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Galen & McKenzie

Posted by PassionsGal
What are your favorite thing about acting on a daytime soap?

McKenzie: Getting to wear great clothes, get your hair and make-up done everyday, and getting to kiss some hot good looking guys!

Posted by Neurogirl
What are your ambitions career wise?

McKenzie: I would like to be on Passions for quite a while & then some day do feature film & Broadway.

Posted by redgirl
Do you have advice on how someone could end up on a soap opera like Passions.

McKenzie: Study, study, study! Go to different acting school and learn as many different styles as possible!

Posted by hollys
Have you been working longer hours than you did at first?

McKenzie: No. We create an hour of television each day.
Some days are very long…it just depends on how the scenes go.

Posted by brenna
What is your favorite scene?

McKenzie: Hard to choose, I have so many favorites.

Posted by LandS
While taping the Tango scenes did you dance to music or was the rhythm just counted out and the music over laid in the final tapes?

McKenzie: We were able to listen to the music while we danced.

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