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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 2

You can’t fall in love with someone you don’t know anything about and in only a few minutes Luis insisted to himself as he stood in the cold spray of the shower. His thoughts had kept him awake for hours more then his dreams had tor-mented him with images of Kay and he entwined and hot flashes of the kiss they shared. The cold shower was doing almost nothing to stop his reaction to even the thought of her and he damned himself again as he got ready for work with her father.

Kay awoke late and stumbled down the hall to pound on the bathroom door. She grimaced as Charity opened it letting out a wave of perfume and cosmetics scent. She smiled perkily and Kay resisted the urge to strangle her only by brushing by and hopping quickly in the shower. She had expected to get no sleep what-so-ever but was surprised as she lay down and fell into dreams after only a few seconds. She dreamt of playing softball with Miguel and instead of fo-cusing on Miguel as he hit or ran she would see Luis in the stands. It was his dark eyes she sought and as the dreams changed it was his arms she was in. She got ready as fast as she could trying to think of a way to keep Charity and Miguel apart, pushing the memories of Luis out of her head. She grinned at her new plan and resolved to put her whole heart into it. And forget about Luis.

Simone looked at her friend in disbelief as she told her her newest scheme and explain how she over heard Miguel say-ing he wants to sleep with and marry Charity, soon.

Simone’s jaw dropped, "Kay you can’t be serious!"

"Simone, I can’t let Charity have Miguel, no matter what! Sleeping with him is the only choice! I can’t let him go with-out a fight!" she said, losing enthusiasm as she thought of what she was saying. She shook off her conscience and the little doubts in her mind that had been there since she climbed through Luis’ window.

"I have to go pick out the perfect outfit! And if I can’t seduce him I will just have to reduce to different means..." She said holding up a bottle of vodka.

Simone shook her head, Kay is insane, but if it works for her maybe I can try it with Chad she thought.

Kay wandered the shop aimlessly fingering the silky fabrics and pouting at everything, nothing seemed right for seduc-ing Miguel. The deep blue sheer chemise and robe set was perfect she thought, silky with flecks of gold that would bring out her eyes, perfect she thought-- for Luis. Argh she thought, why can’t I get him out of my mind? She sighed and walked up to the blue set again and finally just grabbed it and stormed up to the counter.

If Mom knew I was in this shop she would strangle me Kay thought as she paid, she turned to go just as the door opened and low and behold, there stood Grace and a handsome man with pale blonde hair. Kay ducked into a dressing room clutching her bag and cracked the door to watch her mother.

Grace walked through the shop and stopped in front of a bright red incredibly revealing, leather outfit. She smiled coyly at the man with her and Kay’s head spun. She must just be getting an opinion for that for her and DAD she thought, but she was almost instantly proven wrong by the pair as the man leaned in and nibbled on her mother’s neck. Grace giggled and swatted at him then turned in his arms for a full kiss before she reached for the outfit and headed right towards Kay in the dressing room.

Kay held her breath as her mother stopped and grinned at the man.

"Coming Harry?" she flirted.

Kay snapped the door shut just as her mother reached for the handle. grace pulled twice then turned to the next booth, slipping in and apparently Harry went with her. Kay peeked out and saw neither nearby and as she started to leave she heard a zip, and "Oh GRACE!"

She nearly gagged as she ran from the store fighting back tears. Kay and Grace never got along too well but she never thought her mother was like this. She was cursing her to herself and fighting back pain when she ran smack into her fa-ther.

"Kay?" Sam said, "honey what are you doing downtown? he glanced down and spotted the plain sack, ahh shopping... Simone with you?" he asked.

"Dad" Kay choked out, "No, Simone was busy, I was just heading home I am finished shopping now."

"Well I am headed over to Intimate Moments to pick out something for your mom" Sam grinned. "A hat." he winked at Kay and headed towards the shop Kay had just run out from. Kay froze her eyes wide and unable to speak as her father dashed across the street and into the shop. She racked her brain and before she could think of a way to get her father out of the store the door burst open and Sam and the blonde Harry walked out. Oh no this is it, Kay thought.





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