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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 5

Kay woke up late again and this time when she rose to go to the bathroom she was grabbed by a pair of strong arms and pulled back down into bed. Kay grinned, hell she couldn’t stop grinning, he was so cute when he first woke up, she thought. She leaned in and softly kissed him then pinched his arm to let her loose as she dashed into the bathroom. She was in the shower when he came into the bathroom and she gasped as he stepped into the small shower with her. She giggled as he soaped her back and they kissed until the water began to cool. Kay got out of the shower more hot and bothered than ever in her life and she raised one eyebrow as Luis dried himself with the single damp towel. She walked over to him and ask as sweetly as she could if he would teach her. When he asked how she knelt down in front of him and showed him what her rough skills were and he thought he would collapse right there.

"Kay" he ground out, "I don’t need to teach you, I promise."

He grabbed her up and tossed her back on the bed and proceeded to ravage her until they were both gasping for air and once again in need of a shower.

"Kay-" he started, jumping as the phone rang. He sighed and reached for it.


"Luis? Hi, it’s Grace, I haven’t seen or heard from Kay and I am getting really worried," Grace said.

Luis felt his gut clench as he thought of an excuse and with Kay laying naked half on top of him his mind was blank.

"Kay’s right here Grace, she umm.... she was tired after last night and I let her sleep here in my new place while I took the floor." He managed.

"She’s there? Can I speak with her please Luis? And thank you for watching out for her." Grace said sweetly.

Luis handed the phone to Kay guilt making his stomach swim. he shrugged at Kay and kissed her nose quietly as he handed her the phone.

"Katherine! What are you doing over there bother Luis?" Grace shrieked into the phone, "and making him sleep on the floor! No wonder Miguel doesn’t want you, Charity would NEVER make him sleep on the floor!"

Kay stared at the phone shocked at her mother’s words. They would have been like a knife in the heart a few days be-fore. And since her mother was unaware of the change, she had meant them to be.

"I will be home later Mother." Kay replied and hung up, slamming down the phone.

"Kay, baby I am so sorry," Luis said as he held her close.

Kay shook in his arms, she was hurt and sad, but mostly she felt anger, anger that her mother could hurt her father so and then hurt her own child. Kay turned in Luis’ arms and asked the second hardest question she could imagine.

"Luis, are you ashamed of me?" She whispered.

"God, no." Luis replied instantly, "Kay, I love you and if you want I will go straight to your Dad and say it to his face, even if he will shoot me right there."

"No, Luis I love you I don’t want you to die." Kay laughed. "I think we should keep quiet for a little while, a month?"

"Kay I will do whatever you want, but I want to see you, I want to take you places and not be afraid of being caught, a month, no more." Luis agreed.

"Kay, spill it." Simone demanded, her best friend had been quieter than usual the entire last week and hadn’t plotted to break-up Miguel and Charity once.

"Simone for the millionth time, I just don’t want to break them up, I mean he REALLY loves her. Actually yesterday Miguel asked for my help in picking out a ring for Charity, and I said I would this afternoon." Kay replied.

Simone’s jaw dropped.

"Who are you and what have you done to my best friend?" She demanded.

Kay laughed and shook her head. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Luis since he had dropped her off the af-ternoon before. He had asked that she let him come and talk to Sam about the two of them but Kay had panicked and rushed away. Luis was getting impatient with hiding how he felt for her.

Kay picked up the college acceptance letter that lay on the bed in front of them, Berkeley, there is no way she could move to California now. Before it had been a dream to escape from Miguel and Charity’s sickening lovely ways, but now it meant being apart from her own love and she hated the idea.

It was getting harder and harder to keep the secret from Simone as well. Kay lay back on her bed and sighed as Simone flipped through a magazine, what the hell can I do she wondered. She had visions of kids and a white picket fence when she thought of the future with Luis, and memories of the steamy, mind-blowing kisses and touches in the last week. She shivered at the thought of his hands on her skin, then nearly leapt off the bed as the phone blared in her ear.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hi, beautiful." Luis’ voice laughed in her ear. "Can you talk for a sec?"

Kay glanced at Simone who shot her a curious look before she sighed and pushed herself off the bed.

" I will get a snack." Simone muttered as she headed out the door. Kay was being way to secretive anymore, she paused on the stairs then decided to dash down grab something and sneak back up to over hear Kay and whoever it was on the phone. Simone felt bad at stooping to eavesdropping on her best friend but she was desperate to know what had changed Kay.

"Luis, I miss you so much." Kay whispered into the phone, "I don’t think I can stand being away from you so much. But you shouldn’t call me, I mean someone might catch on."

"Kay, I told you I didn’t want to hide what we have, it makes me crazy that you can’t be mine all the time." Luis re-plied. " I want to have a whole night with you, please. Tomorrow."

"Luis...." Kay sighed, she rolled over on her bed and heart started racing as she spotted a pair of shoes right outside her door, she glanced up and felt the anger and fear mix with a relief as she saw Simone’s stunned face.

"Ok Luis, tomorrow." She promised.

"I love you, Kay."

"I love you too."

Simone could not believe her ears, she thought she might faint as she dashed over to the bed. Kay pressed the off but-ton and walked over to close her door before turning to face Simone again.

"Well." She managed before Simone started shrieking.

"Shhhhhhh...Si-MONE!.. Be QUIET! Some one might hear you and think I am killing you up here!" Kay hissed.

