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Posted by Syllyb
First I would like you to know that I LOVE Passions and I love Theresa. She's such a dreamer. All of your emotions show in your face--that's what makes Theresa so good, in my opinion. Please keep up the good work. My question to you is: are you anything at all like Theresa? How are you and Theresa alike and how are you different? (such as: Would YOU ever be as obsessed over a guy the way Theresa is?) Thank you very much.

Lindsay says: Theresa and myself are both very passionate and dedicated people. We both love our family deeply. We both have a drive to reach our goals. However, my goals differ from Theresa; for example, I would never be that adamant over a guy. :)

Posted by Pash1
How has being on Passions changed your life?

Lindsay says: I’ve become endlessly grateful for everything the universe has allowed me to be a part of. And… I purchased another dog.

Posted by Sammyliz
Hello Lindsay. First of all I'd like to say that I love how you really bring out "Theresa". I don't see anyone else playing the part so well. My question is what's it like working on Passions? For example, what's the difference in the way you work on Soap Operas rather than Broadway?

Lindsay says: Passions keeps me on my toes. I am extremely happy to play Teresa and I thank you for the compliment. It is demanding physically, emotionally, & and mentally. Working on Broadway is different because you play a complete person and live a story within an hour and a half, while TV allows us to elongate the story and the character’s life for as long as the character is on the show.

Posted by sheridancranerulz
What is your fave thing on Passions?

Lindsay says: Working with such talented and genuinely wonderful people.

Posted by beachgrl73
Theresa is a very emotional character. Is it really hard to cry that much? When you are going to do an emotional scene where she has to cry or be sad how do you prepare for it? Your tears always seem real and when the world comes crashing down on Theresa the wide eyed look you give is great.

Lindsay says: Thanks! No, it’s not too hard because I close my eyes and remember painful experiences. I just think of something sad that has happened in my life and I cry. It does sadden me for a long period after the crying scenes are over.

Posted by doobles2
We know you do a lot of crying spells...what do you usually think about when you have to cry, or does it come easily?? Does Travis or Liza or whoever you're in the scene with usually help or give you a hard time when you need to cry?

Lindsay says: No; everyone is very positive and supportive.

Posted by jgk
Do you have a tough time keeping a straight face every time you AGAIN have to mention something about fate stepping in to save you?

Lindsay says: Sometimes! J Did you know it’s F A T E!

Posted by Sheridan Crane
Who is your favorite person to work with on the set of "Passions"?

Lindsay says: Ben Masters and Eva Tamargo Lemus.

Posted by LstarS
Lindsay, are there any plans for you or any other cast members to return to Maine for some more location shooting this year?

Lindsay says: I’m not sure.

Posted by angelkitty
Hi Lindsay! I love your character Theresa! I heard that you sing really well and I was wondering are you ever going to sing on the show? Would you like to?

Lindsay says: Thanks! April 17th Theresa and Ethan sing a love ballad together. Yippee! Skippy!

Posted by Sheridan Crane
What’s your favorite type of music. Who are your favorite singers?

Lindsay says: I enjoy all kinds of music. Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Mariah Carey, Dave Mathews Band.

Posted by kema
If you were in love with a guy like the way Theresa loves Ethan would do any of the things she did to get him? I love your character.

Lindsay says: Maybe. Oh yeah… dressing up as a secretary in disguise! HA! HA! HA!

Posted by Va Fitz
What sort of backstory have you developed for the character to help to flesh her out in your mind? What are her motivations etc.? Or do you leave the background unknown in your portrayal in case things develop later in the story line? Thanks and keep up the great work!

Lindsay says: It’s challenging to create a backstory because the writers, as they develop the show, give us information about our past. So we have to be open-minded when it comes to our character’s past.

Posted by Jessi19
If there was one trait that you could have of Theresa's what would it be?

Lindsay says: She is very accepting and forgiving; traits that I continuously try to be better at myself.

Posted by Jessi19
I love your acting, Lindsay! I think it's really honest portrayal and I hope that you stick around for a long time. Have you ever experienced the "look but can't touch" feeling that Theresa has with Ethan? Or what motivates you to play the part so honestly?

Lindsay says: No . . . not yet. I want the audience to relate to Theresa, and realize she is a good person, a loving person.

Posted by Jengo
I was just wondering how old you and Brook are in real life and if you guys are as good of friends in real life as Theresa and Whitney are on the show? Thanks!

Lindsay says: I will be 22 on 4/17/00. Brook is 26 years old. We have a special closeness. I am grateful for her friendship on and off screen.



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