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Galen & McKenzie

Posted by fadedrose
I wondered how much say J.E.R. had in hiring the actors…what’s he like?

McKenzie: Honestly, I’ve never personally met him but he is obviously an incredibly and brilliant writer. He brought Sheridan to life.

Posted by passions4ls
Does either of you mistakenly confuse real life & your character?

McKenzie: I do tend to be a little bit more dramatic now in real life than I used to be! Sometimes I can be a drama queen-just ask my parents!

Posted by katelyn
What has been the most memorable moment for you on Passions?

McKenzie: Going to Paris to tape and getting to do the Tango with Galen!

Posted by TiffanyNicole
What episode have been the most fun to tape so far?

McKenzie: One funny episode was when Sheridan finally put Julian in her place for the first time and of course---the Tango! As far as bloopers go, I would have to say the basketball scene was the worst for me! I had to make the basket and when the camera wasn’t rolling I could do it, but as soon as the cameras were rolling, I just could not make the basket. That scene must have taken about 30 takes! The whole crew was laughing & I just kept apologizing.

Posted by padi
Who chooses the clothes for you to wear on the show?

McKenzie: Julie Rae Engelsman our costume designer, designs Sheridans wardrobe.

Posted by kepas
Are you two friends in real life?

McKenzie: Definetly.

Posted by padi
Do you have friends on the show, people you work with?

McKenzie: The only time we have hung out after work, is if someone is throwing a party! I am still trying to get together with Eva Lemus (Pilar) to go running sometime.

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