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Juliet Mills

Posted by Passion Girl
Hi Tabitha and Timmy, I love you guys, you are both so funny! What is the best part about working on Passions?

Juliet says: The cast and crew, the "family" we are all a part of.

Posted by korn23
Are you and Josh friends off the set?

Juliet says: Definitely.

Posted by BabyShuis
How involved do you get with the special effects? Iím interested in knowing...I find them fun and not at all cheesy...I especially liked the Cemetery fire scenes....

Juliet says: We are very involved with the special effects. Only when there is a fall or something dangerous do we use a double.

Posted by Cathrina
Hi! You and Timmy are such great actors, the show wouldn't be the same without you two on it. You guys make me laugh (in a good way!) even when Iím having a bad day. Anyway on to my question. Do you have any advice for people like me who want to become actors? Thanks!!

Juliet says: Want it more than anything else -- practice it, whether it's classes or amateur dramatics -- there is nothing like practical experience.

Posted by students
Why does Tabby have an accent but Timmy doesn't?

Juliet says: Timmy is born in the good ole USA - Tabby originated in Europe.

Posted by RachelC
You and Timmy have had many hilarious scenes together. Do you have a favorite?

Juliet says: I like our party scenes together -- when he drinks martimmies and I drink champagne.

Posted by belkathy
Where would you both like to see your characters a year from now? Still plotting Charity's demise or perhaps causing mischief for some other poor, unsuspecting citizen of Harmony? :)

Juliet says: I would like to have resolved the Charity thing and moved on to the Crane family!

Posted by "Mrs Travis Schuldt"
You and Timmy are really funny as a pair. Just wanted to let you know. Juliet, what would be your reaction if Timmy became human?

Juliet says: I like to have him under my control.

Posted by belkathy
If you could trade roles with anyone else on the show, which characters would you like to try your hand at?

Juliet says: I wouldn't trade roles for anything.

Posted by kema
I love your characters and it seems like you all get to have the most fun. Keep us laughing. Who on the show do like to interact with most?

Juliet says: Timmy of course is number 1. But I like working with Rodney Van Johnson, TC, he's a powerful actor.

Posted by Catho6
Professionally speaking, who inspires you?

Juliet says: My father Sir John Mills, still working at 92, and actresses like Meryl Streep and Shirley Maclaine.

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