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Posted by Shuis Savvy
Lindsay, is acting your Passion, or is there another profession you have your eye on for the future?

Lindsay says: Acting and singing are my "Passions!"

Posted by Heidihope
I just have to say that I love your character, Theresa, and that I would like to see she and Ethan get together. My question is, at what age did you start acting and what other work have you done that I might have seen you in? Thanks!

Lindsay says: I performed the Ugly Stepsister in "Cinderella" when I was 10. This is my first time working on Television.

Posted by eldnac1616
Have you been in any Movies or Commercials?

Lindsay says: No.

Posted by amieez
If you could play any other character on any other soap opera, who would it be and why??

Lindsay says: Hey, I only watch Passions! LOL!

Posted by kepas
hello I was wondering if you have ever tried out modeling? I think you are beautiful and very talented I think you would be a perfect model as well as singer and actor.

Lindsay says: Thank you. Maybe I’ll pursue modeling in the future.

Posted by Laura20
You are one of the best actresses on Passions, but would you ever really go to such great lengths to get a man?

Lindsay says: I don’t think so! HeHe.

Posted by kepas
I think you are great on the show – keep up the good work. If they could pair you with any man on the show for a boyfriend who would you choose? Ethan or someone else?

Lindsay says: I trust that the writers will make the best decision.

Posted by PassionsGal
Hello Lindsay! I must say that you are a phenomenal actress! What is like kissing Travis in your fantasy scenes? Is he a good kisser? :)

Lindsay says: Yes, he is! Very tender too!

Posted by CarrieUA20
What do you think about your characters determination to get the man of her dreams? Do you think it is very realistic?

Lindsay says: Not in the beginning; but now, yes!

Posted by sweeetie
Lindsay, You are an amazing actress, and you can sing!!! I never watched any soaps before Passions, and this summer I just happened to be flipping through on the first day of the show and your character was talking about her sweater and then the blue paint. Then I was hooked. ANYWAY, now that the whole FATE thing is finally, hopefully, in the past. Will we see a different side of your character? Are you hoping to give your character more of a life outside of Ethan? That's it. Thanks so much! And, you should sing for us some day!

Lindsay says: I think it’s still all about Ethan and Theresa’s career in fashion.

Posted by CarrieUA20
What do you like to do on your days off? Do you ever read the message boards?

Lindsay says: I spend time with my 2 dogs in Glendale. I haven’t been to the Coffeerooms boards yet, but I will now! Thanks! I also like to horseback ride and sing.

Posted by Laura20
Posted by LuisLuvsSheridan on 15:40 3.15.2000:
I read that you have dogs. I love dogs too. I was wondering, what kind do you have and what do you do for fun with them? Thanks.

Lindsay says: Princess – Mini Shetland Sheepdog
Nikki – Pomeranian
We run around the backyard and play catch with oranges.

Posted by Laura20
When did you start singing and who inspired you to do what you are doing today? (Acting and Singing)

Lindsay says: 10. Whitney Houston did.

Posted by Just2cheeky
Hi Lindsay! You are a true inspiration to me. I also want to be a singer and if possible get into acting also. Do you have any ideas for me to pursue in order to get involved in either profession?

Lindsay says: Read the Back Stage magazine. See if you can find something. Check out Dramalouge. Join an acting class. Audition, and always "Believe in Yourself."

Posted by Starshine_LF
I just wanted to tell you that I admire your work on Passions, and I wish you the best the world has to offer. Okay, here's my question: If you were to leave Passions today, what do you think is the most important thing you've learned from being on Passions?

Lindsay says: Always be prepared!

Posted by doobles2
I was just wondering if you were dating anyone in real life? I think you are a wonderful actress, and I also think you are very beautiful. One more question, Have you always had long hair, and how long did it take you to grow it out that long? I'm trying to grow mine out.
No, I am not dating anyone.

Lindsay says: Yes, I have had long hair most of my life. At one point, my hair was past my butt! J

Posted by Va Fitz
Lindsay, I love your portrayal of Theresa. In fact, your character is one of the main reasons I started watching the show and continue to stay tuned. How do you see the character's move from pining away for Ethan to active attempts to lure him away from Gwen? Is Theresa overstepping her place and becoming manipulative, or does she just believe that in the long run, such deviousness is worth it?

Lindsay says: Theresa honestly thinks she is not being manipulative or devious. She just wants Ethan to realize she is the one for him, and that he would be happy with her. Theresa has to get Ethan to see her

Posted by Jessi19
What's the greatest part for you from acting on Passions?

Lindsay says: I get to play so many different emotions with someone wonderful and talented people

Posted by beachgrl73
HI! Are you friends with Gwen( Liza) and Ethan off the set of Passions? Thanx.

Lindsay says: Yes.

Posted by Jessi19
Are you aware of the other Passions story lines? What are your opinions on them?

Lindsay says: I love Timmy and Tabitha and Kay. I hope TC finds out about the pictures in the bird statue. Can you just imagine what would happen? I hope Whitney admits she has feelings for Chad.

Posted by paredon
There is much room for the character of Theresa to evolve. Do you think that Theresa will ever be as stable and sensible as Pilar?

Lindsay says: I don’t know. Hopefully. Pilar is one of Theresa’s role models and she loves her mother so much.



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