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Patti Smith Complete
Lyrics, Reflections & Notes for the Future
Patti Smith

Patti Smith, pioneering punk diva, has always worshipped at the altar of the word, and she opens this book with a quote from her mentor and friend, the late Allen Ginsberg: "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy." If that is true, then this volume serves as Smith's Book of Common Prayer, containing all the lyrics from her past seven albums, and spanning two and a half more


A Night Without Armor : Poems
Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher was the first to admit that this book of 100 or so of her poems would not have been published if her dazzling debut album, Pieces of You, hadn't sold 10 million copies. And granted, Jewel is not going to replace Deborah Garrison's A Working Girl Can't Win on anybody's hit parade of serious poets who write for regular people.But--shockingly!--Jewel's book of poetry is solid by celeb-poet standards, and a fair bit of it is actually sort of readable in its own more


The Phish Book
Richard Gehr, Phish

With pride, drummer Jon Fishman explains the level of success that his quirky, experimental roots-rock quartet has achieved: "We've reached the point where it's cool to hate us." As you might expect from this eclectic band, such a metric speaks louder than the legions of Phish fans that follow the quartet from town to town....Read more


The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Marilyn Manson, Neil Strauss

One doesn't usually think of rock stars as insightful, but, against all odds, glam-trash superstar Marilyn Manson has written a book that is actually an intelligent look at growing up. This autobiographical bildungsroman brings out the creepiest aspects of childhood, conveying the terror and fascination that young Marilyn (then called Brian) felt when looking through his grandfather's pornography, getting his first French kiss, and being taunted by the girls he wanted to "date." more


Swing! The New Retro Renaissance
V. Vale(Editor)

"The newest book from SF's fave source of sedition, V/Search Publishing, has everything your zoot-suited little heart desires: jump-blues, rockabilly, big-band swing; dancers, hairstyles, cars, and clothes; directories to recordings, books, and films. Most important, it's got fabulous photos and interviews with everyone from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to the New Morty Show to Lavay Smith to the Royal Crown Revue to just about any West Coast swinger who matters." more



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