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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 3

She held her breath and waited for the shouts but was shocked to hear laughter and saw the two men hug. As the two chatted Grace came out of the store and Sam oblivious to her mussed hair and smudged lipstick. Sam slung his arm around his wife and kissed her then went back to talking to Harry. Kay stood stunned across the street and just as she was about to dash off her father glanced up and shouted for her to come over and meet Uncle Harry Winslowe.

Harry Winslowe turned out to be an old friend of Sam’s from Boston, they met just after Sam and Grace had married, Grace had written Harry for years and Harry came to see his old family friends.

Just as Kay crossed the street Luis had strolled up.

"Harry, I would like you to meet my good buddy Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald," Sam smiled, "and our oldest daughter Kay."

"Kay, that is such a beautiful name for such a lovely young woman..." Harry said, giving Kay a heated once over, his eyes lingering on her breasts and hips then on her mouth.

"Hello." Kay said coldly. Shivering at his eyes on her.

Luis didn’t miss the leering gaze and his blood boiled as Harry’s eyes strayed again to Kay’s chest. He shot Harry a deadly glare and he stepped closer to Kay before he tapped her on the arm and asked if she wanted a ride home in his cruiser.

"Sure" Kay agreed desperate to get away from Harry and her parents, she was already sitting in the passenger seat of the car before she realized she was alone with Luis again.

Luis slid into the car and pulled away, waving at Sam and Grace before it hit him that he had Kay to himself again and she was already affecting him. Her scent made his heart pound and his mouth went dry remembering the kisses from the night before. He drove blindly forgetting his offer of a ride home and headed instead towards beach and his brand new apartment. He was almost there before he realized he wanted to take her there, to let he be the first to see his new home, and he thought, she hasn’t asked where we are going.

"Sorry Kay" he said, "I just didn’t like the way that guy was ogling you, your parents didn’t even seem to notice. I hope you don’t mind the ride"

God I sound like a nervous teenager, he thought. He pulled the car into his new spot and cut the engine before he turned to look at her.

"Thanks Luis" Kay said thickly, being this close to him was driving her insane. She didn’t know if she could stand it without kissing him, so she swung the door open and breathed in the salt-stung air. She looked around and realized she had never been to this part of the beach before. "Where are we?" She asked.

"My new place" Luis said somewhat bashfully. "Want to see it?"

"I would love to," Kay grinned and agreed. She climbed the steps to the second story, still clutching her bag.

After a brief tour they stopped in the bedroom. Luis mutter something about getting more furniture soon as he ges-tured to the only piece in the small apartment. The bed. Kay flushed red as she remembered the night before. She watched as Luis shifted uncomfortably and finally stammered about drinks and ducked into the kitchen. Kay was sur-prised at how at home she felt in his new house. She sighed as she sunk down on the bed her mind reeling, but being snapped back to the present as her bag brushed against her leg. She smiled at herself and wondered what Luis would do if he knew she had lingerie in her bag, let alone lingerie chosen with him in mind.

He would probably assume it is for Miguel she thought miserably, then corrected herself, it IS for Miguel! What is hap-pening to me?

"Look Kay" he said as he came back in carrying to glasses of his own lemonade. He handed her one and sank down next to her before realizing that it was a mistake. He hopped up and cleared his throat, took a gulp of his lemonade and sat down again at the far end of the bed. Kay laughed at herself. she set down her glass and said "Luis, I won’t jump on you again, I am sorry if I embarrassed you..." She managed to hold back the bitter tears she felt.

"Kay, you did not, I repeat NOT, jump me." Luis said. "If anyone should apologize it should be me, I should have known better, I know you care about Miguel."

"Yeah," Kay sighed, "Miguel."

"Oh baby I am so sorry you had to be there last night and hear us" Luis said as he took her into his arms instinctively to comfort her.

Did he call me baby? Kay thought, I am sure he means it literally. She melted into his arms and felt her heart race at his closeness. She tucked her fingers into his shirt and lay her head on his chest.

Luis realized all to painfully that they were now almost laying together on his bed, in his apartment, where no one knew where they were, alone. He was rock hard at the thought. Then reminded himself that she loved his little brother and was never going to be his no matter what. He swallowed and shifted off the bed.

"How about I make us dinner?" he asked trying to sound lighthearted and conceal his arousal at the same time.

"I would love that, I can never get enough of that Lopez-Fitzgerald cooking!" Kay grinned, trying to cover her hurt and the desire in her eyes.

Luis ducked into the kitchen glad for a few seconds to compose himself and heard her call her parents and tell them she was not going to be home for dinner, maybe till late, but not to worry. Luis swallowed hard at the thought of her staying the night and shook his head, that isn’t what she meant, and he knew it, but the idea made him grin and then groan as his blood raced to his lap again. He opened the fridge and surveyed the contents while he tried to think about anything but Kay.





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