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Galen Gering

Posted by LSFAN -
I caught Luis gazing at Sheridan more than once, especially when she is not noticing, so I was wondering if it is a part of the script or is it your way of portraying Luis?

Galen: Some of the glances with Sheridan are scripted, but the interaction/chemistry we have makes a lot of unscripted interesting things happen.

Posted by Ensue -
In all of your chats with Mac, you state you're single. When I read NBC's official site, it said you asked "longtime girlfriend" to marry you. In Travis and Lindsay's most recent chat, when asked about your impending nuptials, she says you and your fiancée have been together for six years. I think you're a wonderful actor and a beautiful person... I was just confused by your statements and would like clarification. Luis and Sheridan "drip" in chemistry !!! Keep up the good work.

Galen: You are very astute. As a person in the spotlight I had to make decisions about how much of my personal life I'd disclose. In the beginning it seemed appropriate to say I was single. Obviously, I've changed my mind about that.

Posted by MaryG -
Just wondering about your experience with the volleyball Pro-Am league. Do you see any correlation between the skills you developed playing at that level with your acting experiences so far?

Galen: I played mostly in Florida and California. When I felt I was at that top of my game after winning the State Championships in Florida the AVP (association of Volleyball Professionals) was going through some major financial difficulties and to compete at that level it's really a full time job. I decided I needed to put my energy into other things, primarily a college education. I am a strong advocate of what sports can offer a person, i.e., confidence, health, social interaction. However, and without a doubt, I think it helps me in this job. Unfortunately, I didn't get to play as much as I'd like to. I get down to the beach usually twice a month now and show'em my skills!

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