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Galen & McKenzie

Posted by syl in wisc
Was that specific dance designed for competition? How long did you practice?

McKenzie: The dance specifically designed for the show by a woman named Christy, we practice for about 2-3 before.

Posted by kepas
What is the hardest scene you two have to do?

McKenzie: I have trouble keeping a straight face whenever I am doing a scene with both Galen and Dalton. When the three of us get together we constantly laugh! I also have a lot of fun with Ben Masters-he is very funny.

Posted by brenna
If you could choose one character to portray on Passions who would it be and why?

McKenzie: I would love to play Fluffy! No, Just kidding….I love portraying Sheridan & I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Posted by Catho6
Do you ever try to figure out what’s going to happen with your story line and others?

McKenzie: No, I just run with what they give me.

Posted by passion girl
Will Luis and Sheridan be a couple anytime soon? And is Hank or Beth going to be a problem in their developing relationship?

McKenzie: You’ll have to tune it to see!

Posted by Mrs. Travis Schuldt
McKenzie, would you prefer Luis over Hank?

McKenzie: Luis all the way! Hank is a great guy, but he’s no Luis!

Posted by hollys
Do either of you have any bad habits that drive each other crazy?

McKenzie: Bad habits, us???

Posted by CarrieUA20
Do you get-on-line often?

McKenzie: I do once in a while just to see how you guys & girls are liking the show and if you have any suggestions.

Posted by padi
Do you read our discussion board?

McKenzie: Again, once in a while

Posted by SHUIS Fan
If you do scan through the Coffeeroom Boards, which posts attract your attention?

McKenzie: Obviously-anything to do with Luis and Sheridan!


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