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Brook Kerr

Posted by Shuis Savvy on 3.1:
Knowing all that is going on in Whitney's life right now, what is the one piece of advice you would like to give Whitney?

Brook says: Have fun with life, in whichever direction it goes.

Posted by SheridanLuisFan on 2.24:
Hi Brook! What is your favorite kind of music? Favorite singers?

Brook says: I love funky music. Lenny Kravitz. Laryn Hill.

Posted by Jengo
Are you and Lindsay Korman [Theresa] friends in real life? Did you know each other before Passions or did you meet on the set?

Brook says: We are friends and we met when we screentested. I tested with four different Theresaís, and she was one of them. We got along then, too.

Posted by tedo
When you were in high school what activities did you participate in?

Brook says: Track, basketball and volleyball.

Posted by RedHead20
What was the most amusing thing that has ever happened during filming that didn't get shown on the air?

Brook says: Don and I had a scene where I pay for coffee, and during the scene instead of putting the money in the cash register, he passed it straight into his pocket. We laughed so hard about that.

Posted by Timmy2001
Brook, Congratulations about being on Passions. It is nice to see another Hoosier become successful. My questions are, were you affiliated with any agency here in Indianapolis, and what classes did you take to help you begin your acting career? Keep up your good work on the show. I have been enjoying the series.

Brook says: In Indianapolis I was with Helen Wells, one of two agencies in Indy. And I did regional commercials and industrial films, and little fashion shows. It was fun. I didnít take any classes until I moved to LA. I enrolled in the Sanford Meisner Center for the Arts 2-year program. I booked Passions a month before graduation. It was a definite Blessing.

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