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Brook Kerr

Posted by Mad4Romance
In the beginning, the story concentrated on tennis. Now all they have you do is talk about it. Will we ever get to see you play a match or is that going to change?

Brook says: I think you will see me play more, but my life is becoming more than just tennis Ė so thatís why Love is getting in the way!

Posted by eldnac1616
Do you know if Whitney and Chad are half sister and brother?

Brook says: No Ė nobody knows. Not even me!

Posted by Sidney
Whitney seems so sure that both of her parents are beyond reproach. If Whitney were to ever find out about Eve's sordid past, do you think that her shattered image of her mother would lead her to rebel in a major way, doing a total 180 degree character change? For example: running away, leaving school, doing drugs, etc? Or would she remain her solid, centered self, and just try to help her mother and, if necessary, her whole family, get over it and move on? (By the way, Brook, I think you do a terrific job on the show!)

Brook says: If I ever find out, I think it would be freeing in a way for me to actually have my own thoughts and ideas about my life. Finally to explore what I want. But I donít think it would be so dark.

Posted by maggs
At times, Theresa's behavior and self-centered attitude is unbearable, I am curious what your advice to Theresa would be and what are your thoughts regarding Whitney and Theresa's friendship?

Brook says: It is one sided sometimes, but some friendships are like that. And if she really is a friend, you donít just give up; you stand by them.

Posted by cyndib
First of all I would like to say that Whitney is one of my favorite characters, and I think you do a wonderful job as her. My question is; what is your favorite scene that you have done so far?

Brook says: On the tennis court, when I was talking about how everyone expects me to be perfect and that I am never expected to have an off day. It was great because I think that sometimes too much pressure is put on teens, especially athletes. Life canít be just one thing. If it is, then you donít feel valid without that one thing. People should be themselves and happy with themselves, and they should build a career from there. In my opinion.


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