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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 4

Kay sat in the bedroom as it grew dark, Luis was banging pots and pans in the kitchen and she fidgeted at the edge of the bed. She stretched over to flip on the lamp and knocked over her bag. She grinned at the sight of the shimmering blue material. She glanced at the door to see if Luis was busy, what can it hurt she thought as she slid the door closed and slipped out of her clothes and into the sheer silk. She wandered over to the mirror and looked critically at herself, she laughed at the thought of Miguel seeing her, and realized she could never let him see her in this and never wanted him to, it was Luis she wanted to. She pulled her hair up into a clip and was smoothing down the robe as the door creaked.

Luis felt he had sufficiently calmed his raging hormones so that he could let dinner simmer and talk to Kay, it only took 20 minutes he thought. He wiped his hands on a towel and picked up his glass of now luke warm lemonade and headed back to his room attempting to think of ways to talk to Kay without wanting to leap on her. He felt he could talk about maybe puppies or horror movies without imagining her naked. He took a deep breath as he pushed the door open and promptly let it out along with a strangled "God" and dropped his glass on the hardwood floor.

Kay stood there in front of him in what looked like a piece of the night sky, sheer and clinging accentuating the curves of her body. Luis felt his heart stop and his lungs clog. At least I will die happy he thought as she turned to him. He felt his heart jump again and was suddenly breathing very, very fast and couldn’t seem to close his mouth. He knew he was hard as a rock and bulging out, but what could she expect. The bright blush and shock on her face made it obvious to him she didn’t expect him to see her like that. She crossed her arms over her chest pulling the material tighter over her hip and back. Luis swore he wouldn’t touch her because he knew he couldn’t stop if he did and prayed for his feet to stay rooted but seconds later he was standing in front of her looking down into her face.

Kay was hotter then she had ever been, Luis stood looking at her from the door, his interest extremely obvious and she blushed hotter than thought possible. She covered her chest with her arms and tried to think but her gaze kept drifting down and to his bulging jeans. She blinked and prayed that he would come to her. The next thing she knew he was standing in front of her and he reached down and lifted her up, Kay instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She looked into his eyes just as he brought his mouth down and met hers. They kissed and Kay felt as though the world stopped spinning, she felt his hardness pressed against her almost naked flesh and tasted his spicy flavor with her tongue as it darted in and out. Luis braced Kay against the door and devoured her mouth sa-voring each moan and whimper as they came from her. She tugged at his shirt and he shifted slightly to yank it off. Kay didn’t want to stop, she couldn’t, she would die without him now she realized. He thinks I want Miguel she thought suddenly. She pushed back and down and Luis set her gently on the floor looking at her curiously. Kay looked at his swollen lips and touched her own as she caught her breath.

"Luis" She said her voice thick with passion and some wholly new emotion that she thought would break her apart. She fought with her decision but knew in her heart what she had to do. She looked up at Luis and watched his eyes as she untied the ribbon on the robe, leaving only the sheerest silk between her skin and the air. She slipped by Luis and peeled the chemise off as she walked towards the bed praying her decision wasn’t going to run him off. She slipped off her panties and stood at the edge of the bed naked, exposed completely before him and knew there was no other choice she had to offer, and had to make him know.

"I want you Luis, I need you, make love to me?" She asked, terrified.

Luis could not believe what was happening, Kay had said his name and brought him back from the edge of madness, then pushed away and he thought he would die, but he knew she was right to stop. But when she took off her robe and then the rest of the sheer glittering silk he stopped thinking at all and could barely hear her speak over the roar of blood in his ears. His jaw just dropped when she asked him to make love, he couldn’t believe it was true, but this was one fantasy he couldn’t turn away from. His heart raced and thudded in his chest as he walked to her, he loved he re-alized, and she loved Miguel. He thought he would die. Nothing had ever hurt as bad as that realization. Not even his father leaving. Nothing.

Kay’s heart raced she felt lightheaded as she stood there offering more than just her body and praying he understood that. The sadness in his eyes told her either he didn’t understand or he did and didn’t want what she offered. He stepped closer and slowly unzipped his jeans Kay swallowed and accepted she could have him physically if not his heart, and although she had been willing just that morning to accept that from Miguel, the thought of that from Luis made her die inside. But she made her choice and now she would live with it and at least try and take what happiness that she could.

Luis slid off his boxers and stood naked before Kay, stunned at her beauty and slipped his arms around her to cradle her to him as he lay them both on the bed. If he couldn’t have her love in return for his he knew he shouldn’t have her body, but the idea of turning away the one thing he wanted most in the world would have take away his reasons to live. His kissed her gently and looked into her eyes and asked if she was sure she wanted this, and with him. Her eyes dark with passion showed only happiness and a little fear of something new. And she nodded understanding that he meant him and not Miguel. He kissed her again and her response was immediate. She pushed against him and bit his neck as he shifted above her. She knew as she watched him, his face, that she would never and had never loved any-one else.

Luis groaned and moved as slowly as he could, shifting to align himself with Kay. He felt her heat and explored her with his fingers driving her up then caressing softly, taking his time, savoring he knew she was about to explode and he slid himself inside her slowly and gently. He kissed her mouth softly and looked at her face and whispered that it would only hurt for a second and never again. Kay nodded and shifted her hips up. Luis thought he would die and when she tightened against him he was over the brink. He pressed into her feeling her tense with pain and stopped himself for all of ten seconds before he had to move. He slid in and out and thought heaven was no comparison to her as he felt her move to meet him. Luis kissed her as he moved inside her. Kay moaned softly as the pain turned to pleasure and when she began to feel desperate she whimpered and Luis leaned down and kissed her temple softly and whispered "I love you, Kay" as he poured himself into her.

Kay thought her heart stopped when she heard his whisper. Her mind reeled and she fell over the edge into oblivion. They lay gasping for air and holding each other close as Luis realized what he had told her and lay hoping she hadn’t heard and hoping that she had. Kay lay exhausted and completely relaxed under Luis, and wondered how her life had changed so completely in only a day. She sigh and giggled as she heard Luis’ stomach growl.

"I thought you ask me to dinner?" She laughed, "I hope it isn’t burned."

"Shit," Luis grinned, "I guess we can order pizza" he said as he sniffed the air and caught the scent of burning red sauce.

Kay wrapped her arms around him and gathered up all her courage.

"Did you mean it?" she asked softly.

Luis studied her face and was amazed again at how true it was and how surprised he was that she couldn’t see it all over his face.

"Yes." Luis said roughly, laying a trail of light kisses across her face, "I love you Katherine Bennett."

Kay turned her head so he couldn’t see her face as she choked on tears of joy and relief.

"I love you, too Luis." She whispered.

Luis sat up stunned. He couldn’t believe his ears, or his eyes, he watched as she turned to face him and she placed her hand over his heart and said again, more clearly that she loved him.

"What about Miguel?" He asked.

"I love Miguel, I always will, but as a friend, a buddy, I just realized it today when I picked out that outfit for you. I never really knew what love was. Until you." Kay said.

"You picked that out for me?" Luis asked incredulously.

"Well not thinking to seduce you, it just reminded me of you and what I wanted you to see me as."

Luis was dumbfounded as it sunk in, she loved him, he loved her, and her father, not to mention Miguel and his mother were going to kill him. Murder. He grabbed the phone and ordered a pizza and realized just what he had gotten himself into. Kay was going off to college, hell she was just 18, they would never make it, and he would rather die than live without her. What a day he thought as he pulled her toward him and held her as they waited for the pizza.





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