tears burning in her throat as he turned to look at her. She opened he mouth to speak but Miguel gently laid a finger over he lips and then took a deep breath as he knelt down on one knee.

Charity couldn’t believe her eyes as he knelt in front of her and pulled a soft velvet box from his pocket. Her heart soared and she grinned even before he started to speak.

"Charity, I love you, I have loved you from the moment we met, and I will love you forever, you are everything I ever wanted, will you marry me?" Miguel asked, his voice shaking with emotion and fear. He held out the ring and Charity barely saw it but knew instantly it was perfect.

"Oh, God Miguel.." Charity whispered as tears began streaming down her face, " yes, of course I will. I love you so much."

Miguel pulled her into a kiss and slipped the ring onto her finger. He held her close to his pounding heart and dreamed that he never had to let go.

Kay walked up her street a full block before she spotted Luis’ car, she grinned at the sight of him lounging on the hood. His profile is amazing she thought, and felt her heart race as she remembered his lips against her skin and his fingers caressing her. She had a brilliant smile on her face and her skin glowed in the light of the setting sun as Luis turned and spotted her. He felt himself grow hard and nearly swallowed his tongue as he spotted Kay. His heart flooded with love so tender his whole body ached and he watched her smile and slowly walk up to him her hips tilting and making him crazy.

"I love you..." he whispered as she slid into his arms. Luis couldn’t help it, he slipped his hands into her hair and pulled her in close for a slow soft kiss. The kiss he planned swiftly shifted as he felt Kay’s tongue slide over his own and his body responded instantly, it became deeper and hotter and far more arousing than a hello kiss on a public corner should be. Kay pressed against Luis’ hard body and whimpered as his mouth left hers laying a trail of kisses down her sensitive throat and Luis whispered sexily in her hear. A car sped by and yanked them both into the present and Luis swore as he stepped away from Kay’s embrace, he glanced at her and saw the fear of being caught and the sadness at having to stop so soon in her eyes and he took her hand in his and lead her to the car, he opened the door and placed a light kiss on her lips as he helped her in.

Kay wondered if she could ever think straight again as she settled into the soft seat and watched Luis walk around the car. She doubted it. Luis slid in the car and Kay breathed in his scent as he leaned close and pulled something from the glovebox. She was concentrating on breathing as he lighted caressed her cheek and held up a soft blindfold for Kay to see.

"I told you it will be a surprise!" Luis grinned.

"Luis!" Kay squealed as the cool material slid over her eyes.

Luis leaned over and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose before he started the car and flipped on the stereo for their ride. His mind was full of a lifetime of moments like this, he grinned like a mad-man as he thought of the night ahead and began singing along with the radio pushing away thoughts of "what if" because tonight was going to be perfect.

Kay sighed as the car finally came to a stop and pushed away thoughts of the future to focus on the present. Luis opened her door and helped her out wrapping an arm around her waist to guide her with the blindfold still in place. Kay grinned and asked pleadingly that Luis take off the blindfold, Luis just ignored her request and helped her up the steps and into the small restaurant.

Kay breathed in the scent of tantalizing foods as she let herself be led by Luis. She giggled as they stumbled at a step and held him tighter. Luis turned Kay to face the table and gently lifted off the blind fold and wrapped his arms around her from behind letting her take in the incredible view of the Atlantic and the night around them, then the table cov-ered with flowers and candles. He kissed her neck and slid around to pull out her chair, then slipped into his own. He lifted her hand slowly to his lips and placed a kiss on each knuckle. Kay sighed and leaned back in her seat wondering again how she got to be so lucky.

Dinner went far to fast in Kay’s opinion but she relished in it all, savoring her time with Luis. She couldn’t believe she had eaten so much but Luis just kept ordering and insisting she try just one more thing, the food was divine and she could barely move when Luis called for the check. Luis said she didn’t have to put the blindfold back on but he did in-sist that Kay keep her eyes closed as soon as they left the restaurant. After warning Luis that she would fall asleep Kay promised, and promptly did fall into a sound sleep as Luis drove.





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