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Josh Ryan Evans

Posted by Catho6
Professionally speaking, who inspires you?

Josh says: The obvious answer is Juliet Mills, but itís true. She is amazing. I have also been very fortunate to work some of the best. David E. Kelley is indescribable as a writer. Ron Howard has inspired me to pursue directing. He is magical to watch work. Jim Carrey is a comic genius. Beau Bridges has to be one of the most giving and caring men I have ever met. The entire cast of Ally McBeal are extraordinary. Calista Flockhart is so professional yet charming and kind I really love her like a sister. In addition, Peter McNicol is one of the most talented actors Iíve ever known. Peter taught me so much about what I do, and he believed in me enough to get me my first chance. I will always be grateful to him. Heís my hero.

These are just people I have worked with who inspire me. The list of others that inspire me is way to long to put here.
Tom Hanks
Jimmy Stewart
Steven Spielberg
Robin Williams
Whoopee Goldberg
And so on and so on and so onÖ.

Posted by luisissexy
Do you think you would have preferred to play a person instead of a doll on the show? In my opinion, Tabitha should turn Timmy into a real kid. I think it would be much more satisfying without Tabitha always threatening to unscrew Timmy's head, even though it is funny.

Josh says: To me Timmy is a real person; he has feeling, fears, hopes, dreams and his own special life.

Posted by JGK
Are there any plans to somehow make it so Timmy is a permanently real live boy and/or warlock with powers of his own?

Josh says: I really havenít any clue what will happen to Timmy. I personally would enjoy Timmy getting some powers of his own to play with.

Posted by corker
How would you feel if somebody came out with a line of talking Timmy dolls? It could say things like "No Princess, don't hurt Charity" "Help, Fluffy is after Timmy" and "It's Martimmy time!"

Josh says: I think I would LOVE a TIMMY DOLL. Iíd like to be involved in what he looks like and stuff like that but I think it would be very cool to develop some kind of Timmy Doll. Iím not sure if I like a collectable version with different outfits Timmy has worn or a doll that could be played with and held by children. I really like the Idea of a doll that looks like me being there for a little kid whoís afraid of the dark. However, I also think Timmy has had such great outfits that it would make quite a collection. Maybe both?

Posted by kema
Timmy, do you like being carried around and wearing costumes?

Josh says: It depends whoís carrying me and what Iím wearing.

Posted by brenna
I love the outfits you wear for the show!! Do you like to dress up in the costumes?

Josh says: Iím an actor. Costumes are port of the job. Some are better than others are.

Posted by Syllyb
Which [costume] is your favorite so far? I must say that I have 3 favs so far: your smoking jacket, Sherlock Holmes & the wizard.

Josh says: "Matrix Man" is my favorite so far.

Posted by leiney
Josh, about your birthday present from Juliet... I have two Himalayans of my own so I am curious as to what you finally decided to name your birthday present from Juliet? Thanks.

Josh says: Her name finally has become "Samantha" like on "Bewitched". She wiggles her nose when she sniffs.

Posted by fadedrose
I admire your acting and great timing. And Iím in love with your mischievous and devilish looks, your sad faces, your happy faces and the authority you have given to Timmy. My question is, have other little people set you up as an idol or role model, and do you see greater possibilities for little people in TV?

Josh says: I couldnít really say how someone may think of me. If I am a role model of some kind, then I hope it is because Iím living proof that itís not the size of the dreamer Ė Itís the size of the dream that is important. My size is not why Iím an actor. Iím an actor because acting is my dream. I can play roles that may be a small stature role like a child or living doll or elf, etc. However, I believe I can also act in a role that isnít size specific. My acting skills didnít come in a package deal "short, but can act" type of thing. Nor do I believe that a woman over 40 cannot act or someone overweight or not great looking. There are all kinds of people in the real world. Actors are people pretending to be other people. Why shouldnít a wheelchair bound actor or an older actor or minorityís actors or small stature actors or whatever have the chance to act in any role the are able to perform. I feel the differences in us are what makes us special.

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