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Brook Kerr

Posted by mcat
Whitney's passion is tennis. What's yours?

Brook says: Bowling! I love it.

Posted by Mochagirl
Since you are a Hoosier, I'd like to know if you play basketball?

Brook says: Yes I do. Iím not very tall so my strengths are free throws and defense.

Posted by CarrieUA20
Do you get on-line much? If so, do you read our message board?

Brook says: Not really. Iím pretty computer illiterate, but Iím working at it.

Posted by paredon
Do you find it hard playing such a serious character, or is it easy? :)

Brook says: Itís not hard, but I do wish Whitney would just let loose every once in awhile. Sheís getting there.

Posted by RachelC
Whitney always tries to be so rational, level-headed, and do the right thing. Do you ever wish [Whitney] would just loosen up, have some fun, and act spontaneously for once?

Brook says: I would LOVE it. But I do think it gives me somewhere to go as an actress when she finally does.

Posted by cyndib
Where would you like for the storyline of your character to go? Would you like for Whitney to fall in love, go on to the Olympics or be involved in a mystery or comedy?

Brook says: I personally would love for Whitney to try to please her family and if somehow tennis doesnít work out then she has nothing to fall back on.

Posted by fadedrose
Can you describe what it was like doing that hot scene with Chad [Donn Swaby] 2.25 when he was monkeying around with your cheeks, blowing in your ear, etc. How many takes did it require? Was fun to do; and even though it came off as serious and sexy - was it hard for you to keep your composure? Tell us what it was like...please Thank you. PS You and Chad were super together.

Brook says: That scene was great to do Ė and fun! On all the rehearsals I would get out of my nervousness by just cracking up laughing at what we were doing, and then on the takes all that nervousness was gone, and it was awesome.

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