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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Jamie Yarbrough

Chapter 1

Kay blinked against the bright morning light. She groaned as she remembered what day it was, time to face the music she thought. At least it can't get much worse than it was before right she thought to herself.

*one year before *

Kay looked up at the dark window as she tossed pebbles.

"Miguel, MI-guel!" She whispered loudly. She sighed as a dark head poked out the window.

"Kay? Is that you?" A voice replied.

"Yeah it's me," She said, "Can I come up?"

"Umm Kay I don't think that's a good idea, ummm just, can you come back in the morning?" Miguel asked, he had been dreaming about Charity and their date last night, he was more aroused by the thought of her skin against his and her promise for the next weekend then he had ever been in his life, and the idea of his best buddy finding him in that state did not sit well.

"Ok Miguel" Kay replied, resolving herself, she turned to go and blinked back tears at being pushed away again. She started down the dark street, but before she knew it she was gazing back up at his window, I can't let her take him away again, she thought. She hurried back towards the house and saw that his window was now closed but the one next to it, Luis' room when he was home was wide open.

Kay shimmied up the tree and swung herself onto the window ledge, hoping Luis was still staying at Sheridan's or that he was a really sound sleeper. Kay cursed her luck as she realized Luis was defiantly NOT at Sheridan's and unfortu-nately his bed was right next to the window. She slipped in and glanced back out the window looking at the now impos-sible leap back to the tree and sighed.

How do I get myself into these messes, she wondered. She turned back and let her eyes adjust to the semi-dark room and tried to tiptoe past the bed holding her breath and crossing her fingers. She sucked in a sharp breath and held back a few choice words as she whacked her toe on the head of the bed. she closed her eyes to get rid of the pain and keep quiet. She nearly let out a screech as strong arms wrapped around her waist and pinned her to the floor. She struggled and twisted beneath her captor but the effort was futile. She opened her eyes and saw what she had feared, the angry face of Miguel's older brother.

"Hi Luis" she squeaked out and bit on her bottom lip trying for her best innocent look.

Luis groaned as he heard the intruder and pulled himself up as he watched them slip in his window and tiptoe towards the door. He sighed to himself then almost laugh as the would be criminal stubbed their toe. While they closed their eyes and tried to keep quiet Luis launched himself out of bed and pinned them to the ground. He felt them struggle and realized that this was a very soft very woman burglar. His eyes went wide as he gazed down at the woman wiggling under him and shifted as he became aroused, cursing himself when he heard a very familiar voice say hi to him.

"Kay Bennett what the hell are you doing sneaking into my room?" He growled, now more frustrated and far more em-barrassed than he could imagine. He could see her huge dark eyes and feel he breasts press against his bare chest with each of her shallow breaths. He started to ache as he realized he still had her pinned in a very provocative way to his own floor. He shifted up and off of her offering a hand as he hobbled back to the bed hoping her night vision was terri-ble.

"Luis" She managed to gasp as she felt his skin on hers then the cold night air through her thin nightie as he moved to his bed, she shook off his hand and pulled herself up deciding how she could get out of this one and trying to slow her racing pulse.

She smoothed down her pale blue, way to sexy, nightgown as Luis watched and swallowed hard. No, no, no, no, no, NO! He thought, I am not allowed to have these thoughts about her, she is one of my best friends daughters! He felt himself throb as she rubbed her hip straining her breasts against the thin material, no Luis he cursed himself, do not notice that she has breasts or that it is very cold in here. Obviously. He tried to calm his fevered brain and closed his eyes as she shot him a coy little grin and fiddled with the satin trim of her short gown.

"Well, um, Luis-- I guess you are wondering what it is I am doing here... in your room... in the middle of the night..." She said. She swallowed hard as he groaned and tossed her a blanket, she noticed his bare chest and felt her face flush to match the heat in her body.

"Kay," He choked out, surprised that he had never been this aroused before and amazed he could talk at all. He slid further away from her hoping to get away from her sweet scent of vanilla and spices. "I don't even want to know."

"Good." She breathed. and let herself relax a little she shivered and pulled the blanket around her shoulders.

They sat in the dark waiting for each other to leave or talk or anything. Kay's head spun as she tried to forget that Luis was sitting half naked just a few feet away and struggled to remember why it was she crawled in his window in the first place. Luis tried with no luck to get the heated images of Kay out of his brain. I am just to tired for this, he as-sured himself. I am not lusting after her, god, she's barely 18, he thought.

Kay closed her eyes and tried to calm her heart, her head spun as she breathed in a mixture of cologne and shampoo and Luis. MIGUEL! She thought. I am here to see Miguel! She pushed away a pang of regret that she was still chasing Miguel and leaned closer to Luis slipping the blanket off as she started to rise.

Luis picked that unfortunate moment to open his eyes and focused on her breasts pressing tightly against her gown as they raised to his eye-level. He gulped as she moved closer and handed back his blanket which now held her soft scent. he raised his hand to take the blanket from her and brushed her arm in the dark. She gasped at the electrical feel and dropped the blanket on the floor, she quickly bent down to retrieve it and Luis felt as though he was being strangled, he could see clearly down the front of her nightgown and his throat ached as he watched her tilt her face up to him again, still kneeling. Her rich hair glinting like ravens wings in the pale moonlight and her creamy skin glowing. She opened her mouth to say something, anything to break this incredible tension between them and Luis nearly died at the image of her. Her soft, full lips slightly parted, her gaze hot on him, she didn't seem innocent in that moment and Luis fisted his hands at his sides to keep from reaching for her.

