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McKenzie Westmore

Posted by LSFAN
Just wondering if she is trying to grow her hair?

McKenzie: Yes, I am trying to grow it out.

Posted by PassionsGal
We have something in common...we share the same birthday! (April 26th) What would you like to see happen between Galenís and your character in the near future?

McKenzie: First of all Happy Birthday to you! Secondly, I would love for Luis & Sheridan to have many more adventures together (like the New Mexico mudslide)! Eventually, I would love for them to get together!

Posted by SheridanCraneRules
Did you ever do dance competitions?

McKenzie: I used to take dance lessons in ballet, jazz, tap, and swing, but I never competed.

Posted by MaCkEnZiE
I read somewhere that you were on Days of our Lives who did you play?

McKenzie: I played Mindy who was part of the bible study group that Taylor used to go to.

Posted by kepas
Are you married?

McKenzie: No, I am not married.

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