"Oh my god, KAY! Do you know that you just told LUIS you loved him? Miguel’s brother?!?" Simone sputtered.

"Yeah," Kay smiled, "I know."

"Kay! How could you not tell me about this, no wonder you have been so weird all week. I am never letting you go shopping alone again!"

"Simone trust me you would not have believed the week I have had." Kay sighed, "I find my true love and on the same day I find out my mother not only hates me but is cheating on my Dad!"

Simone shook her head in disbelief. This was just too much.

"Kay, first off, you and LUIS!? I mean WOW, I thought he was way into Sheridan Crane and you love his brother, how could that have happened? And your MOM, Grace Bennett? You have got to be kidding!" Simone started.

"Simone it is a very long story, better get comfortable." Kay said as she clutched a pillow to her stomach and told Si-mone of the last week, leaving out only a few minor details.

"Well, what do you need my help with now?" Simone asked.

Kay grinned impishly, "Can you cover for me tomorrow night, say I am staying at your house or something? Please?"

"I hope you know what you are doing Kay," Simone sighed as she hugged her friend and followed her downstairs to grab a video.

Kay dashed around her room shifting the mounds of clothes as she looked for the perfect outfit for that night. I have to look stunning she thought, followed by no way, I am too fat, too young, to tall, too short and a million other worries as she pawed through her pile of skirts. It would have helped if he told me what we are doing, she thought crossly. Then she thought of Luis’ face lighting up when he told her he had a surprise and teasing her as she begged to know what it was and grinned, whatever it is will be perfect she thought as she picked up a short satiny black skirt. She smoothed out the wrinkles and slipped it on then set to work on finding the perfect top to match humming at the idea of a night with Luis.

Miguel stood outside Kay’s room deep in thought he wondered which ring it should be and how much and what he should do to propose, he fairly shook with nerves and all he was doing was getting ready to shop for the ring, he ducked his head and mentally counted how much he could spend as he pushed Kay’s door open. He glanced up and forgot what he was thinking instantly, his best bud was HOT! He gulped and pulled the door closed, trying to shake the mental im-age of Kay in just a bra and a sexy little skirt. His blood was hot and he pushed out thoughts of her and tried to focus on Charity. Well this isn’t helping he thought as images of Charity’s silky skin and brilliant smile made him literally ache for her. He took several deep breaths to calm his hormones slightly and turned back to Kay’s door. He nearly shouted as he ran smack into Luis.

"Luis?" Miguel managed, "what are you doing here?"

"Miguel..." Luis cleared his throat, "Umm I was just here to see Sam and saw these flowers and thought Kay could use them...."

"Oh..." Miguel frowned, "ok, umm you should umm, wait... well knock before you go in. Oh, and let her know I am ready to go shopping with her."

Luis shot his little brother a curious look and knocked lightly on Kay’s door.

"Hello?" Kay peeked around the door and grinned as she spotted Luis, then frowned slightly as she spotted Miguel next to him.

"These are for you" Luis thrust the wildflowers at Kay and turned back down the steps. Kay tried to cover her brilliant smile and looked down.

"Thank you." She said softly to his retreating figure. "Miguel, Charity isn’t here." She said as she glanced at him.

"I know I came to see you, remember we rescheduled and you said you would help me shop for a ring this afternoon?" He replied.

"Oh crap, yeah, I forgot. Umm.. Gimmee a few minutes and let me get ready, we need to be back by 4:30 though ok?" Kay replied, turning back into her room before Miguel could respond.

Kay shut the door softly and grinned as she buried her face in the flowers Luis had brought. She sighed as she searched a drawer for a vase and placed them on her desk, then quickly grabbed an old pair of jeans and tank to help Miguel shop and headed to the stores.

After over two hours trying on rings and pricing them in Harmony’s only two jewelry stores Miguel shouted for Kay to come quick. Kay glanced up from the twisted gold and silver band with a solitaire she had been dreaming of and walked over to see what Miguel had found. The ring was a beautiful plain gold band with tiny roses and leaves pressed into it with a small trio of diamond chips, very pale and feminine, Miguel was right perfect for Charity. He gulped at the price but thought of Charity’s smile and knew it was perfect.

"Kay, what can I do now, I have the ring and flowers and a romantic night plan so I can ask her tonight, but how do I do it? I mean what does a girl want to hear?" Miguel asked as they left the shop.

"I love you, you are everything to me, will you marry me?" She said thinking of Luis. She suddenly realized Miguel was looking at her oddly, she grinned and added, "some of that mushy stuff Miguel."

"Like Kay, or rather Charity, you are my heart and soul till the end of time, will you marry me?"

"Perfect." Kay thought wondering if she and Luis would ever make it that far, if love really was enough.

"Kay you are the greatest I can’t thank you enough, I can’t wait till you and Reese get to this point." Miguel began.

Kay shot him a horrified look and said, "Miguel, I know you have been busy with Charity lately but did you even notice that Reese has been dating Jessica for the last few weeks?"

"What?! I can’t believe he would do that to you---" Miguel spat.

"No, Miguel, Reese never hurt me he and Jess are great together, he and I were never right." Kay said.

"Well then Kay, I can’t wait until you find someone special then." Miguel grinned as they walked into the Bennett house and Kay dashed up the stairs.





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