Kay held her breath as she watched Luis, his breathing shallow and she was shocked to realize that he was in such a state of undress, she glanced down and noticed all he wore was a pair of striped boxers, she swallowed hard and nearly fainted when she realized just what it was that was distracting Luis. She looked up to peak and watched as he tensed, it couldn't be me who is making him like that she thought. I am just a silly little girl to him she laughed at her thoughts. She was surprised to find that it disappointed her now more than she could have imagined that Luis didn't look at her like that.

She stared into his dark eyes and finally shifted holding the blanket in her hand, she leaned in closer and watched him swallow. He is probably wracking his brain on how to get rid of me as fast as he can she thought miserably. She knelt in front of him hold out the blanket and smiled as he reached for it. I may as well make him think I am a total idiot she thought and dropped the blanket and darted forward pressing her lips against his. She thought she heard his groan, and then she couldn't think at all. Luis' hands slid up her sides and cradled her face as she gripped his shoulders and parted her lips softly against his, his tongue slipping between and caressing her own, softly, almost timidly. he wrapped his arm around her waist while the other caressed her neck and he slid off the bed kneeling against her holding her up and pressing her firmly against himself. Kay felt heat shoot through her and center in her loins as she felt his hardness against her. She whimpered as he drew back and gasped for breath, his eyes dark and confused.

"Kay," he whispered, and he reached for her he watched her eyes flash with a hidden fire as he gently kissed her again and cradled her in his arms thinking he would die happy here.

God, what am I doing he thought as she moved against him driving him slowly and sweetly mad. He held her like she was the most fragile glass and thought he would die as he felt her sadness in the kiss. She doesn't want me he thought, I am just a substitute for Miguel. For my little brother he thought bitterly as he kissed her more savagely than he had thought possible and used all of his self-control to keep from dragging her to the floor and making her forget about Miguel.

The kiss seemed to go on for ever and Kay felt herself slip and fall deeply into it, into Luis' arms she choked back a sob as she thought of yet another man she couldn't have, the pushed it aside and dove into the heat of the kiss as she ran her hands over his hot skin feeling his strength and the rush of his heart under her palms.

When they broke apart Luis kept his hands sliding over her skin she could feel their heat throughout the thin fabric and moaned as she caressed the side of her now aching breasts. She leaned in for another kiss as they heard a voice at the door.

"Luis?" Miguel called out, "Luis I need to talk, you awake big bro?"

Kay's heart slammed in her chest and she scanned the room for a place to hide as the door slowly opened. Light from the hall spilled in just as Kay dove under the bed cursing herself.

Luis scrambled off the floor and quickly grabbed a blanket and led Miguel to the desk care to avoid sitting on the bed and crushing Kay. His heart pounded in his chest and blood roared in his ears.

"Yeah Miguel" He managed as he shifted very uncomfortably in his extra desk chair.

"Well, it's about Charity," He said as Kay held her breath and rolled her eyes under the bed.

"Miguel it is 2 in the morning can't we talk about your little girlfriend in the morning?" Luis said, trying not to sound to angry.

"Charity is not just my little girlfriend Luis! She is the woman I love." Miguel began, as he warmed up to his favorite subject. Luis held up a hand.

"Ok, ok just get to it then" he said.

"Well I have been thinking, now that we are 18 and finished with school, well and we are planning to-- you know... well I was thinking that maybe before I do... well.... umm...." Miguel stammered and flushed.

"Miguel get to it!" Luis demanded.

"Well.." he said nervously, "I want to ask Charity to marry me."

Luis swore inside knowing that Kay was dying inside right that second. he ached for her as his brother spoke about commitment and love and forever and beautiful Charity.

"So Miguel are you asking for my help or my blessing?"

"Well more for your advice. I want us both to be ready and not worry that we are too young, do you think I am jumping the gun?" he asked.

"Miguel, can we talk about this later" Luis pleaded, begging Miguel to stop for Kay’s sake.

"Well, umm... I guess, look Luis I know you think we really are to young but what you think means a lot to me. And I love her. I know we are meant to be. I know we are going to want you and Kay to stand up with us when that day really does come. I just wanted you to understand that I want it sooner." Miguel said as he rose to leave.

"Thanks Miguel, I know Kay would love to know how much you care about her. and I am glad you want me to be a part of your life." Luis said as he closed the door and threw the room back into darkness.

"Kay?" he whispered. "Kay?"

Kay shook herself and slid out from under the bed as she wiped tears from her face. She didn’t know what hurt more the realization that Miguel would never be hers or that Luis was humiliated at kissing her.

"Luis I am sorry I never should have come here..." She choked out as she ran to his door.

Luis reached for her as she bolted out, wanting more than anything to hold her and take away her pain and hating that she loved his brother so much it tore her up inside and made her cry. He was jealous of his own brother, he thought. He looked out his door and thought of running after her but couldn’t bear the idea that she loved Miguel and only Miguel. He cursed himself as he pulled on his jeans and a shirt and hurried out to make sure she made it home safe, I cannot have feelings for her, she is in love with MIGUEL! And his heart just laughed as he watched her slim figure dis-appear into her house and he fell just a little more in love with her. This has to be a dream he thought and he turned back to his house.





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