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Brook Kerr

Posted by teen on 2.23:
I'm sure from the fan mail you get that you have an idea of what your fans think of Whitney and where they would like to see her go. But what do you think? Should Chad and Whitney end up together or should they just be friends?

Brook says: Itís so hard to say. It would kill my sister if I went for Chad. My parents would kill me. But, when will it be about what Whitney wants? I hope she experiences love!

Posted by jgk
Do you know when Whitney will be getting more of a storyline of her own? And, who that storyline will be with? Do you foresee them bringing on a guy for Whitney? And what about Chris as that guy?

Brook says: I hope she gets more; and another guy would add so much more to her dilemma. Chris would be perfect!! He could be a friend of Chadís from L.A. Ė and they would fight over me. Cool!

Posted by Syllyb
First I'd like to say that I really enjoy Passions and I like Whitney very much. I think you're doing a great job. My question is how are Brook Kerr and Whitney Russell alike and how are they different? Thank you very much.

Brook says: We are alike because we were taught to do the right thing, no matter what. Weíre different because I would have protested and started living a little more.

Posted by Jessi19
What's one thing that you really like about Whitney, and what's one that you hate or don't like?

Brook says: I love that she is so goal oriented, and I hate that she thinks that she canít do or think anything but tennis. She has no balance!

Posted by motleygirl_
How would Brook Kerr handle a friend like Theresa?

Brook says: I would still love her and listen, but after I tell her what I think Ė that she is killing herself and that because she doesnít listen, she is not allowed to talk about the guy to me anymore. We can talk about anything else! I still love her.

Posted by Laura20
I think your a terrific and beautiful actress! Does Whitney sometimes feel irritated that she always has to baby-sit Theresa? I mean keep her from doing something stupid with Ethan and keep telling her EVERY DAY!! That she has to give it up?

Brook says: Yes; itís frustrating. But a best friend is a best friend, and you donít just give up on them and move on.

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